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WIFE vs HUSBAND ROUND 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Started: 1/1/2013 Category: Society
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If you have not seen the first Round feel free to check it out :)

Rules are same as WvH Round 1

In this debate Pro will play the wife and Con must play the Husband.

In real life you can be either gender for whoever accepts this debate Just state if you are male or female so voters can know.
Rules no curse words it must be blotted out with #^@^ or any other symbols
This is a fun playful debate. The object is to present the best argument in this hypothetical scenario between husband and wife. I will choose a topic and scenario and anything goes from there, you simply win by the voters selecting who had the most funniest, thoughtful, creative, entertaining argument.

*****Debaters may respond in anyway they choose except cant deny physics or laws of nature. try to the fit within the context of the scenario as best you can, but it can slowly change to something else, but must stay on topic .***

***You can be serious if you want but its all about entertainment but also authenticity the expressions and feelings in argument provides a realistic and fun debate but its all up to you really, but you may also Lie, twist words, of Pro or Con is all accepted treat it as a heated argument, its up to Con and Pro where they want to take it, they can settle it in the end with peace or they can explode and separate.****

*****In Round 5 after rebuttals and argument in the end the only NECESSARY part is Husband and wife must state why they chose to leave or stay in the relationship*****

Round 1
I will give opening scenario Con is to branch off in any which way they choose, please review WvH R1 link if you are confused on to how this is supposed to play out. Stay whether you are male or female and also and choose a Name for your character, First name only, (last names can be made up mid debate to fit their argument)

Round 2
Wife rebuttals to Husband and Vise Versa

Round 3 through 4 same as Round 2

Round 5 Final arguments and Give Resolution whether you will stay in relationship or leave and why.

***notes**** you will notice I will not specify age of husband and wife, they could be in college they could be in 40s they could be old its how ever your creative your mind chooses to be, its up to debaters to fill in the blank also you will notice I will say things like, ex, them, the child, and not specify a name, those types of things can be filled in mid debate*****

Husband got a job offer that pays 6times as more than they make now, but its located in another state, the wife doesn't want him to move because she loves the school she attends, Husband thinks she only cares about herself, he proposes they move just for a little while and then come back but when she finds out there is a school she could like in the state where his new job is she was considering it but they have a baby on the way she fears it may be too stressful for a move far away from family and her job not be transferable and their current child who is 7 she wants to keep the child in the an area near her family. The Husband comes home one day and the boss tells him he has 2weeks to make a decision or he loses the job, The wife tries to convince him to stay....

Wife's name is Karmela

Okay....listen, I understand having a job is important, and having a job that pays more than we can imagine, can take care of the family without stress but I still think we should re think this.......its not about money, I don't have alot but I'm happy where I am, because I have you,...YOU is all I need not money. I understand you are concerned babe, and well, maybe you think because I am pregnant my emotions are in a rut and I lack judgement, but I promise if you do this, its going to be a bad move. Please think of your children....and also, I signed us up for the Maury show because I'm not even sure if the first born is even yours.....At least I'm honest, unlike you who I had to find out through your ex about your new job. Is she your information database now instead of me? you are the one inside me, not her. Anyway, I'm going to give you an ultimatum, if you move, I'm keeping the kids, and if you don't move, I will let you sleep with your ex and me at the same time, fair deal? and if you try to move and take the ex, I'm going to get my lawyer on you about that incident from 8 years ago when you stole copies of the Cosmo Girl magazine to sell to pay the bills because you wasted money on that life size Bratz Doll, I hated that year when I lived in dark covering up your secret, I rather have lived in the dark without electricity then been overshadow with moral darkness in my heart, I told you I was about to get that settlement from the back but nOoOo you wouldn't listen......I could have brought you the new Bratz dolls that came out, but you were impatient I told you I couldn't afford that @&@@&*....**sighs** I love you but what am I going to do with you?


The person who is the husband is a female, who played a male two years ago in a play.

How dare you bang with another man, if you loved me, then you would not of went with him to bed. We could live in a huge mansion, and you could be mayor, as you always said you wanted. I am only doing this for you. I love you and don't want to We are just making ends meet as is. Please, move with me.
Debate Round No. 1


Is that all you have is accusatory statements? You have nothing to say about the part when you keep bring up your ex, what is her knockers bigger? is looks all that matter to you? you stuck on accusing well how you stop ignoring your wifes needs. You signed up for this, if you wasnt ready for a commitment, its a little too late for me to be informed. you were doing good for a little while, listening, now your going back to your old ways like when i was on the toilet and i need toilet paper and you went out to go boiling instead, lucky your tomy hilfiger shirt was close by i was sure to make use of it. I think thats the same shirt you gave to your ex, you lied and told her the brown stains was soil from one her favorite coutries you visited and so you didnt want to wash it off because she could keep it for sentimental value, It had sentiments alright, not ones she was expecting. Had you been there for me, you would know it was on the news, someone slipped something in my drink and that was how the first born came about, despite the worldwide clues you were too drunk to notice, so what are you going to do whatever choice you make your the once thats going to have to live with that choice, not me


Don't turn this around me, the shirt was because you are too lazy to get toilet paper. I was drunk because it was New Years Eve. I signed up for commitment, but you are so selfish you don't see your problems.
Debate Round No. 2


lol you know what this is getting nowhere and fast, i gave you my ultimatums, you have your ex, and i have my sons, go ahead and get your new job, when you find yourself lonely in bed, dont come back to me. I just won the lottery yesterday, so i will do what i want now. I give you one last chance to make your decision, what do you do? You either be my pet on a leash, or be your Ex's Pet on a leash, or you choose to believe that God is an uncaused Cause, the choice is yours


You do realize that I was a priest for two years, so I am close to God. Remember the last time you said you won the lottery, it was a fake ticket. Our sons will not get into this. Don't forget, you will be lonely in bed too, so you will join me.
Debate Round No. 3


Huh? you didnt tell me you was a priest, so now you spilling secrets, fine,.... im actually your long lost biological sister, this is why i said i want to keep our kid close to home, he is deformed and i need him to be safe and near family. We will both be lonely if people find out about this. Look this is screwed beyond repair. Just say it yes or no. are you moving, im tired of breaking my next trying to stop you.


I told you a million times I was a priest, but no, you always ignore me. My long lost sister I met 5 years ago, she was shot in abs. I tried to save her, but she died. You said that you weren't sure if my kid was mine, so how are you so sure he is mine? Here is my deal, since the Maury show for us is in two day for the child, I will go too. If the child is mine, I will stay and be committed to you. If he is not mine, I will leave forever, move, and be a successful man.
Debate Round No. 4


Its about time you made up your mind, your more wishy washy than the dishwasher which you don't know how to operate, there was suds all over the floor this morning, conditioner does not mean keep the dishes in good condition! *sighs* I should be used to this, I wash your clothes and have to tell you to take showers everyday, perhaps you didn't grow up doing this, so I wont fault you, but I hope you learn from your mistakes, or perhaps it wont matter because after we leave the Maury show who knows what the outcome will be, Clean up that dang mess and I will...Get the Kids Ready, .....Okay....this is it! the Moment of Truth! We are going to the Maury Show.

Maury: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Show here we have Karmela and her husband, a strange and bizarre story, the husband is out back we will bring him out later
Maury: So you think that the Kid may not be his?
karmela: I know its not mine, I was raped by one of your staff
Maury: That doesn't sound right, perhaps you were drinking
Karmela: Maybe, bottom line it isn't his, or at least I don't think it is , the guy that raped me looked like him but maybe he had a twin near the bar he always goes to, it happened in an alley, or what looked like a hallway with doors on each side, one of them look like our bedroom, I'm not crazy! the doctor prescribed me meds but I know that I am a strong woman so I know I didn't have to take them, I had to be strong! I'm pregnant with a kid, but I'm not sure if it is even mine, but I know for darn sure this one is his!
Maury: Not sure if it's yours?...What the Fu....Ahem....Its Okay karmela, I'm sure this was tough on you, I will have a doctor speak with you after the show, just a second.

:::Maury stands up and talks to one of his staff on the side and whispers to him:::
"This chick is fudged Up, she is hallucinating, the hell you bring someone like this on my show?"
"But Maury, we have seen worse, remember that Siamese twin couple who cheated on each other with the amputee woman who exchanged her legs with cellulite infested Cankles for sexy stripper legs?"
"Shut up, I run this show #*& get back to work."
Maury: Sorry about that ladies and gentleman, I arranged an appointment to help this sweet young lady out, We have phenomenal staff they will be able to help her in any way they can alright, okay so where were we?
karmela: You were going to call my husband out and we going to read the test results
Maury: Yes, before we do that now, let me ask you whether he is the fathers or not your what will you do?
Karmela: I been on drugs for years, I normally wouldn't be able to find a man, but I won the lottery recently so now finding a man shouldn't be a problem, but what I cant get back is my kids, I want the best for them honestly. Me and my husband been fighting, he got a job offer far from here and I don't want him to go. I do love him, but he is so stupid sometimes. In the end If the kid is not mine, I'm leaving him, if it is not his, I will stay.

Resolution: I woke up in the hospital doctors looking at me funny, I don't remember what happen after Maury Called my husband into the show, I wish someone could fill in all the blanks. But I know I love him. I choose to stay with him. No matter where he is or what happens. I cant remember who was the man or woman in the relationship, but I.....hope his ex knows I love her too.


I think that I would stay committed into the relationship because relationships should be meaningful, and marriages should not be broken, even if the wife was really my long lost biological sister (Not).

Note to my debater: You did a nice debate and I hope that we can do another debate soon.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by squirtdonthurt 5 years ago
lol i shall, i didnt know how to challene someone directly, lets do a round 3 immediatly after this!! how do i do personal challenge tho, still new at this.
Posted by ishallannoyyo 5 years ago
Yo squirt, I wanted to do R2 with you!!
Posted by squirtdonthurt 5 years ago
it is highly recommended that you dont take anything i say serious in real life lol
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Reasons for voting decision: Lol this was entertaining to read. This was a joke debate, so I don't think it would be right to call a winner, but imo the wife is an awful person! Her husband gets a raise that's 6x his salary, she cheats on him and she still expects him to do what she wants? Kudos to the two of you for more-or-less working out your marital disputes.