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Started: 11/20/2013 Category: Games
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Rules: I makes three ww2 questions. When making the questions I can use sources. Then Con answers. He can NOT use sources. HONNESTY IS KEY IN THIS DEBATE!!!
After Con answers, he makes three questions and I respond next round.

Reminder: Person making questions can use sources. Person answering those questions can't. Voters will judge according to who made better questions and answered correctly. Anyway, this is my first time trying this so lets see how it goes.

1. What was the codename for the German invasion of Greece?

2. Name the exact date that WWII in Europe ended.

3. Who was the German general in charge of the Kursk offensive.

Sources looked at to make questions: 1


1. I dont know :/

two. may 5, 1945 not a sure answer

3. i dont know

My questions below.

The German Invasion of the Soviet Union was brought about in order to fulfill the policy of...

Adler Tag refers to

The landings on the southern coast of France in 1944 were known as
Debate Round No. 1


Codename for German invasion of Greece was Operation Marita. German general in charge of Kursk offensive was Manstein.

Note: *WWII in Europe ended on June 8, 1945. Con failed to answer all three questions. Anyway, I will try and answer his.

1. Extermination.
2. Don't know.
3. Invasion of Southern France...

Good questions, I didn't really know the answers.

Ok now here are my questions...

1. What was the name of the Soviet offensive that drove the Germans from the gates of Moscow?
2. Who was the German general in charge of the offensive in the Caucuses in 1942?
3. What was the codename of the German invasion of Poland?


Well, this is not going well for me. I did not know any of the answers to yours.

1. what mainland state of america was bombed during ww2g

Why did hitler kill himself?

why did he hate jews
Debate Round No. 2


Answers to Con...

What mainland state of america was bombed during WWII? Answer: Hawaii

Why did Hitler kill himself? Answer: Because he was losing the war. Berlin was about to fall into Soviet hands.

Why did he (Hitler) hate Jews? Answer: Because he considered them to be the cause of his problems.

My questions:

1. What was the codename for the German invasion of England?
2. How many casualties (killed, wounded, or captured) did Germany suffer at the Battle of Stalingrad?
3. How many divisions did Spain send to fight on the eastern front?


operatin sea lion.

i dont know

and i dont know.

1. What was the MAINLAND CONTINENTAL STATE of america that was bombed during the war (not hawaii or alaska) many personel did mexico send to war
3.who was the smalllest nation in the war
Debate Round No. 3


Correct answer.

1. I don't know.
2. I don't know.
3. Luxembourg.

Anyway, I think those are the last questions we ask since it is Round 4... Also, I would appreciate it if Con told me what the answers to any of his previous questions were correct.


you got 2 right well sorta the south invasion of france was operation dragoon
Debate Round No. 4
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