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Waffle House is better than IHOP

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Started: 4/21/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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This is a very serious and personal issue for me. Waffle House is better because: "scattered smothered and covered.
"bar stools
"sassy servers who've been there for years
"they are more patriotic


Ihop is better and ill tell you why.
1. food is just so good, they make some damn good pancakes
2. They ladies actally have teeth at Ihop, and that makes them a lot more pretty
3. Its cheaper to go to Ihop than waffle house.
These three facts are a for sure win for me, pelease explain to me how a toothless server is going to beat going to Ihop???
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you Lmoney for accepting the challenge.
Re. Point 1. Food quality: waffles are inherently better than pancakes as they have a)indentions to hold syrup and butter b) are toasted evenly and per your specifications on both sides. C) have authentication printed right on the dang waffle d) are part of Americana folk history as they are likely made from a circa 1950s vintage wh waffle maker. Additionally, WH offers a much more interactive and personal experience, as you can order YOUR way! Who wants to just point at a menu and order some sorry soggy pancakes with a ridiculous name like tootie fruity fresh and fruity. Lastly, though the cooks at WH may often look suspect, you can see them prepare the food! You can know that it was not spit on. Who knows what goes on in the pits at IHOPuke?
2. Re toothless servers: ok so we go to our local WH, and we always try to get OUR server Sylvia, and yes she is missing some teeth. BUT! Isn't that a bonus? It proves WH, hires not based on superficial appearances but on real aptitude for good service. Sylvia is a former gogo dancer and playboy bunny form south Florida, has a gun shot wound from ex husband, and is one of the coolest loud happy old ladies you could ever meet. She knows us, hugs and kisses our kids and hooks us up. When you go regularly to a WH you know that half the folks there are regulars and it's like a family. You just don't get that at IHOP.
3: cheaper kinda depends on what you order but I am pretty sure there are less expensive menu items at WH hashbrowns all the way 4 bucks can't be beat!

Tradition and process! The WH menu doesn't change much, they stick with what works and the staff know what to do how to do it, and do it right and fast. Just watch three waitresses call out the orders back to back and the line cooks knock em out - it's like watching ballet. Grungy ugly greasy beautiful ballet. IHOP should be Ihope they get my order right. They have to come up with the most comical promotional menus to get people to come. Why? It's a scam they advertise some nonesense like Parisian style bistro French toast with fresh fruit sauce, but you know that goopy mess comes out of a can. You should feel insulted by their bate and switch tactics. Go to your local WH, interact with some people, have an actual conversation, while your food is properly and freshly prepared right then and there


There is some good points you made, but i still think Ihop is better.
One thing for sure is that the drinks are a lot better, you have more choices at Ihop, and better quality.
Next thing is Ihop keeps there tables cleen, when ever go to waffle house, its dirty and wants to make me puke.
Oh and another thing the bathrooms are just gross, it smells like crap. At Ihop the bathrooms are always clean.
And Ihop is bigger so you have more tables and better, faster service. I dont know about you but in my mind that wins.
Debate Round No. 2


I stick to my point on service quality and speed must go to WH, as you can't argue the process. You order - server calls it - cook immediately started cooling- as soon as it's done- server serves. Bing bang boom

As to cleanliness probably depends on which one you go to, but as we are debating IHOP and WH I'll just say that though the saying is true; when you gotta go you gotta go, I question the intelligence or sanity of someone who admittedly uses the Jon in either.

Drinks are better? How so? There is not much room for deviance in quality when it comes to juice, coffee, soda that comes from a machine. This argument just speaks of desperation.

Size: big isn't necessarily better. Besides here in GA there are a ton more WHs than Ihops. What does that tell you? In fact there are a couple spots where you can be at one WH and see another down the road, and both are packed! WHs are one of the last bastions of Americana! You go in to a WH in 100 yrs and you can trust it'll be the same yummy real food.


Good debate. But the facts are still there, WH is not as good as IHOP. I Hop's food is better, there are more WH yes but two WH is the size of one IHOP. And to be clean is a big help IHOP is always clean and good hot food. You don't have to see the ugly women that work at WH, instead you see the hot ones at IHOP. guys just look at the facts IHOP is better and that is that!
Debate Round No. 3
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