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Walmart's cashier's pay should be raised at least 1$ per hour in the USA.

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Started: 11/18/2015 Category: Economics
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Pro will contend for the resolution and con against.


I accept the challenge and Im ready to debate
Debate Round No. 1


Claim: Walmart cashiers are paid between $7.58-11.42 an hour in the USA.
Warrant: [1]
Impact: There is no way that $7.58 an hour is enough pay. You can't live on that type of wage in the USA.

Claim: Walmart pays cashiers so little they need food stamps to survive.
Warrant: "Paying Workers Poverty Wages

When Walmart pays its workers so little that they need food stamps to survive, they"re also investing in a steady profit stream" [2].
Warrant: Same story different media outlet. [3]
Impact: Excessive use of welfare drains the entire nation's resources. This is unfair for Walmart to profit at the nation's expense.

Claim: Walmart drains the USA resources
Warrant: "Walmart Workers Cost Taxpayers $6.2 Billion In Public Assistance" [4].
Impact: For the good of the nation, Walmart cashiers should receive a pay raise of at least $1.

Pro contends there is no way that wages for Walmart's cashiers should remain the same in the USA. Walmart's cashier's pay should be raised at least 1$ per hour in the USA. Thanks for reading.



Pro says we need to raise the pay of Walmart cashiers by at least one dollar. I think that this claim is flawed. The idea should not be to raise the cashiers for Walmart's salary, it should be to raise the national minimal wage, because it's not possible for a government to raise the minimal wage for one position at one company

It's not the fault of the company if they are paying their employees above the minimal wage. It's not their responsibility to focus on being the most moral and generous company, because all companies need to make money, so it is the responsibility of the government to raise the minimum wage to 10-15 dollars an hour.

We can't say that these employees need to be paid more, we need to say all employees need to be paid more. We can't single out a single companies when low pay is a national issue, so that is where this topic is flawed

Thank you, and I will let pro respond
Debate Round No. 2


First, Con is suggesting that the minimum wage be raised across the country. Since this would increase Walmart's cashier's wage Con has made a Pro statement. Walmart cashier's wages are a subset of the set the entire USA wages. Since Con argues the minimum wage should be "10-15"Con and Walmart cashier make less than those amounts Con agrees with Pro. Thanks for agreeing so quickly Con. Thanks for the debate. Vote Pro.


Pro misunderstands my argument, to review:
Pro says we need to raise a Walmart's cashier pay at least 1$, when really, we need to raise it at least 5$ across the country

Pro has stated a moral argument, and I have stated facts
Vote Con
Feel the bern
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Raising the minimum wage would increase cashier's pay... Therefore, when Con pushes for a MW increase, he supports Pro's side.