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War Debate - Honduras vs Nigeria - All credit to the AIW group for the idea

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Started: 4/24/2015 Category: Politics
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This is a challenge to Kylar. All credit for the Idea goes to the AOW debating group. The following rules apply:


1. When you accept the debate, state your country, and state the numbers of your armed forces (aircraft, men, ships, etc.). Use ONLY this source for military numbers, as it is the most reliable:;

2. Each country's turn can range from about 3 days to 60 days long, so all actions must be in accordance with this time period. (DO NOT try to win in one turn! Take into account that your opponent is also a living, thinking being that can adapt to a situation.)

3. Morale is a key factor in your armed forces' effectiveness.

4. You may produce more military forces (soldiers, ships, aircraft, tanks/humvees/cavalry), but it depends on your military budget, your country's population, and how industrialized your nation is.

5. Honduras (pro) is defending

6. Honduras makes the first move: reason for war.

7. The voters are free to reasonably determine the winner based off of who was more successful in completing their objectives.

8. If a nations capital is destroyed/liberated, this does not necessarily mean that the war is won; the capital could be recaptured.

9. Every aspect of the war must be realistic and must remain within the parameters established by the rules and the title. Any unrealistic action and actions deviating from the rules will cause the entire action to be void. Any further deviation after the first void action will result in a complete debate forfeiture.

10. Weapons of mass destruction are NOT allowed. A WMD is defined as:

-Radiological weapon or a radiological dispersion device: any weapon designed to spread radioactive material

-Nuclear or Thermonuclear weapon: an explosive device that derives its destructive force from nuclear reactions

-Chemical weapon: a device that inflicts chemicals designed to harm or kill humans/animals

-Biological weapon: the use of biological toxins or infectious organisms to inflict damage.

Non-conventional detonation of conventional weapons IS allowed.

11. No allies (NATO, UN, Muslim Brotherhood, or otherwise) under ANY circumstances. Annexation of other countries or agreements that allow formations of larger nations and/or direct military intervention is NOT allowed. Personnel and forces CANNOT be supplied by other nations.

You CAN have military or diplomatic agreements and/or treaties with other nations (agreements not to interfere etc). Radical groups, militant organizations, paramilitary factions et cetera are NOT allowed.

Religion is NOT a factor. No economic sanctions from any other nation, but economic warfare is allowed.

You cannot increase your country"s population, nor can you use ANY method to allow the involvement of other countries other than what is specified. You cannot receive donations or economic support from private agencies.

12. Cyberwarfare is allowed. Electronic warfare is limited to radar/radio jamming and interception; NO EMPs.

13. It is important that consequences are taken into account in all attacks

14. Appropriate conduct MUST be maintained: no insults, cursing, profanity, vulgar language or trolling. Any violation of appropriate conduct WILL BE REPORTED to DDO authorities.

15. If you fail to follow the rules once, you will be given a warning and your actions in that round will be void. Further disobedience of ANY of these rules WILL result in an immediate loss of the debate.

16. The Instigator is Pro.

17. Some Civilian actions is allowed, total war can only be used as a last resort.

18. TOTAL WAR can be declared only as an absolute last resort. Total war is defined as the complete mobilization of all available manpower of the country. In a state of total war, every able citizen either joins the military personnel or the military labor workforce.

19. All scenarios MUST be realistic; there MUST be an established reason for conflict.

20. We may either follow the date-time storyline format, or state the events that occur directly as realistically possible in the specified period of time.

I state my forces here [1]

Going beyond military equipment totals and perceived fighting strength is the actual manpower that drives a given military. Wars of attrition favor those with more.

Total Population: 8,598,561
Available Manpower: 4,037,332
Fit for Service: 3,065,266
Reaching Military Age Annually: 187,982]
Active Frontline Personnel: 12,000
Active Reserve Personnel: 60,000

Tank value includes Main Battle Tanks, light tanks and tank destroyers, either wheeled or tracked. AFV value includes Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) and Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs).

Tanks: 19
Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs): 122
Self-Propelled Guns (SPGs): 0
Towed-Artillery: 56
Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems (MLRSs): 0

Includes both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft from all branches of service.

Total Aircraft: 27
Fighters/Interceptors: 3
Fixed-Wing Attack Aircraft: 12
Transport Aircraft: 4
Trainer Aircraft: 4
Helicopters: 6
Attack Helicopters: 0

Aircraft Carrier value includes dedicated "helicopter carrier" vessels. Total naval strength includes all known auxiliaries as well.

Total Naval Strength: 59
Aircraft Carriers: 0
Frigates: 0
Destroyers: 0
Corvettes: 0
Submarines: 0
Coastal Defense Craft: 28
Mine Warfare: 0

Despite the advances made in battlefield technology, oil remains the lifeblood of any fighting force as well as local economy.

Oil Production: 20 bbl/day
Oil Consumption: 32,000 bbl/day]
Proven Oil Reserves: 0 bbl/day

War is as much a battle of logistics - moving man and machine from points all over - as it is direct combat. Labor Force reflects possible wartime industry strength.

Labor Force: 3,507,000
Merchant Marine Strength: 88]
Major Ports and Terminals: 4
Roadway Coverage: 14,742
Railway Coverage: 44
Serviceable Airports: 103

Regardless of military strength in numbers, war is still driven by financing as much as any one leader or weapon.

Defense Budget: $205,000,000
External Debt: $6,173,000,000
Reserves of Foreign Exchange and Gold: $2,414,000,000
Purchasing Power Parity: $39,230,000,000

Geographical values primarily figure into a defensive-minded war (i.e. invasion).

Square Land Area: 112,090 km
Coastline: 832 km
Shared Border: 1,575 km
Waterways: 465 km

My opponent will state his forces in the next round, then I will make the first move.


I would like to thank my friend for intializing what is sure to be one of my favorite debates ever. Our debate begins as follows with the Republic of Nigeria going to war with the Federal Republic of Honduras.

Nigeria has a population of 177,155,754 at this point. Their millitary has 130,000 men as active frontline personel. A further 32,000 are reserve personel and 40,707,659 are fit for service.
Nigeria has 148 tanks, 1,420 armored veichles, and 25 self propelled guns. Not only that they have 30 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems. They have 98 total aircraft and 10 fighter planes, plus 42 transport aircraft and 38 helicopters, 9 of them attack helicopters. They have 75 naval ships, 2 of them frigates.
I have outlined Nigeria's millitary strength thoroughly, begin your attack and good luck
Debate Round No. 1


I thank Kylar for engaging in this debate with me. I also feel like an idiot for putting AIW instead of AOW in the title... oh well. Furthermore, I only made this a 3 round debate as well, I wasn't thinking, so I request this to be a NON-VOTING DEBATE. I would request judges to level up the scores if people do vote. We will probably make a second 3 round debate continuing on from this one.

29 Feb 2018: Honduras are close to completing a project to protect themselves; A deal with a new group of organic farmers takes manure away for free to be turned into energy. This sustainable power source powers a new skyscraper in San Pedro Sula. 350m tall, it has two hotels, multiple flats, a school, and a new factory. It is topped out in the early hours of the evening. This is to produce much of the local goods so old factories can be turned into factories for this new project. Some produce missiles, a factory in Porto Torres is demolished and replaced with a shipyard, powered by much of the waste produced by the local area. This will make license produced Visby class stealth corvettes and non-nuclear submarines based on the Dolphin class ones of the Israeli navy. A project for a stealth light attack aircraft based on the CASA-101's engines and avionics is in its final testing stages. The planed is christened the CASA-105 an is capable of subsonic speeds. I should mention my opponent should not know about the upgrades to the navy and air force.

2nd Mar 2018: People start to fear Honduras is looking for war, they reassure the UN they are to remain peaceful and say they are on the US's side. Most countries take this seriously - some don't.

3rd Mar 2018: 10 Stealth multirole fighters, 2 Subs and 5 corvettes is all that can be afforded at the moment. The new skyscraper is designed to improve profitability of the surrounding area, the relatively small profit is used in the military to help keep bank balances stable. To help produced more money, the CASA-101's used to shoot down drug smuggling planes are also used at airshows. A last minute entry is placed into a show on the 9th march in Nigeria.

5th Mar 2018: The CASA-101's are speeding over the Atlantic when they spot a plane crossing the Atlantic heading to Tegucigalpa from Nigeria, clearly smuggling drugs. On attempted contact this plane immediately turns to the Sao Tome and Principe islands. Further inspection from ground crews confirm suspicions and after taking of from Praia, Cape Verde, the Aviojets hunt the plane down and shoot it. The plane, damaged, makes a landing and is stormed.

6th Mar 2018: Nigerians protest about the arrest, requesting government sanctions on the Honduran authorities for taking away a vital (albeit illegal) part of the economy. The UN rejects the claim.

9th Mar 2018: The countries seemed peaceful again when a group of rebels shoot at the planes in the airshow - with no success. American cyberhacker group Anonymous launch an operation to protect Honduras with Honduran members joining the military where they set up a filter that will infect and crash all of Nigeria's cyberspace with the Stuxnet virus if there is any interference. They find a way to hack into aircraft systems and control the autopilot of all in flight aircraft. The pilot can simply reset the autopilot, but so can the hackers. This is all secret, with no sources able to leak information, so my opponent must act as if he does not know about this cyber-warfare.

11th Mar 2018: Most of the new tower is completed, only the restaurant at the top is left to finish. The rest is fully open.

16th Mar 2018: Within 8 days, special low-frequency radars protect the whole of Honduras. It can detect and draw an image of any object it sees, preventing a 9/11 style attack on the new tower. Camouflaged SAM launchers are placed, using up a fair amount of the budget. More money is spent on a flexible deal with the UK for oil, most of it sourced from other nations. The plan is that gradually the amount of oil brought from the UK will decrease, with oil being brought directly instead of wasting time and money shipping oil via the UK. Part of the deal allows Honduran oil tankers to stop in the UK to avoid having to fly over Africa, and consequently Nigeria. Tensions raise further as a result, Saudi and the UK declare neutrality, however they state that they will not assist Nigeria.


I want to thank my friend for this debate and now I will attempt to begin my start of this great war debate.
March 17th 2018: Nigeria begins millitary excersises as Spain, Cameroon and Sudan neclare neutrality. Niger, Chad, Kenya, and Russia all declare neutrality as well, and millitary drills continue into the night.
March 18th 2018 President Muhammadu Buhari asks all states for approval to sign a leglislation to declare war on Honduras.
March 19th 2018 Borno and Benure States approves war declaration
March 20th 2018 Tensions increase as Yobe and Abia states approve war declaration.

Thanks for the debate thus far
Debate Round No. 2


As I can't copy and paste we will simply continue this. @Russia_The_almighty will be the moderator as he has kindly offered.

Mar 20th 2018: In a meeting with the UN on the island of Elba the UN state that
if they don't share much of their technology with Nigeria they may be in breach of international law. US president Marc Rubio and British Prime Minister (/alien) Ed Milliband both laugh off the idea. After a long consultation though it turned out that Honduras was in the right.

Mar 21st 2018: Many people in Nigeria start booking flights out. Anonymous tries to cancel all flights booked by Jews so
Israel then launches an enormous cyberattack on all of anonymous's cyberspace. This prevents Honduras from a cyber attack from anonymous that they had secretly been planning.

Mar 23rd 2018: A Nigerian terrorist group attack an AA plane heading for Tegucigalpa. The pilots let them control the plane before they get injured. What the terrorists don't know is that the plane will still land in Tegucigalpa as Boeing took control of the aircraft and landed it. After the President threatens instead of apologises war is declared on Nigeria. Production for tanks swing into action. Nigeria are blockaded by a small amount of ships preventing illegal oil from Saudi passing into Nigeria.

Mar 27th 2018: On day 2 of the blockade NNS Aradu attacks the blockade. One ship is sunk but occupants escape. The frigate then hits a torpedo launched by the submarine. The frigate is overcome and captured, it will take 2 weeks to repair, but it is now a possession of the Hondurans.

Mar 29th 2018: 10 Dassault Super Mystere aircraft destroy a shipyard renovating both mine warfare craft of the Nigerian Navy. Everything is destroyed. 8 MLRS's attack the planes but the pilots manage to avoid being hit, except 1 (who safely ejected). 8 missiles destroy 6 of the stations. On the way back to base in Sao Tome and Principe two Chengdu J-7 are shot down by the remaining missiles.

This is named the great bombing.


Deaths: 0
Equipment lost: 1 patrol boat - 1 frigate gained.
Captured: 1 (the pilot who ejected)


Deaths: 73
Equipment lost: 2 Mine warfare craft, 1 frigate, 1 shipyard.
Captured: 221 (the NNS Aradu crew)

April 1st: Stuxnet is launched, Nigerian cyberspace is crippled. To avoid too much anger against them, Honduras sends every single Internet caf" in Nigeria a frequency so they can continue business. It is impossible for the military to use it. The power grid fails, as well as all MLRS's. It took the US 1 year to remove the virus - let alone Nigeria.

April 4th: 2 torpedo's are launched in Honduras. They are designed to stay underwater until the coast. They will destroy the military training centre, but take 5 days to reach The base. Meanwhile 5 more CASA-105 'StalkHawk's are ordered. NNS Aradu is having a section it's hull replaced. The 1st CASA-105 is working and flies over to Praia.

April 5th: The same system protecting Honduras now protects the Sao Tome and Principe Islands and Cape Verde. Honduras manages to Steal money from rich Nigerians bank accounts, giving some to the military and some to Hondurans in poverty. Morale consequently skyrockets.

April 7th: Oil from the UK is decreasing. The blockade has now stopped almost 500,000 bbl of oil from entering Nigeria. Honduran scientists meanwhile find a way of creating artificial oil from wood. The Nigerian economy crashes while in the middle east all development is completely halted.

April 9th: In the early morning the torpedoes scream through Lagos without hitting anyone. They then climb before obliterating the military base at 9:30am when the base is busiest and least on guard.

Casualties: 1,897

April 12th: Both forces start heading towards Isla Isabela, Honduras reach it and prepare a makeshift airfield and port. This is likely to be the first land battle between the two. Hondurans pan to turn the island into a sustainable Metropolis if the battle is won.

April 16th: The battle starts. Both sides carefully avoid injuring endangered wildlife.

April 20th: Both countries turn peaceful. All battles are on the Isla Isabela.

April 26th: Nigeria blockade the north. Supplies still come from the south.

April 28th: Honduras gain ground as there stealthy new forces are still unknown to Nigeria. Nigeria's air force is exhausted while casualties are high.

April 30th: One corvette is fitted with mine sweeping equipment that is placed on the south coast. Dassault Super Mysteres are slowly bombing patrol boats and making the blockade increasingly difficult to uphold.

May 5th: Nigeria launch a surprise attack on Honduran defences in the south unsuccessfully. There are casualties on both sides but Nigeria is worse off.

May 8th: Nigeria retreats. A joint project founds Isabela as a new UN nation. This conflict is called the Isabela War.


Humans: 598
Ships: 8 (all upholding the blockade)
aircraft: 9

Humans: 193
Ships: 2 (patrol boats)
Aircraft: 3 (1 Super Mystere, 2 A37 dragonflies)

May 13th: Honduras and the two islands it is attacking from are even better protected as Honduras turn their attention to Nigeria.

May 17th: The Isla Isabella has installed the same defence mechanism. An airport and two new cities is being installed.

Thus far it has been a good debate (for me at least), I will leave a link to part 2 in the comments. Over to you CON.


Thanks for the debate :).
However, I think you won this one :).
Pro was better and clearly triumphed, we need to do a more evenly matched war debate next time
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by PointlessQuestions 3 years ago
For All The Technology Honduras Developed During This War, Pro Might As Well Have Said An Alien Ship Crashed And They Reverse Engineered The Technology.
Posted by tejretics 3 years ago
*Open Offer*
This is an open offer for both Kylar and Alric8 to join the AOW group! Please send me or The-Voice-of-Truth a PM if interested.

AOW Group Moderator

Posted by alric8 3 years ago
This now a voting debate as pro surrendered
Posted by Russia_The_almighty 3 years ago
Never mind after I saw round 2 and saw this was a 3 round debate although I believe you should redo this with 5 rounds.
Posted by Russia_The_almighty 3 years ago
Can I moderate this debate? You know to make sure everyone is following the rules and giving my opinion in the end why I believe one side one if it is a stalemate or something?
Posted by Theunkown 3 years ago
Okay, just checked. I was just doubting if Nigeria had the capability to conduct an intercontinental offensive war, given that its navy does not have over a 100 ships and has no bases outside West Africa (Not that it is a bad thing in the non-military situation).
Posted by alric8 3 years ago
No - Nigeria
Posted by Theunkown 3 years ago
I get the feeling you meant Nicaragua and not Nigeria.
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Total points awarded:00 
Reasons for voting decision: While Pro did win in the war, in my opinion this is unrealistic. "Stuxnet is launched, Nigerian cyberspace is crippled." Tell me if I'm wrong, but I don't think either country can hope of being able to launch the virus. Both of their cyber warfare is kind of poor if you compare them to America, Russia, and China. I just don't see how either of these two minor nation could be able to launch the Stuxnet. If you can give me an article that proves they have it and can launch it, sure I will vote pro. Plus do either of you wish to face me, I could do this on either side. Or i could be Russia and my opponent would be America. Or an interesting one of Israel vs Iran or Serbia vs Slovenia. Message me if yes.
Vote Placed by dsjpk5 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Concession.