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War Debate: The People's Republic of China vs. USA

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Started: 5/21/2015 Category: Games
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Here are some strict rules that apply:

1. When you accept the debate, state your country, and state the numbers of your armed forces (aircraft, men, ships, etc.). Use this source for military numbers ONLY, as it is the most reliable:(

2. Each country's turn can range from about 3 days to 60 days, so please take in consideration of how much you do in a turn, make it reasonable. (DO NOT try to win in one turn! Take into account that your opponent is also a living, thinking being that can adapt to a situation.)

3. Morale is a key factor in your armed forces' effectiveness.

4. You may produce more military forces (soldiers, ships, aircraft, tanks/humvees/cavalry), but it depends on your military budget, your country's population, and how industrialized your nation is.

5. You may choose to invade or defend.

6. The defender makes the first move.

7. The defender's primary military objective is to remove the attacker's forces from the defender's territory. The attacker's primary military objective is to annex the other country, or destroy it (physically, economically, &etc). Secondary military objectives can be made by the debaters if they wish. Fulfilment of the military objectives is victory. If either side fails to fulfil their set objectives, the voters are free to reasonably determine the winner based off of who was more successful in completeing their objectives.

8. If a nation's capital is destroyed/liberated, this does not necessarily mean that the war is won; the capital could be recaptured.

If one of the debaters destroys or controls the administration of the opposing country, OR if the opposing country is destroyed to the point of no administration, then that debater automatically wins the war.

9. Every aspect of the war must be realistic and must remain within the parameters established by the rules and the title. Any unrealistic action and actions deviating from the rules will cause the entire action to be void. Any further deviation after the first void action will result in a complete debate forfeiture.

10. You can have ONLY ONE WMD (Chooses WMD). WMD is to be used as a last resort. It can only be used if there is an extreme threat to the nation or your army. IF a WMD is to be used, you MUST fully describe the effects of its' use IN DETAIL. Every aspect of the WMD's effects MUST be correct and realistic.

Any unrealistic detail in the effects will cause the use of the weapon and ALL of its' effects to become void, and there will be no "restocking" of the WMD. Once you use it, you used it, whether or not the effects are void. At the beginning of the "war," you MUST specify what country you are, what WMD you will use (and describing the weapon using the below rules in the weapons' list), and you must show what the entirety of your armed forces is made of (soldier count, tanks, artillery, ships, aircraft, etc.).

Specify what your WMD is going to be. Specify ALL measurements of the WMD (yield, range, parts-per-million, altitude, longitude, latitude, etc).

You may choose ONE weapon from the following list of WMDs:

- Nuclear Weapon: The blast yield must be 209.2 billion kilojoules (50 kilotons of TNT) or LESS. You MUSTspecify type of detonation (underground/collapse, ground/shock, airburst/dust).
You MUST specify location of detonation (longitude, latitude, altitude. Also name country, province/state, and city of detonation).

- Chemical: Maximum 15 parts-per-million. Specify chemical type. Anthrax and all nerve agents ARE allowed, but only one can be used.

- Radiological: Specify and describe the used radioactive material at the beginning of the war. MUST specify location of detonation (longitude, latitude, altitude. Also name country, province/state, and city of detonation) and the method of delivery. Only in small quantity (yet unspecified). CANNOT be directed at civilian targets.

- MOAB/FOAB: Must be used in the unconventional manner. If an MOAB/FOAB is detonated above ground and at an altitude, it has the effects of a tactical nuclear weapon (thus classifying it as a WMD) without the radiation.MUST specify location of the detonation (longitude, latitude, altitude. Also name country, province/state, and city of detonation).


11. No allies (NATO, UN, Muslim Brotherhood, or otherwise) under ANY circumstances. Annexation of other countries or agreements that allow formations of larger nations and/or direct military intervention is NOT allowed. Personnel and forces CANNOT be supplied by other nations.

You CAN have military or diplomatic agreements and/or treaties with other nations (agreements not to interfere, &etc). Radical groups, et cetera are NOT allowed.

Religion is NOT a factor. No economic sanctions from any other nation, but economic warfare is allowed.

12. Cyberwarfare is allowed.

13. The country chosen by my opponent must be the United States of America.

14 (Code of Conduct Part A). Appropriate conduct MUST be maintained: no insults, cursing, profanity, vulgar language or trolling. Any violation of appropriate conduct WILL BE REPORTED to DDO authorities.

15 (Code of Conduct Part B). By the second code of conduct, we must provide our war-debate victory-percentage in the beginning of such debates.

16. If you fail to follow the rules once, you will be given a warning and your actions in that round will be void. Further disobedience of ANY of these rules WILL result in an immediate loss of the debate.

17. The Instigator must always take the Pro side of the debate.

18. These debates are strictly Force versus Force; no civilian action is allowed unless Total War is declared.

19. Total War is allowed ONLY AFTER the use of WMDs.
20. All scenarios MUST be realistic; there MUST be an established reason for conflict.

21. These debates are strictly Force versus Force; no civilian action is allowed unless Total War is declared.

22. If you fail to follow the rules once, you will be given a warning and your actions in that round will be void. Further disobedience of ANY of these rules WILL result in an immediate loss of the debate.

I will provide my numbers this round:

Population: 1,355,000,000
Available Manpower: 749,000,000
Fit for Service: 618,000,000
Reaching Military Age Annually: 19,000,000
Active Front line Personnel: 2,333,000
Active Reserve Personnel: 2,300,000

Tanks: 9,150
AFVs: 4,788
SPGs: 1,710
Towed Artillery: 6,246
MLRSs: 1,770

Aircraft: 2,086
Fighter/Interceptor: 1,066
Fixed-Wing Attack Aircraft: 1,311
Transport Aircraft: 876
Trainer Aircraft: 352
Helicopters: 908
Attack Helicopters: 196

Naval Strength: 673
Aircraft Carriers: 1
Frigates: 47
Destroyers: 25
Corvettes/amphibs/troop carriers: 23
Submarines: 67
Coastal Defense Craft: 11
Mine Warfare: 6

Oil Production: 4,000,000 bbl/day
Oil Consumption: 9,500,000 bbl/day
Proven Oil Reserves: 17,300,000,000

Labor Force: 797,000,000
Merchant Marine Strength: 2,030
Major Ports and Terminals: 15
Roadway Coverage: 3,886,000
Railway Coverage: 86,000
Serviceable Airports: 507

Defense Budget: $145,000,000,000
External Debt: $863,000,000,000
Reserves of Foreign Trade and Gold: $3,861,000,000,000
Purchasing Power Parity: $13,000,000,000,000

Square Land Area: 9,561,000
Coastline: 14,500
Shared Border: 22,000
Waterways: 111,000


My WMD is a 15 ppm VX nerve agent.

I am invading nation, so my opponent will provide a diplomatic reason for the war.

Let the game begin.


I thank my friend for this debate and I choose to defend.
I will post my strength here

Total Population: 320,202,220
Available Manpower: 145,212,012
Fit for Service: 120,022,084
Reaching Military Age Annually: 4,217,412]
Active Frontline Personnel: 1,400,000
Active Reserve Personnel: 1,100,000

Tank value includes Main Battle Tanks, light tanks and tank destroyers, either wheeled or tracked. AFV value includes Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) and Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs).

Tanks: 8,848
Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs): 41,062
Self-Propelled Guns (SPGs): 1,934
Towed-Artillery: 1,299
Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems (MLRSs): 1,331

Includes both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft from all branches of service.

Total Aircraft: 13,892
Fighters/Interceptors: 2,207
Fixed-Wing Attack Aircraft: 2,797
Transport Aircraft: 5,366
Trainer Aircraft: 2,809
Helicopters: 6,196
Attack Helicopters: 920

Aircraft Carrier value includes dedicated "helicopter carrier" vessels. Total naval strength includes all known auxiliaries as well.

Total Naval Strength: 473
Aircraft Carriers: 20
Frigates: 10
Destroyers: 62
Corvettes: 0
Submarines: 72
Coastal Defense Craft: 13
Mine Warfare: 11

Despite the advances made in battlefield technology, oil remains the lifeblood of any fighting force as well as local economy.

Oil Production: 7,441,200 bbl/day
Oil Consumption: 19,000,000 bbl/day]
Proven Oil Reserves: 20,680,000,000 bbl/day

War is as much a battle of logistics - moving man and machine from points all over - as it is direct combat. Labor Force reflects possible wartime industry strength.

Labor Force: 155,400,000
Merchant Marine Strength: 393]
Major Ports and Terminals: 24
Roadway Coverage: 6,586,610
Railway Coverage: 224,792
Serviceable Airports: 13,513

Regardless of military strength in numbers, war is still driven by financing as much as any one leader or weapon.

Defense Budget: $577,100,000,000
External Debt: $15,680,000,000,000
Reserves of Foreign Exchange and Gold: $150,200,000,000
Purchasing Power Parity: $16,720,000,000,000

Geographical values primarily figure into a defensive-minded war (i.e. invasion).

Square Land Area: 9,826,675 km
Coastline: 19,924 km
Shared Border: 12,048 km
Waterways: 41,009 km

Let the battle begin!
Debate Round No. 1


Opperation Red Dawn.

Chinese craft locates 3,500 miles off the US west coast shore line. Armed with 100 of NON-NUCLEAR ICBMs. Upon this set of wolfpacks are 150 Chinese ships. It's lone carrier, and 34 submarines, 1,320 air craft, 7,500 tanks, 1,200,000 troops. (Xi Jinping calls up the reserves on this date so keep that in mind.) China launches ICBMs, the attack targets are at the following Red dots on the map bellow.

Notice the above map one more time. Now we can see that these dots are stagetically placed all over the US. They are actually placed at Nuclear stockpile locations and US powergrid locations. ( and (

USA National Grid Map - FEMA

Even though there are some that get destroyed that head more inland those that don't strike strategic locations on the US West and East coasts (as both are being attacked). Now that the US West cost power system is fried, it will take its damage on the US through the lacking problems in the food system and since the US food stores have only one month's supply of food the entire west coast area is practically screwed by lack of food. ( Not to mention that the Supermarkets like Walmart, Dillions, and Hyvee only enough for 3 days we can see that we will end up seeing mass starvation in the US before my turn is up. Since my turn takes over a month I will also target major transportation roadways to also target these areas. Death tolls are skyrocketting from due to nuclear detonations and deaths from the US nuclear stockpile systems. (Note that this is not against the rules as I have not used nuclear weapons of my own and that all I'm doing is targetting my opponent's powergrid) The other colored areas (not yellow) are those vastly affected by the nuclear fallout from the bombs. This means that these areas are heavily affected by the nuclear Radiation to be enough to cause mutations of the body (not like syfy mutations, but deadly ones that can kill the person). To refute an upcoming argument of shooting down most of these. US has been cutting it's NMD program for quite some years and has significantly cut it almost entirely out of existance. ( So we can see that at this time the US doesn't have the materials necessary to stop this attack.

This also occurs on the US east cost with the same numbers.

Opperation Khan (Aprx. 15 days laters)

With the armored divisions being called back by the President in an expected retreat for them to help due to the failure of FEMA and other governmental organizations (see EMP document, note that this also applies to failure of US powergrid in the same attacks that I'm doing) and with any fortifications that might have been inplaced being destroyed due to the nuclear winds, the Chinese land unopposed. The Chinese lands in Oregon and northern California. On the Eastern front China lands in Maine and Northern North Carolina and begin to fortify themselves in an established position.

Opperation Manchuria

The Chinese Occupational forces in the East begin to move northward towards Richmond. Their Air Force serges ahead to bombard costal towns including whats left of Washington DC. This is a new form of Blitzkreig known as Kugelblitz. The Chinese Naval forces enter the Cheesapeek Bay area bombarding the cost line providing support fire for the troops on the shore line. The Chinese Subs go forward first to clear the area of any remaining ships.

Economic Warfare

China dumps the Petrodollar

The Chinese dump the dollar and the petrodollar. Due to this the Chinese are now accepting oil in Yuan and strikes a deal with OPEC of whom they already have standing relations with, who now introduce the PetroYuan. This greatly affects the US currency and inflation and the value of the dollar drops as many OPEC nations are already concidering changing the dollar out for the Yuan. ( This also crashes the US financial system here are interviews with US economists on the issue.

"It would be disastrous for our markets. All those excess dollars coming in, with bonds being sold, interest rates would spike.
We have not seen a return of health to the banking system. So, the system is very vulnerable; and if the Russians carry through with their threat, you have, indeed, the risk of it collapsing the system.”

China halts REM exports to US

95% of the world's REM (Rare Earth Metals) supply belongs to China. China is starting to crack down on REM exports to the US leading to almost chaos. ( You may think no big deal, but if it goes any further it will lead to US crackdown on China and with the US trying to put leverage on the US China will most likely do the same leading to an economic down of the US and then China then the world. Why is this you may ask? It is the fact that the US is entirely reliant on China and the fact that China is also too reliant on the US if one falls they both do. We currently use Rare Earth Elements to make electronics from the cell phone you have and your TV to military satellites. We get a lot of our Green technology from them to like pollution controls, LED light bulbs, and Hybrid cars. (

Prices of REMs have increased by well over 100%. China, who owns 95% of the world's REMs supply has begun to clamp down on the exports due to new environmental regulations and their new crack downs on illegal mining laws. There will be a 48% increase of demand of REMs by next year and the shortages of some of these key metals are not helping the prices. ( Others show demands are expected to rise by 60% by next year due to increased demands in electronics and hybrid cars. China is shockingly going to start seeing some supply shortages themselves and will either have no choice to hike prices or stop exporting all-in-all. ( Meaning that now the US isn't able to produce much technology and that the price of machinery skyrockets which already harm recovery efforts in the US.

With that I'm just about out of characters and I will end my turn handing the war over to him.


Operation Take Back DC
Pres. Obama says "we will take back DC and rebuild it." 220,000 USA troops are mobilized for an attack on Washington DC. They assault DC with a vengeance.

Operation Counter Khan Attack
FEMA and 300,000 US Troops drive the China troops out of Maine.

over to pro
Debate Round No. 2


Countering Con

So I have a few objections to what occurs during my opponent's turn. First off he isn't nor shouldn't be able to amount an attack of 520,000 concidering that the entire US Powergrid has been knocked out so there is no chance for any type of communication between Americans. Not to mention that they are already starving. Food continues to become more and more rarer as people continue to starve as nothing has been done as it's now have been half a year without people having access to proper food. We can see that those who aren't starving in the US are farming and moral is Low. This is showing things from World War 1 where Russians were revolting due to lack of bread and at the end of the War when the entire German military collapsed as they went home to help their starving families. They may be soldiers, BUT they are also human beings. So we can see that the US military, or what's left of it, is on the verge of collapse and with no valid government and a starving population, President Xi Jinping wishes that the US surrenders as soon as possible for the sake of the suffering Americans.

My Turn

Opperation Khan (cont.)

Richmond falls with ease so I now split my tropps on land (100,000), between 25,000 and 75,000 in the East. The 25,000 continue North into the forbidden Fallout Zone and Hoist the Chinese Flag on the ruins of the Capital Building. The 75,000 march towards Charleston, West Virginia in order to seize key coal mines. They face a small Army detatchment, but only suffer minor casulties.

10 days later the 25,000 splits into 7,000 and 18,000. 7,000 stay in DC with a small group of ships to protect them from the water and the rest march on to Baltimore.

Up north the Chinese Forces march South towards the port city of Boston. Where the 1 million Chinese troops face an already battered 300,000 (assuming that they were even contacted minus the death toll from the the Kugelblitz, so we can roughly estimate that their actual numbers are around 63,000) Chinese forces attack from land, air, and sea, and Boston will fall after 17 days. (same tatics as Tarawa).

Opperation Petergrad (West)

Chinese forces continue inward to the Oregon Capital of Salem continuing use of the Kugelblitz methood fighting and once again destorying most of what is left of the US forces in the West.

Seeing how desimated the US is I urge the United States to surrender for the sake of its suffering population.


Thank you so much for teaching me more through this debate how to better myself in a war debate.

The United States morale is low, and Pres. Obama yields to the mercy of "God and China."
forgive me for not putting up so much of a fight-this was a hard debate
Debate Round No. 3


China Wins and as a result the US is broken up into 50 individual countries so they cannot harm another nation ever again.


The USA, broken up is prospering.
thanks for the debate
Debate Round No. 4


Thank you and please vote Pro!


For the sake of avoiding forfeiture I say this: thanks for the debate and good job pro I learned a lot
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Bo80 3 years ago
Anyone help me?
Posted by lannan13 3 years ago
Welcome Kylar. If you ever need any War debate tips, just ask. War is about so much more than just fighting.
Posted by Bo80 3 years ago
I'd like to get in on this a different time? Are there more than one of these, or a website for it? Thanks. Goodluck to both!
Posted by lannan13 3 years ago
Okay, fair enough.
Posted by Kylar 3 years ago
I will put the reason here since I forgot that in round I.
The reason is: USA wants to become the world's largest economy and stay that way with no competiiton
Posted by lannan13 3 years ago
You were suppose to provide Reason for War?
Posted by Gabe1e 3 years ago
Accepted judge.
Posted by tejretics 3 years ago
You're gonna learn lots from this, Kylar ... @lannan is one of AOW's 3 best war debaters.
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Reasons for voting decision: Strategically outmaneuvered the opponent.
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Who won the debate:Vote Checkmark-
Reasons for voting decision: Kylar made almost no decisive movement partly because his effort were hampered.......
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Reasons for voting decision: Decisive Chinese victory.