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War Game scenario:Russia versus chosen Nation

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Started: 1/30/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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WAR GAME SCENARIO: Judges(Don't be Biased) will be voting on this debate. This is a war game debate.I have made it so you had to have completed a few debates to accept this because I don't want beginners doing this just because you did a few non-serious amount of debates. You should be fairly experienced ,but not like the best debater ever on this site.
1.Your country's firepower,manpower etc. will be based on

2.You may choose any country besides Russia or America(only because some of the information on America is a bit more outdated than I would like)that exists today.

3. You may surrender if you think the tactical situation is unattainable, meaning if you think you can no longer have a chance at winning you can give up.

4. No NATO may be used or treaties of any kind whatsoever. However you may choose 1 minor nation to assist you ( It ABSOLUTELY cannot be in the top 10 strongest nations, it must be fairly weak(ex. Singapore,Denmark,Nigeria))

5.The war starts. In round 1 you must state your country and allied minor country (if you want one) if you want you can say how the war starts with either you declaring war or something else.

6. Everything MUST be within reason meaning you can't just say , a Japanese fleet of 100 destroys the entire Russian fleet with zero losses. That goes for declaring war you can't say a Russian ate a kids sandwich and that started the war.If i decide you have done something unreasonable I will point that out and the judges will take that into account when voting. If i think you have done 3 unreasonable thing you forfeit the debate,the judges however can decide If i was correct declaring it unreasonable. You can try to find something unreasonable I might have done, but the chances of that are unlikely.

7. WMDs are allowed to this extent.
1. Nuclear firepower allowed to be 30 kilotons (a little less than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined)
2.Biological initial infection of no more than 1000 initially infected. Infection May spread.
3.Chemical specify what it does. 15 parts per million at max. No nerve or anthrax agents.
4. Only usable if you country is losing badly

8. You must say your military soldiers, aircraft, tanks, navy, defense budget, and if you wish to add a reasonable amount more. Along with the country you're allied with and why they wish to be with you fighting.

9. Each country's turn is 1-3 months long for you to attack or defend.
10.It is possible to stir up war with other countries such as going through North Korea when you are South Korea to get to me,Russia.

11. You can choose to make your first move when you have specified your armed forces and how the war started. You have a slight advantage to attack or if you do it in the first turn.

12. Try not to win in one turn. Patience can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

13. If the capital is captured, destroyed, or plagued you can still win. By recapturing it , rebuilding or do the same thing to the enemy you can get even.

14. Morale is key to having a chance at winning.

15.Be aware of what your nation is capable of.

16 No trolling, cursing, insulting,or unnecessary behavior

17. Battle plans must be written. The other team acts as if they don't know it unless they country publicly announces it or something else.

18. Violations of any of these rules will result in a strike.If a violation is serious enough you are officially kicked of of this war game scenario.

19. Try to have fun, but be serious at the same time.

Most of these ideas were based of off


I accept.
I will choose the People"s Republic of China as chosen nation.
Here"s how I"ll divide my troops.
Beijing: 400,000.
Jinan: 100,000
Nanjing: 200,000
Chengdu: 100,000
Lanzhou: 885,000.

Military personnel: 2,285,000
Tank: 9,150
Navy: 520
Defence Budget: $126,000,000,000 (Maybe higher)

My ally will be Kazakstan, who will fight for China as long they get the oil rich Siberia in return.
Kazakhstan Army
Military Personnel: 110,000
Tank: 300
Aircraft: 232
Navy: 15
Defence budget: $2,435,000,000
Chemical weapon: Chlorine Gas.
All troops will be ready to attack by February 15th.
Third Department of China are also ready for cyber warfare.
Your turn....Mother Russia.
Debate Round No. 1


This should be fun and interesting.
I as a have stated before this I have chosen Russia or how my opponent says "Mother Russia"
Military personnel:766,000
AFV: 27,607
Defense Budget:76,600,000 (Probably higher later)

My ally will be Iraq , who will fight for us as long as we push ISIS out of their territory, help train their military, and help supply them with weapons which shouldn't take much more than 2 weeks.
Iraqi army
Military personnel: 654,204
Defense Budget:6,055,000,00
WMD: Chemical: Cyanogen Chloride

January 31: European part of Russia
Most Russians are focused on the Crimean annexation when Russian president announces they will return Crimea to Ukraine if Europe and America removes the Economic sanctions placed on them. Many Russian are curious about this,but he states he does not want a war with Russia and Europe. Soon the Prime minster gets a message from one of his many spies. One of their spies in China that they is assembling soldiers in certain parts of China. The prime minister thinks they are planning to show Hong Kong a lesson.

February 1. Moscow Russia
The prime minister tells Russian president and he is shocked. He thinks they are planning an assault. He knows Europe won't assist him after what he has done before So he looks for an ally. He sees Iraq could be useful soldiers and supplies and training officers to help combat ISIS in return help against China's possible raid. He also thinks Hong Kong and Tibet may no longer want Chinese rule. He increases military spending to 10,000,000,000 a year, with plans to add to Russia's navy.

February 3: Baghdad, Iraq
Iraq agrees to help since ISIS is pushed out of the outskirts of Baghdad.Russia begins to recruit soldiers and placing them more than 10 miles from the border with supplies for now.

February 4
Russia sends the soldiers plenty of winter clothes, food and other supplies

February 5
White House Washington DC
American president announces they will relieve its economic sanctions, many European nations follow as well and Russia returns Crimea after taking 1.5 million of its people who wish to go to Russia with them.

February 6 Moscow Russia
With China's long history of stealing technology and cyber attacks Russia takes possible precautions such as training people to stop a possible cyber attack and reluctantly hiring an American to help them.

February 10 Siberian part of Russia
Russian burns anything in front of their lines possibly supplying Chinese soldiers with food or supplies and taking the rest to their defensive positions.

February 11:Off the Eastern coast of Russia
The Russian Fleet is positioned off of the Eastern coast ready to engage the Chinese fleet if they come that way

February 12 Moscow Russia
The Russian spy that warned them about China returns telling them war is coming soon. ISIS has been pushed out of 3/4 of what was previously occupied in Iraq. Iraq has sent soldiers and tanks to help Russia where they are trained and equipped.

February 13-14 Russia
All that is done besides regularly recruiting soldiers and trying to finish their warships under construction is wait. All the soldiers are in position behind barriers with tanks and aircraft are waiting for what will happen. What is known by both sides, is that millions will die as a cause of this war unless a miracle happens.


I thank my opponent for his swift response.
Diplomacy: The president of China announces a budget cut, especially for defence budget. But in reality China will increase its defence budget by $2 billion dollar. China also starts to recall loan from Russia, stating "Need more money for its economy".

The Chinese intelligence is starting to note unusual activities within Russian military. It warns that the fighting will be harder than expected.
*Chinese mine laying ships began to lay mines south of Japan. The aircraft carrier, Liaoning , is transferred to East Sea fleet. The East Sea fleet will be in charge of holding the Russians at choke hold between Pusan and Kumamoto. North Sea Fleet and South Sea Fleet will be in charge of defending south of Japan.
Land forces:
More Type 96 tanks are produced. China also began to relax its recruit policy, which allows more recruits. Chinese strategist warned that the Russians will fight hard, just like what they did when Napoleon and Hitler invaded their land. The tank elite regiment would be transferred to Beijing district. 1328 MLRS will be transferred to Eastern Front, and the remaining 442 MLRS will be sent to Western Front.
More J-10 would be produced. J-20 development will be prioritised.

Overall: The Chinese troops are given winter clothing and gears.

February 15th night-
Western Front (Lanzhou)
12:03 AM- Eastern MLRS began to fire its first round of fire. The war had begun.
12:12: AM- All MLRS stops firing, and the first waves of tanks(1,000 tanks) lead the charge.
12:33: Infantries attacks.

The Russian defender was caught off guard, believing that they would attack in the morning. Runway rendered unusable. The Chinese HQ-9 and S-300 shot down any Russian aircraft attempting to delay the attack.

2:14 AM: Zapadno-Sibirskaia rail platform are seized, cutting off the main rail road transportation. Chinese reserve forces will be in charge of holding southern part of the "Blue Line", the main Lanzhou army will continue north, cutting off Russian Far Eastern Army"s escape route, then turned east to destroy the remnant of Russian Far Eastern Army.
March 12th: The Blue Line is established. Lanzhou soldiers are ordered to be fortified and on full alert. A Russian counterattack will be expected.
In all there will be 500,000 troops defending the Blue Line until the Beijing and Lanzhou links up... 200,000 soldiers would march east to link up with Beijing army.

Eastern Front
12:03 AM: Artillery, MLRS all starts to fire at the Russian troops.
12:24 AM: All firing stops. Beijing tanks(2,000) and infantries began to attack the Russian line.
12:36 AM: Artillery, MLRS moved 3 km forward and fired again.*

*This is the new tactics that this author had developed. It"s called the Curtain of Fire. The artilleries and MLRSs will fire into the fortified place and move forward, fire again, move forward. This will soften the enemy resistance and make it easier for the frontline troops to advance.
Similar to Eastern front, the attack caught the defender by surprised. But the resistance were much harder than Western Front.
1:16 AM: PLAA were called in to speed up the advance.
1:56 AM: A Russian counter attack stalled the Chinese advance.

After the Chinese armies reaches Skovorodino, the armies will be split. Beijing Army will head west to link up with the Lanzhou army. Shenyang Army will head north to capture Chukotka, Magadan, and Kamchatka(?). The armies are ordered to advance, not giving Russians any time to regroup. The whole Russian Far East is expected to be captured within 5 months due to fierce Russian resistance. Due to the shortage of soldiers, all reserves are called up, and conscription became mandatory to young men who are 18-30. Women are encouraged to work in the factories to replace the men. The media are censored, and the filming of the war are limited. Chinese factories are mobilised for war production.

March 30th: 80% of the Russian Far East are captured. Rest are expected to fall within 2 months. Despite such huge achievement, we had only captured 100,000 Russians. Rest had retreated to defend the remaining Far East or evacuated to the Eastern Front, where the pro will make a decision to counter attack, reinforce the defence, or surrender. (Or maybe other decisions). Beijing army and Lanzhou army had linked up and now defending the Blue line against possible counterattack. Shenyang army are continuing to battle the remnant of Far Eastern army.
Blue Line defender: 1,000,000 soldiers, 3,000 tanks, 300 HQ-9s and S-300s. 1,788 aircrafts.
Navy: They"ll just defend the first island chain against Russians and escort the merchant ships.
Kazakhstan: They"ll still be politically neutral for now.

Casualties for first 3 months of the war
Dead personnel: 500,000
Destroyed or captured vehicles: 2,350
Wounded: 190,000.
Dead personnel: 700,000
Destroyed or captured vehicles: 4,000
Wounded: 200,000
Link to the map:
Debate Round No. 2


Russia partially anticipated they would lose in the beginning.
European Russia April 3:
All manufacturing companies in Russia start mass producing Sukhio Su 27 and MiG 31 aircraft, their effectiveness and superiority should be able to destroy the Chinese Air force's J-10s and J-20s easier than they can be destroyed. T-90 Tagils are also produced to go on a massive offensive and are designed to . An extra 1 million soldiers are recruited into the army. What the Chinese don't know is that the captured vehicles have an elusive technique that can not be easily detected even with high powered tests. They have made it so that vehicles are rigged to explode if Russian or Ukrainian is not spoken while tampering or using it.

Hong Kong? China April 5:
Russia tells Hong Kong and Tibet in a secret base they will let them become their countries if they assist them. Both agree and Russia promises to arm them.

Off the Eastern coast of Russia April 10:
5:12 am The Russian fleet stationed there begins firing at the Chinese close by as far as 1 mile inland this causes little casualties, but is merely the bait.
5:36 The Chinese return fire, but more than 95% of it is blasted out of the air by Russia's lasers which require no ammunition unlike guns and rapidly heats up an object until it is destroyed which is not long.
6:25 Russian troops establish a beachhead by the Uda river and Chumikan with plans to attack later .1 mile inland is guarded by the Russian fleet and captured some Chinese there.
The minor battle of Chumikan (as what some call it) had minor casualties. Many didn't think of it as a battle because of how few casualties,but the Russians there took a minor victory over no victory.
Dead: 10
Damages in the fleet: 3 coastal defense crafts sustain minor damage. 1 coastal defense craft damaged heavily.

Chinese: Dead 38
Destroyed vehicles:2
wounded: 56
captured: 29

Russia gets a small beachhead and about 500 Chinese are retreating back to the main Shenyang Army.

Western Russia April 14
With half of Russia in the clutches of China there are 4 armies In Russia. The New White army will be engaging the Blue Line. These Russian soldiers are the most loyal and have been trained under several defected former American Navy SEALs.
1.5 Million soldiers 5,000 tanks 7,500 AFVs (many T-90 Tagils), 1,900 aircraft, and 125 newly reinvented 1k17Szhatie laser tanks that are produced to blast missiles out of the sky before they can hit other vehicles, they are all well stocked with enough food to last for a year before need to be resupplied.

The Crimean army was made from many of the inhabitants that went to Russia and will be defending European Russia with
1 million soldiers, 3,000 tanks, 6,000, AFVs, 500 aircraft, and 50 1k117Szhatie laser tanks. They will regroup with the New White Army when China is pushed out of Russia.

The Far Eastern Support Army
The Far Eastern support army consists of the Russian Navy that are holding the Sea of Okhotsk and all the troops there who wish to kick China out of their home.
500,000 soldiers
The Russian Navy of 370 ships of the original navy along with new ones made.300 aircraft, 300 tanks, 800 AFVs, and 20 1k117Szhatie laser tanks.

The Far Eastern Army
The Far Eastern Army is trying to prevent China From controlling all of Eastern Russia. They have the support of the Far Eastern Support Army.
10 1k117Szhatie laser tanks,4 are inoperable.

They are all ready to attack and defend

April 21: Japan
(translated in English) "We interrupt your program to bring you shocking news! The Japanese passenger ship Hikawi Maru ship has been destroyed! It hit a mine off the coast of southern coast of Japan killing over 1,000 Japanese citizens. The Japanese government released this statement to China, the ones who placed the mine there."
"We will declare war on you under 3 conditions, remove your mines from our air space, we don't want you to guide us through them, remove them, pay for damages you have done to the ship and passengers on there (2.5 million in USD), and to keep all ships outside our airspace and our territory. If these demand are not met within 72 hour we will declare war"-message by Japanese government

April 30:The New White Army has gotten close enough to the Blue Line that their artillery is almost in range. They will not attack until later ,but their position is close to impossible to break in its current position. The Crimean Army is guarding the south,(Kazakhstan). The Iraqi army should be there in May, about the time the New White Army breaches the Blue Line.


I thank my opponent for his response. I also sincerely apologize for my word tone. I"ll try not to make decision for my honorable enemy""(Assuming that he had been following the Geneva Convention).

Blue Line (Western Front):
900,000 newly trained soldiers and reserves along with 5,000 new tanks, 10,000 supplies had arrived via Lanzhou. 4 tank regiments (372 tanks) are hold back as reserve behind the Blue Line. Each ready to counterattack any breaches in the line within 2 hours. Fortification are built, including trenches, mines, barbwires, etc.
--------------------------------------------------Blue Line -------------------------------
April 25th

1:30 AM- Operation Yellow King begins. 4 teams of commandos, trained intensely by North Korean unit, will be landing behind the enemy line.
2:00 AM: The teams arrived at the Russian Blue Line center.
2:40: Russian ammunition storage blows up. 4 Russian casualties.
3:03: Russian runway cratered. No casualties.
3:14: Chinese commandos cornered. Heavy fighting begin.
4:04: Chinese commandos had been either wiped out or suicided. 12 Chinese casualties, 15 Russian casualties.

April 27th
5:34 AM- 1465, old and new, MLRS began to fire at the central Blue Line. Operation Mao began.
6:11 AM- Firing cease. 1,000 Type 96 tanks began to charge against the Central Russians. Hard resistance were met, and the 1st wave of attack had been forced to retreat. But the 1st wave had served its purpose. All the Russian mines had been blown up.

6:48- 2nd waves of 1,650 Type 96 tanks began to charge, supported by 300 attack helicopters, including Z-10.

8:17: 300,000 Chinese infantry began to attack the remaining Russian resistance.
The Central Russian Line defence collapse, largely due to the tactics that Chinese had done. The Chinese mine-flailing tanks destroyed the mines, crossed the barbwire, and went over the trenches. After the 1st wave retreated with massive casualties, the 2nd wave attacks with better tactics and coordination. Then the Chinese infantry overran remaining Russian position. The Chinese HQ-9s and S-300s will again defend the ground troop against dangerous Russian aircrafts.

8:30: Blue Line North began to attack with similar tactics. North:3,000 tanks, 400,000 infantry, 200 attack helicopters. Their progress will be slower due to snow and blizzard.

8:40: South Line began to attack with "Curtain of Fire" tactics. They will have 1,000 tanks, 500,000 infantry, and 300 attack helicopters. Their progress are expected to be slightly slower than the North due to the fierce resistance.
9:33: Strezhevoy was captured. The Central Chinese will pause there for one hour to resupply and let the reserves catch up.

3:45: South and North had catched up. The Phase 2 begins. All 3 would push toward Ural Mountain and establish a defensive position there until they"re ready to attack again.

9:36 PM: The Chinese army had arrived at the Ural Mountain. It"ll be called Ural Line.
At the Ural Line, the exhausted Chinese army will be resupplied within 3 weeks and dig in just in case of a counterattack. 500,000 fresh troops via Lanzhou will arrive within 6 weeks.

Chinese casualties-
Casualties: 600,000.
Tanks destroyed: 3,123.
Aircraft destroyed: 500 (Including South, Central, North)*
Chinese POW: 1,370.
Casualties: 700,000.
Tank destroyed: 3,201
Russian POW: 2,000.
*No jets fighters were used in this operation. Purely helicopters

-----------------------------------Eastern Front------------------------------------------

I will keep this brief. The Rear Shenyang Army retake the Russian beachhead, Chumikan. The Main Shenyang Army will be fortified and go on pure defensive until Chinese navy arrives. 100,000 soldiers, 500 tanks, 300 aircrafts, and 10,000 tons of supplies had arrived via Shenyang.
The Yellow Sea Fleet will be on full alert, intended to defend against any Japanese attack. A new fleet will be created, called the Offensive Fleet.
Offensive fleet
Aircraft Carrier: 1
Destroyer: 6
Corvette: 3
Frigate: 12
Submarine: 17 submarines.
They'll be sailing to the Russian Far East, where they'll engage the Russian Support Army, and take part in the future-offensive.


After the accident, a national referendum immediately took place. The choices are
A)Give Japanese what they want if it"s necessary to win the Sino-Russo War.
B)NO don"t give them what they want.
C) I don"t care.
2nd day after the sinking of Hikawi Maru, the results of the referendum came in,

48% chose A, 47% chose B, and 5% chose C.

With the results announced, the Chinese government gave Japan what they wanted;Money, withdrawal of the Chinese mine, etc. On the 4th day, the Chinese president gave a speech to the nation

"Today is the day that our nation had faced our greatest humiliation since the Opium War. But with this, came with a great honesty. Our nation, no matter how much humiliation that'll come, will admit the truth and deny the lies. We're not Japan. We do not deny the truth when it"s in front of us. We will apologies for whatever evil thing we do, and teach our grand-children the horrible things we had done. It"s because we're CHINA!!!"^
^ In this author's opinion, the speech was extremely lame...but oh well *shrug*
After the speech, the president ordered 3 pages of textbook dedicated to the accident.

---------------------------------------Kazakhstan ------------------------------------
Letter to the Moscow
The government of Kazakhstan formally request to government of Russia to remove its army from the Kazakh-Russo border. Should the request be turned down, we'll see this as a threat of war and mobilize our military immediately.

May 16th: 200,000 Chinese troops secretly enters the country in dark to prepare for the future operation, codenamed Operation Deng.

May 22nd: The Ural Line are fortified, but they"re still waiting for 50% of the supplies. The Eastern Front are also fortified,ready to repel any attack. The Offensive Fleet is at east of Japan, but out of the Japanese coastal territory. Any suspicious ships are given a warning to leave for 1 hour, then destroyed. The economic situation remains stable.

May 25th: UN propose a negotiation between PRC and Russian Federation at Geneva, Switzerland. China accepts the proposal, and the whole world is now waiting for Russia to make the decision.

May 28th: Another Malaysian airline* are shot down over Poland. Polish and Malaysian government accuses Russia over the accident and demand a compensation of 1.5 million dollar for each country.
* In this author's view, Malaysian Airline is currently a most unfortunate airline in the world.
Your turn".Russia...
Debate Round No. 3


MasterLucario forfeited this round.


I ask the honorable judges not take points off my opponent. Due to lack of actions on my opponent"s argument, I"ll make mine short to be fair.

Ural Line:
500,000 recruits with 2,000 tanks (1,500 Type 96s, 100 Type 99s, 400 Type 99B3*), 1,000 aircrafts, and 100,000 tons of other supplies transported via new railroad. The Ural Line defenders will be on full defensive and ready to attack within 2 months.
Eastern Front:
100,000 recruits with 900 tanks, (700 Type 96s, 100 Type 99s, 100 Type 99B3), 400 aircrafts, and 50,000 tons supplies via new railroad. The Shenyang Army will be ready to attack within 1 months and on full defensive.

Then tension between Kazakhstan and Russia grew, but not strong enough to start a war. The Chinese troops in the country began to train the Kazakh conscript, readying to attack. All of the training will be carried out in secret and at a rural area. Kazakh are also given licence to produce MBT-2000s and VT-1s.

The Offensive Fleet had now grown. It has 2 new Type 056 ships, a new Type 052 ships, and a new Type 094 ballistic missile submarine. The submarine will be using non-nuclear missile. 4 ships will be servicing along with the Offensive Fleet within 5 months. Meanwhile, the Offensive Fleet"s submarine fleet began a battle with the Russian submarines(20). With the help of the surface fleet, the Russian fleet had been crippled, but the Chinese fleet had also been heavily damaged.

Battle of Okhotsk:
Chinese casualties: 10 submarines, 1 corvette, 2 destroyers.
Damaged: Liaoning had been damaged from the fire. It"s still serviceable.

Russian casualties: 13 submarines, 2 destroyers, 1 cruisers.
The Russian fleet may had been crippled, but they still controls the Northern Pacific. The Offensive Fleet will be temporarily be docked at Japan ($1 million dollar per month) until further operation.

Russia had been heavily criticized for its lack of response to the peace proposal. The German chancellor, Merkel said " The Russian government is not taking care of its citizens, its soldiers." The Western world are considering another economic sanctions on Russia to pressure them to accept the proposal though it might be highly unlikely. Meanwhile China is improving relations with US, sending the students, then sending the president"s daughter to US.

This is it my audience. I now await the Russian"s response...
Debate Round No. 4


MasterLucario forfeited this round.


Dynasty2468 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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