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War has a definite beginning but no definite end

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Started: 8/11/2016 Category: Society
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I need points for the topic. Please help


I affirm the following resolution"war has a definite beginning but no definite end" due to the fact that the impacts of the post fighting can create everything from economical instability to horrible effects on the environment.

War- a state of hostility, conflict or antagonism - Webster dictionary
Environment- the circumstances, objects, or conditions by which one is surrounded

Contention 1: Economical impacts
At the institute for Economics and Peace they found that during WW2 unemployment fell to about 1.9% and that 20% of Americans at the time were soldiers, but what happened was that the federal government was spending about $408 billion dollars, which during the time was about a third of the GDP. And they also found that during the height of this spending in 1944, the federal government was spending about $1.6 trillion, 79% of the GDP. During that time we spent so much money that after the war the amount of money we owed was about 120% of our GDP and ever since haven't been able to pay it back. Though this war did help us get out of the Great Depression now we owe more money than we could ever pay back. And this is just from one war. When countries get in to wars it doesn't just end were the fight stops but the citizens of the countries involved have to pay.

Contention 2: Eviormental issues

War has a huge impact on where people can live, safely and securely. With creations of nuclear and chemical weapons, it is not safe for people to live in heavy populated cities or in rural areas. Dr. AM Mannion from the university of reading in the United Kingdom writes about how there are two types of effects of war on the environment, direct and indirect. Direct is more sudden than indirect can sometimes be resolved faster. Direct is like when a bomb is dropped and it destroys the landscape and buildings or damages communitcation networks and settlements. Things of that nature. Even though the direct effects can be easyly resolved sometimes it has lasting effects that leads to indirect effects. Indirect effects are worst than directs effects. These type of effects can lead to livelyhoods being disrupted and people being displaced. These effects are like, he destruction of people's homes and things where they are displaced and have to go and move to refugee camps and places like that. These effects take a huge toll on families, communities and even cities. So that is why I urge a pro ballot because fighting isn't the end of the war, it is truely over when people and communities have what the fighting took away from them. Thank you.
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Thank you very much. This will be very helpful for me.


No problem mate but you might wanna research so more for the environment contention
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Could you post that too please?

Pro -MIT on the human environment -effects on children -effects the environment and human health(when using this one remember the definitions

Good luck with the topic mate, just remember the definitions and learn the case well
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Sorry it took so long I was kinda procrastiating
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