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War memorials do more harm than good

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Started: 1/1/2011 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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War memorials do more harm than good

Good morning adjudicator, fellow debaters, ladies and gentlemen.
As you have already heard, the motion before us today is ‘War memorials do more harm than good.' We, as the proposition, strongly agree with this motion. We hold the case and viewpoint that war memorials are more harmful to those around them than they are good.

Before I begin my speech, I would like to start by rebutting some of the opposition's points. The opposition has focused their arguments around ____ main points. They are:

So far throughout this debate we have gone into depth about how war memorials can cause cultural conflict to arise between the countries that participated in the war being memorialized once again. We have also focused on how war memorials wrongly glorify war.

What I will be focusing on throughout my speech is the effects that war memorials have on veterans who fought in the wars they memorialise. War zone exposure is one of the main causes for posttraumatic stress. It is estimated that today, 35% of war veterans suffer from this mental disorder. One of the most common symptoms that war veterans experience is flash back to the war zone of consistent memories of their fighting. War memorials will only cause these flashbacks and memories to occur more frequently and stronger.

Not only will war memorials cause significant harm to the mental health of war veterans, but the children of these war veterans will also be affected. Having a father or mother suffering from posttraumatic stress can increase a child's chance of also being effected by the same mental disorder. War memorials make it harder for war veterans to recover from posttraumatic stress and also have a damaging effect on those around them.

So what have we as a team told you today? We have explained how war memorials glorify war and how this action is unjust. We have clearly outlined and explained how war memorials do more harm than good by causing cultural conflicts and effecting war veterans and their mental stability.

As you can see ladies, and gentlemen, war memorials do more harm than good.

Thank you.


My opponent as the pro side carries the burden of proof. He has given some points out, but has not given any proofs for these ideas nor has he given and sources for his information. However, I will look past these for now but ask my opponent to state sources when statistics are given. One more thing though, this "speech" of yours seems copied from somewhere and thus seems highly strange.

My opponent claims that war memorials would cause post traumatic stress disorder and that it is the war memorial and not the war that causes this. According to [1], the disorder is often caused by overwhelming life experiences. War can cause these experiences but I doubt that simply looking at a war memorial would cause these experiences. I believe that one way of treating this disorder is to explore these memories and instead accept the truth instead of trying to forget it.

Secondly, my opponent claims that we have focused on how war memorials glorify war. (?????) I must ask my opponent where he got this tidbit of information because acceding to [2], most modern war memorials commemorate those who died or were injured; regardless of what side they were on. Thus I disagree that war memorials glorify war.

I agree with my opponent that post traumatic stress is bad for the child. However, until my opponent manages to prove that war memorials CAUSE this post traumatic stress then I do not have to refute this point. Again my opponent makes it false claim that memories caused by war memorials causes the veteran to have a harder time recovering. He has yet to claim a source for this. Also in [2], it mentions that after WW1 pacifist war memorials and the anger that the veterans expressed when they saw them. Most war memorials are not pacifist This completely refutes the point that war memorials are detrimental to a veteran's mental health.

Finally, my opponent claims that war memorials cause cultural conflicts. According to [2], modern war memorials are erected to commemorate those who died in a war. I do not see how commemorating those who died in a conflict would cause a cultural conflict since it does not even say who won or lost, nor does it glorify the war.

My opponent has failed to provide any real points that have been supported on why war memorials cause more good than harm. He makes many assumptions such as the fact that war memorials cause post traumatic stress, that war memorials glorify war (modern ones), all of which have been refuted.

I will make my points in round 2, because the character limit is preventing me from making points that I want to fully develop.


-Thank you
Debate Round No. 1


crazy_for_candy forfeited this round.


I extend all of my arguments. I include that modern war memorials commemorate fallen soldiers as opposed to the battle itself. Refer to Wikipedia source. Remembering the tragedies and loss of life caused by war will cause people to not go to war and think twice before making rash actions. That is why war memorials cause more good than harm.

-Thank you
I hope my opponent will come back at some point.
Debate Round No. 2


I have decided to end the debate.
If it really matters to you that much, you win.

I don't think it was very good though. Good try. :)


Ok, then. It seems that my opponent has conceded this debate. I urge a con vote.

-Thank you
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by crazy_for_candy 7 years ago
i just did the debate to practice for a debate i am doing in real life, and i realized that i am actually second speaker, so that's why the debate started out kind of wonky. sorry everyone
Posted by innomen 7 years ago
Well that was disappointing.
Posted by crazy_for_candy 7 years ago
Yes, please do :P
Posted by vardas0antras 7 years ago
"I would be tempted to take this debate, because i think you have a lot of assumptions that are going unchallenged."
Please accept the challenge
Posted by innomen 7 years ago
you are assuming that confronting the flashbacks is bad, and it is better to let them hide or be buried inside a person. I would be tempted to take this debate, because i think you have a lot of assumptions that are going unchallenged.
Posted by vardas0antras 7 years ago
You seem prepared and I don't know much about the topic so Ill pass but good luck to both sides.
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