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Warlocks are better than Hunters in Destiny

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Started: 9/19/2014 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Mi Cudi Mrrow wl tak un u jasn mc bride en dis callenj
Debate Round No. 1


Warlocks are better designed for team roles, greater in both PvP and PvE situations, and look more swagalicious. The Warlock, like the other classes, has two subclasses it can follow. The "Voidwalker" subclass is built to value power over everything else. With its super, it can launch a nova bomb that can take out countless enemies plus add various other effects that are unlocked later on in the subclass. One way of improvement makes the bomb fork into three separate bombs with a smaller blast radius and less power that can cover a wide area to further enhance your prowess in crowd control. Antoher one adds velocity and power to the bomb which allows for it to travel faster, add extra distance, and pack an extra punch. Finally, as the most common variation of the super, your nova bomb can leave an orb that does a DoT effect allowing for an initial blast and a consequential orb of damage that is great in PvP and PvE. The grenades for this subclass are as follows: Vortex Grenade, Scatter Grenade, and Axion Bolt. The Vortex Grenade creates an orb that has a DoT effect that can be improved to have a larger radius, therefore damaging more enemies. The Scatter Grenade does an initial explosion and several smaller explosions which do less damage; this grenade is useful when dealing with enemies that swarm, such as thralls, but it is not the best choice for PvP. The third grenade, Axion Bolt, does an initial explosion and creates small bolts that will track towards enemies. This grenade, when combined with the perk Annihilate, will give the bolts a larger radius to track enemies. This grenade is quite useful as a trap in both PvP and PvE scenarios and is used by those who have advanced enough to unlock it.
The second subclass (unlocked upon reaching level 15) is the "Sunsinger." This subclass beats everything but the OPAF Titan shield as a team element. One of the early unlocks in your skill tree reduces all ally cooldowns when you go super. Another amazing thing about the super is that as one of the last unlocks, Gift of the Sun, you can throw two grenades instead of one, so you can rain hellfire on all of your enemies while generating orbs of light for your teammates. If you do not want to use two grenades, you can use Angel of Light which allows you to float in the air when you aim in mid-jump, or you can use my personal favorite, Touch of Flame, which makes all grenades ignite enemies. Touch of Flame combined with Viking Funeral makes your grenades ignite enemies for a long time and a lot of damage, so if you have your super active, you can just watch as the orbs of light rain down. One of the last unlocks as a Sunsinger allows you to use your super past the grave. It is extremely useful in PvE situations as you can rise from the dead and revive teammates to keep going after the Darkness has consumed you. If you are more into the PvP aspect, this will allow you to revenge kill the man who killed you.
Lastly, the Warlock looks, without a doubt, more swagaliscious than the Hunter. Warlocks are respected and feared, so they dress the part. My Warlock, for instance, has a band that trails fire when I walk, gauntlets that glow like the sun, and when I use my super, I get shrouded in flames and boast angelic wings of fire. What does the Hunter get? Well, after having a wonderful talk with Xur, Agent of the Nine, I was able to see an Exotic Hunter helm. It has three eyes. Not only that, the color scheme of it is pathetic. White, black, and green DO NOT go together. If you saw a hooded man that looked like he came from the darkest pits of Hell, would you be scared of him? Now, imagine that you are seeing a man with a brown shirt, bulky helmet with three eyes, and purple boots. Are you scared of him? The answer is obvious. Even in the game, the children refer to the Hunter's cloak as a "blanket." Now, as we know, children don't lie. if they say you look like you're wearing a blanket, you look like you're wearing a blanket. What is even more pitiful is the fact that they don't even regard their cloak, their most important piece of armor, as anything but a tool. There have even been cases where they admit to using them as something of a picnic blanket. They even admit that they are wearing blankets! The Warlocks respect their bands for what they are, an instrument of destruction. They are harnessing the power of the Traveler to use their magic, so they treat their bands with respect. While their bands will trail fire, glow, emit polygons, display the solar system, and all sorts of good stuff, the Hunter's cloaks are just tattered or shiny. From this evidence, we can conclude that Warlocks are, indeed, better than Hunters in Destiny.


The Hunter class in Destiny is better than the Warlock clas because of multiple reasons

Reason Numro One: The Hunters are not total nerds who do nothing but study the traveler all day. Us Hunters actually get out and protect the traveler from the forces of the Darkness.

Reason two: What would the Guardians be without there Recon guys doing there jobs. These recon teams are comprised mostly of Hunters because of there high agility and their ability to sneak really well.

Reason 2 part 1 THE SNEAK: Without this ability us Hunters would not be able to give you all the information on the enemies and extended information on the traveler that the enemy knew that we did not know. Also this ability lets us turn invisible.

Reason 3: We look a whole lot better than your stupid ,but kinda awesome Dusters you wear ,but wait we have CLOAKS. What better way to run into battle than to be wearing an awesome cloak.

Reason 4: This is the best thing about hunters we all see each other as brothers when we see one of us die [for real and not when the ghost revives him or whatever] but when he actually dies we take his cloak and promise to defeat the enemies that killed him. All what Warlocks have for each other are competition to see who's nerdier, who your study partner is, and to see who is the smarter out of the warlocks.

Reason 5 Agility: We are faster than you slow Warlocks who are caught up reading a book or some crap. Also our reaction time is way faster than yours because of this we dont die as easily.

Reason 6 Sharpshooter: We can make a a shot with our Sniper/Scout rifle from extreme distances all what you guys know how to do is use your fusion rifles anf fffffffwwwwwww pew pew pew pew pew pew. [Those were the sounds of gayness]
[Fusion rifles charging and firing are the sound of gayness]

Reason 7 Finale: We are Guardians why do we fight about this we are here to protect the Traveler and the people of Earth from the Drakness. Maybe we fight over things like this because we care about each other and our well beings as Guardians to one another.

Nah Hunters are better than you nerds!
Debate Round No. 2


Sadly, my opponent fails to mention anything about the Hunters being more swagaliscious than Warlocks, therefore the round immediately goes to me. Furthermore, saying that those are the sounds of "gayness" means that you are, indeed, the gay one. How would you even know how gay sounds like? Obviously, you and the Traveler need to have a serious conversation about your sexual desires. Also, why do we need you to scout enemies when we can either shoot the giant glowing critical hit location or burn them alive? Your argument about agility makes no sense considering your pathetic armor. If an enemy has a seeking attack, you are going to die. "We can make a a shot with our Sniper/Scout rifle from extreme distances," Any player can take out another player with one shot. You are not special. Get over it.
Calling us nerds is a compliment. If we are more wise than you, we will survive. We study a sentient being that made Venus, Mars, and the Moon hospitable, tripled human lifespan, and gave us the Golden Age technologies. You just run around in your sheets jumping around and staring at enemies rather than killing them. Burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cmorrow forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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