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Wars are necessary cause

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Started: 3/18/2013 Category: Politics
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Opening statement: Simply because i say "wars are necessary cause" doesn't means i believe in war. We as human are to try to live in peace and in harmony. But what are the causes of war? Why do we as human go to war with one another or go to war with our own nation. Isn't it simply because were fighting for a change in our government. Isn't it because were on a search for change? Isn't because we are fighting for our common rights? Don't we as human go to war to settle our dispute? Don't we as a nation go to war with other nations to "ensure the safety of our citizen and our posterity" Aren't fight simply because we cannot come to a common ground? We go to war with one another to promote our belief weather its Democracy or Communism.

Purpose: Wars a necessary cause

Now wars cause great diaster to a nation. Wars put nations in high debt. Wars take away hope from the people. Wars take away what was once there.

1. Introduction
2. Argument (rebuttal)
3. Argument (rebuttal)
4. Argument (rebuttal)
5. Conclusion (Argument or Appreciation)

P.S: I know con will win this one. Because alot of people don't like wars and the idea of wars. But please know that we as human have been through so many wars and we still stand as "One world."


Accepted. Would you like to clarify in comments specifically what you are talking about? War in general, a specific country or war, etc?
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting this debate. I'm talking about wars that are carry out by another country against another country. (external war) sometimes it also has to do with war in the country it self. (internal war) I'm talking about war generally, no specific country or a specific war, but the one country go against another country. or civil wars.

I look forward to a great debate


I am still hazy on the actual context of this debate, so I'll let you make your opening arguments first.
Debate Round No. 2


If you're lazy than theres point of me posting an argument


K, "hazy" not "lazy" but there's no point now. We've wasted the only actual round for debate.

Debate Round No. 3
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