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Was Deng Xiaoping a tyrant than a hero?

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Started: 10/8/2015 Category: People
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To begin with, thank you for clicking in.

I expect this topic may not be that interesting for many people, but I still consider it a controversial debate topic.

Round 1: Acceptance
Round 2-3: Elaboration
Round 4: Conclusion

Thanks for accepting the challenge!


Hello PYLeung, thank you for having me on this debate. Correct me if I am wrong, but are you pro for Deng Xiao Ping as an hero and I am con for Deng as a tyrant. Or is it the other way round? I can argue for any side if you wish to swap places.
Debate Round No. 1


Deng Xiao Ping, the caretaker of Modern China after the Cultural Revolution (1967-1977), was indisputably influential and important in the 20th century. Comments and controversies on his personal traits, contribution and destruction to China, and his ability have been reverberating among historians and Chinese.

A hero is one who intent on bringing prosperity to society. He or she will attain such goals by peaceful means and carry out policies that are in step with human right and morals, upon which the rights of other persons are not infringed. His or her contributions are constructive, positive, and can better the quality of life of citizens. He or she will take care the needs, thoughts, and feeling of citizens.

Conversely, a tyrant is one who wants to seek for his or her self-interest, such as seizure of power. He or she has little sincerity to bring prosperity to a country in neither short nor long term. By doing this, he or she will resort to violence when carrying out the policies or seizing the political power, and put human right aside. His or her policies were devastative to society. However detrimental the policies were, the tyrant would seldom consider the impacts to dwellers lives.

In the light of the above definitions, I think that Deng Xiao Ping was a hero.

To begin with, Deng brought prosperity to society.

In 1977, the economy of China was devastating, as people focused on Cultural Revolution and stopped all production until 1971, the production level in 1977 was half than that of 1958, when was the apex of Chinese First Five Year Plan. On February, 1978, the first meeting of the CPC was held. At the conference, Deng mentioned about four modernizations: Industrial modernization, Agricultural modernization, Scientific modernization and military modernization.

As for the agricultural revolution, Deng abolished the infamous Commune System which lowered people's working incentive as they cannot earn more by working harder. As a replacement, the Household Responsibility System was introduced in 1979, for an easier version, it is the basic salary + commission nowadays. With the land still belonged to the government, farmers can decide to produce what they would like to and they only have to hand in a proportion of the harvest to the government but not all like they used to before. This encouraged them to work hard as they can do surplus farming and gain profits from agriculture. Due to the system, the amount of grain produce increased by 50% from 1960s to 1987. The quality of life of farmers increased and thousands of "Wan Yuan Hu"* rose. This solved the famine in China.
* Annual income exceeded RMB10000

As for city development, the Special Economic Zones improved the economy and increased the quality of life of Chinese. Shenzhen is the best known of the five Special Economic Zones in which Deng"s reforms were pioneered. The SEZs were a complete departure from the centralised planned economy of China in the 1970s and within the Communist Party there were reservations and some outright opposition to them. The Southern Tour which Deng undertook in 1992, at the age of 88, saved the SEZs and the economic reform programme as a whole, as Deng travelled to meet key provincial leaders to persuade them that there was no alternative to these innovations. Deng later regretted that he had not included the city of Shanghai in the list of SEZs but it seems to have managed to develop adequately in spite of that and by the 1990s the development and growth that had been seen in the SEZs was appearing in many other cities.

All in all, we can see that Deng successfully solved the problem of hunger and poverty of China at the period. With his successful guide and order, China was then able to catch up with the world and became the biggest export economy in the world.

So, considering the economy miracle by Deng, I think Deng was a hero for China.


I was hoping you would go pro for Deng as a Tyrant, there isn't much to argue against your position Deng was no where near a tyrant. I really admire Deng, he has help wake up the China economy.

I GIVE UP, YOU WIN! Now how do I forfeit?

What's your Chinese name by the way?
Debate Round No. 2


I can do tyrant.

I'll start another debate. Do accept the challenge. :)


Can we do it about someone else?

By the way, wheres the forfeit button?
Debate Round No. 3


I don't know either, maybe just ignore the post / finish it asap?


Thank you for your friend request, I have accepted your request and I am looking forward to any future interactions.

By the way, I don't mean to bother you but I have some finished debates that are currently open for voting, would you be so kind to give me and my opponents your most honest opinions surrounding the debate topics?

Thank You
Debate Round No. 4
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