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Was Hitler good?

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Started: 9/3/2013 Category: Politics
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Okay. I am currently studying World War II in School and we talk about Hitler. My teacher says he was evil, but I think Hitler did nothing wrong. I mean for example, he build a lot of roads, which has benefited Germany greatly. He also fixed the weak economy with Wolkswagen. He only did what he believed in, and everyone have the right to express their opinion. People shouldn't Judge Hitler, since he did many great things aswell.


I'm new to this site and the whole routine with debates, but I just had to speak up on this since I am very passionate on this subject.

Hitler was, in no way, shape, or form, a good person. He will always go down in history as a murderer, a psychopath, and to some the devil incarnate. There is obviously a reason for all of these accusations, people don't just make this kind of thing up. People don't just hate someone for no reason, either. So, what could he have possibly done that could've made him one of the most hated men on earth? Well, we know it today as The Holocaust.

I see that you're trying to find goodness in Hitler, and I can honestly say that the examples you mentioned are honorable. But his other actions, such as the Holocaust, completely cancel out any chance of him being labeled as a good person, unless you are nationalist Nazi.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok, I understand what you are trying to say but your argument is invalid.

10 Reasons why Hitler was one of the Good Guys

1. He never wanted to kill any Jews
Whenever you hear anyone espouse (repeat) the lies about Hitler the nasty Jew-killer. Please always make a point of asking this very simple question: "Where did you get that information from?"

Perhaps we all at some point have repeated this fable. Why would we not, when it"s shoved down our throats 24/7, year in year out for decades(?) There hasn"t been a man on this planet who has been demonized as much as Herr Hitler.

If Hitler wanted to kill Jews, why oh why throughout all his speeches and manuscripts and his book Mein Kampf did he not mention this? Did he just forget? No, he didn"t say or write it BECAUSE HE HAD NO INTENTION OF KILLING THE JEWS.

No matter what amount of destruction he had observed done by the Jews to his people; he had enough self-discipline and ethical code not to take revenge. Being a strong character, he was able to rise above the darkness, the demonic standards of the judaic mindset and show self-restraint and humility.

That is why he created "containment work camps" for the Jews and certainly NOT death camps.

Because he was one of the good guys.

He cared about conditions for the Jews in the work camps

Unbeknown to billions of people the Nazi camps were not death camps, nor were they places to carry out human experiments. They were simply containment camps. Something had to be done with these destructive anti-social Jews who were strangling Germany. Thanks to the Jews, Germany had lost it"s moral code and had become debased and de-cultured ".does that ring a bell?

Something had to be done! And Hitler did do something " he placed all the Jews in containment camps to allow Germany to breath again. But " this is the key point in this essay/piece. He did it in a way which was ethical. The camps had decent sufficient food (bearing in mind it was war time), they had theaters, swimming pools, football pitches, post offices where inmates could communicate to the outside world, kindergartens, art and music recreation and even prostitutes.

Quality sanitation within the camps was paramount and that is why the inmates clothes were regularly de-loused with cyanide gas. There were no human gas chambers""THAT IS A BIG FAT KOSHER LIE; to which the world has had to endure for over half a century.

My theory is that if there had not have been a war effort, Hitler would not have even made the Jews work. AND I bet you the containment camps would have been luxury rehabilitation centers. In order to slowly de-programme the Jews from their mind control cult.

Because he was one of the good guys.

3 He had compassion for other sentient beings

Many historians claim he was a vegetarian. I believe this is true, but whether this it is or not, the point is he had a clear connection and affection for his fellow creatures. I"m not suggesting just because he may have been a veggie that therefore he was a good person; but this was a man of compassion and that he recognised the importance of compassion in society. He had so much affection for his German shepherds (picture above with his beloved "Blondie"). He banned all animal experimentation, recocnizing it to be evil. Hitler could see the connection between all life forms. It was his level of consciousness. Respect for nature, animals and human life.

Because he was one of the good guys.

4. He tried to prevent the destruction of his fellow Europeans

Numerous occasions Hitler tried to warn and assist his fellow brethren about the Jewish trap they had fallen for and who really was behind all the warmonger. He dropped fliers from planes trying in vein to prevent Germany and Britain fighting. He initially wanted to make alliances with Britain. Many occasions he gave opportunities to opposing European forces, where he could have slaughtered them. It was his internal spiritual angst for him to be fighting (defending) amongst his European brothers and sisters. He did all he could to avoid war, he was not the warmonger we all have been led to believe.

Because he was one of the good guys.

5 He cared passionately about his people and German heritage

Hitler observed the degrading machinations of the Jews in Austria and Germany. It not only disgusted and angered him, but saddened him to see how these two nations were being destroyed from the inside out like a cancer " a cancer that his sleepy folksmen could not see. The exact same angst those of us who are Jew-conscious find ourselves in. He was a man who cared about society, a man who cared about culture, who cared about nature, about moral values and about building and improving as opposed to destroying and degrading.

He was a man who had fought for his country, in the trenches and been hospitalized for his country. How many of our sell out politicians today can claim that? He was a true spokesman of the people, for the people who had diligently worked his way up from grass roots. From microcosmic pep talks to his fellow workman on building sites, to talks in beer houses, to speeches in basements, to town halls. As well as all the behind-the-scenes work and risks. Slung in jail, mocked and defamed. Endless tireless work to resolve the destruction of his peoples.

I would also strongly suggest he cared about all peoples. Yes, including black people, despite the kosher myth he was a supremacist racist.

Because he was one of the good guys.


5 Reasons Hitler was one of the Bad Guys

1. He did want to kill the Jews. He said this himself;
"By fighting off the Jews, I am doing the Lord's work."
"We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity."
And I'm almost positive you've seen the Nazi Anti-Jew propaganda? The ones that depicted Jews as greedy, selfish, and evil?
Also, Mein Kampf DOES mention Jews, including this quote, and many more;
"...the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew."
My first quote is also from Mein Kampf.
Now, let's think logically. Hitler became fuhrer in 1933, which was also the year the Jewish persecution began and, as we all know, it escalated into mass extermination. But the Nuremburg Laws of 1935 took away many of the Jews basic rights. So, explain this to me; Why in all that is holy DID HE DO NOTHING? HE WAS THE SUPREME LEADER OF ALL OF GERMANY AND IF HE HAD NO INTENTION OF PERSECUTING A RELIGIOUS GROUP HE WOULD'VE DONE SOMETHING TO STOP IT. It's obvious that his SS officers and the like weren't rogue and out of control, because he was the dictator, and I would hope that if I were dictator, my officers would consult me first before doing this to human beings. Since he did nothing, therefore, we can only conclude that he didn't care, he supported it, or he led it.
2. Relating back to #1, he obviously had no concern for Jewish welfare if he was going to take away their rights. There is also sufficient evidence such as documents, photographs, and records from the Nazis themselves that show the graphic and horrific conditions in the camps. I implore you to delve into the web and find photos of the camps and the prisoners inside. They look like walking skeltons from starvation and illness. The bodies pile up like mountains, and American and Soviet soldiers have claimed that the putrid stench of rotting flesh filled the air from the chimney of the gas chamber. The saddest phot I've ever witnessed was one of a giant pile of hundreds of thousands of wedding bands, which were going to be used for arms and weapons in the war. And if he had such high concerns for the conditions, WHY WERE THE CAMPS STREWN WITH THE EMACIATED BODIES OF THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE? Now of course, these photos could be fake, but what purpose would that serve?
3. He was indeed a vegetarian, and I agree that he was a hero for the German cause. But for someone to do that to a group of people is repulsive, and I doubt he had any regards for anyone who stood in his way.
If you paid attention in history class, you would know that on September 1st, 1939, Hitler invaded Poland. Prior to this, Neville Chamberlain pretty much gave away the city of Danzig, hoping to avoid war and appease Hitler. It failed miserably. Even though Chamberlain had said that he wanted to keep peace, Hitler went right on ahead and took half of Poland, starting the war that killed 60 million, or over 2.5% of the worlds population at the time. That hardly sounds like he wanted to save his fellow Europeans.
5. On this note, I have to agree with you. Hitler was a very nationalistic man with a deep love and pride for Germany. But I don't agree with the methods he used to bring back Germany's great prosperity that hadn't been seen since Bismarck. Peace is always an option, and he chose not to follow that path.
Debate Round No. 2


KimJongPingPong forfeited this round.


Katdoyle15 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


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Debate Round No. 4


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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by RedMoonlight 4 years ago
Are these people serious...?
Posted by Projectid 4 years ago
WHAT?!?!?!? I couldn't believe it when I saw this debate. KimJongPingPong your an idiot and offensive and so are you anonymouse. Hitler was a good man, and Jews control the media? Besides how many people have to die in order to be deemed bad? Your both nuts, one thing is for sure he was not a good man, there were enough people who were there to report on it and write about it beyond the Jewish media conspiracy. Again it doesn't matter if it was 100 or 4 million deaths, Hitler was a tyrant! What is wrong with people?
Posted by anonymouse 4 years ago
he did alot of good things, and made mistakes too. however, it's hard to know the truth, because the jews control the media today and will present a biased, and distorted picture of who hitler was.
Posted by king_arthur 4 years ago
You see Hitler was a 'great' man who archived unbelievable heights but he was never a "GOOD" man......
he rebuilt a crushed German economy and was trying to push Germany to it's once invincible status....but at what cost ???????? what about blood of the Jews spilt in the idea of ethnic cleansing....... what about the masses of of civilians put to horrific concentration camps ..... and eventual death ........
Posted by MysticEgg 4 years ago
Just a few comments for Kim in round two:
1) That makes no difference, he killed millions of Jewish people. That's like saying "I never wanted to shoot him...therefore, I'm a good guy, don't throw me in jail."
2) "Jews who were strangling Germany. Thanks to the Jews, Germany had lost it"s moral code " I sincerely hope you were paraphrasing Hitler... otherwise...well:

"Hostage camps: camps where hostages were held and killed as reprisals.

Labor camps: concentration camps where interned inmates had to do hard physical labor under inhumane conditions and cruel treatment. Some of these camps were sub-camps of bigger camps, or "operational camps", established for a temporary need.

POW camps: concentration camps where prisoners of war were held after capture. POWs were usually soon assigned to labor camps.

Camps for rehabilitation and re-education of Poles: camps where the intelligentsia of the ethnic Poles were held, and "re-educated" according to Nazi values as slaves.

Transit and collection camps: camps where inmates were collected and routed to main camps, or temporarily held (Durchgangslager or Dulag).

Extermination camps: These camps differed from the rest, since not all of them were also concentration camps. Although none of the categories is independent, and many camps could be classified as a mixture of several of the above, and all camps had some of the elements of an extermination camp, systematic extermination of new-arrivals occurred in very specific camps. Of these, four were extermination camps, where all new-arrivals were simply killed " the "Aktion Reinhard" camps (Treblinka, Sobibor and Belzec), together with Chelmno. Two others (Auschwitz and Majdanek) were combined concentration and extermination camps. Others like Maly Trostenets were at times classified as "minor extermination camps."

So...yeah...Hitler was fine.

3) You even consented that Hitler being a "viggie" doesn't equal good-guy. So this argument is rather pointless.
Posted by ben2974 4 years ago
I can't tell whether this guy is trolling or just majorly ignorant. The only positive thing Hitler did was stabilize and then improve the economy from the crushing winds of the great depression. Hitler was a huge factor in the instigation of the Second World War. He thought nothing of his troops or civilians (civilians of his and foreign country men) except that they were dispensable "units." Even when the war was clearly lost, he did not let go. He would exhaust everything at his disposal, handing weaponry to German kids and old men, just so that they could waste their lives in the name of Hitler's Reich.

He had raging antisemitism (and racism) against all "inferior" peoples. He murdered millions of people on whim. Not even: he was adamant about everything he did. He was pursuing his ideals with vicious conviction.
Honestly, because of how far he went and how incautious he was, he led himself to his own misfortunes of failure and ultimately death. He disregarded all the consequences of his actions and created huge odds of which he would have never been able to overcome. He was bad . . . reaaaallly bad.
Posted by mel2707 4 years ago
Hey KimJong,
don't feel crazy for thinking that, he did a lot of good, but a heck of a lot of bad. I don't think you are trying to see him as there has to be a good person there somewhere. I do think that you are applying critical thinking, and that is to be commended. not many people are bright enough to think this way, so be proud. yeah Hitler was a nut, and he went way, way too far. I do think though when he started out he made some very good points, Germany was in state that to buy a loaf of bread you would have to fill a wheelbarrow full of money. I think his anger may have been misdirected as the jews were in high places at the time. He may have been even more upset with them as they are the ones who (in his eyes) knocked him back from entering art school, he painted I think realist, and that just was not the trend back then, it was not that they didn't want him there, he just did not do the modern art at the time.
It would be good for you to look more into it all, as it is very interesting.
Don't forget Hitler was a revolution, many say Germany did not have one, but they would be wrong.
Revolution meaning: one thing happens you forget about it, it happens again you say something you forget about it, it happens again and so on until you get so mad you do something about it. that is a revolution.
Posted by Franciscanorder 4 years ago
I dunno...I'd say Hitler hated people for no good reason.
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