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Was Jesus the God or Son of God

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Started: 1/25/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Jesus was not the God or Son of God

I don't care what bible says it's not true

First We must define God or Son of God

God is immortal and invincible and invisible

I believe God is energy and we are all a part of God

With this definition I don't see how Jesus could be the only God

Since we are all a part of God

Second a Son of God would be a man God begot by having sex with a woman

How can energy have sex to beget a son?

Unless you believe God is a man with private parts

I don't see how Jesus could be the son of God

First of all Jesus was born from a woman

God can't be born

He is ever living

Jesus was born in blood like all babies

God is too holy and clean for that

Jesus got circumcised

No one dares touch God's private parts since He doesn't have any

Jesus learned how to crawl

God doesn't learn things He is all knowing

Jesus was breast fed and later ate food and drank water

God is in no need of such sustanance

Jesus was beat up by romans and got punched by them in the face

God is invincible and unstoppable

Jesus then died on the cross all bloody

God can't die He is immortal

Jesus before he died screamed, "my God my God why have you forsaken me?"

This proves he isn't God or else he would have said, "oh me oh my why have I forsaken myself?"

This all proves Jesus isn't God or Son of God

Christians respond by saying Jesus is fully God and fully man

Well if he is fully man then he has no room to be God

If his body soul heart and mind were human then there is no room or part of him left that could be even 1% God

But you say he is 100% God and 100% human???

You are full of contradictions

I don't believe in the resurrection since why can't my grandfather rise from the dead

No one has risen from the dead

Not even Jesus

It is more logical to believe his body was stolen

So Jesus is not God or Son of God since he is forever dead



Wifi is finally back, so I can type this out just in time.

My opponent seems to have classical misunderstandings on the meaning of "Son of God" common to those of the Muslim faith.

"Son of God" does not mean that God somehow had sex with someone and then out popped a son. Far from it. Instead, there were two ancient traditions on the meaning of "Son of God."

Roman Tradition on the "Son of God."

"Son of God" was not a title reserved for actual sons of deities, but instead those who held specific power and authority as rulers of Empires. Octavian, in particular, was given the title "divi filius," "Son of God/The Divine." So when speaking of being "Son of God," it had nothing to do with biological reproduction of a deity, but it was a title of authority (Source:

Jewish Tradition on the Son of God

Exodus 4:22 describes the nation of Israel as God's "firstborn son."

In Psalm 89, King David is called the "son of God."

Throughout the Psalms, Kings are called "Son of God."

The Book of Ecclesiasticus 4:10 refers to any righteous man as "the son of God."

So, here we have many different people being called "Son of God," and it's clearly referring to their status with God. Further, it is focused around not their "ruling" status but their spiritual status.

If someone is righteous and/or has authority then he is a "Son of God." This has nothing to do with literally being the biological child of a deity.


Clearly, "Son of God" is a common title in the ancient world, and it doesn't mean the literal offspring of a deity. Instead, it's a righteous individual given authority. Jesus was a righteous individual, and he is the founder of a major world religion and billions in history of see his teachings as the ultimate authority. Whether or not there even is a God, Jesus has authority to many and was righteous. He is the "Son of God.
Debate Round No. 1


Pro says that son of God means righteous individual

Well if that's what it meant

I would agree with him

However this is not what Christians believe

When you ask them what they mean by son of God

They say it means he is God and is part of a trinity

The trinity is father son and ghost

Pro posted no argument for this

But I can agree Jesus may have been a righteous individual

But Christians would consider pro a heretic
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by slave123 1 year ago
Then what does sin of God mean???
Posted by divergent_ambon 1 year ago
This is a fundamental misunderstanding of what "Son of God" means...
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