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Was Snowden right to publish publicly the spionage of USA to other countries?

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Started: 7/23/2013 Category: Politics
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I think it was right from him to divulge this information worldwide, because from there, we can see the kind of country USA is, trying to take advantage over the rest of the world sneaking out all the secrets and covered stuff that is not of their concern and way beyond their jurisdiction.


I think he was wrong. Eric Snowden is a traitor for divulging national security secrets to terrorist groups and other nations abroad. And I think its fairly obvious to infer that there is more than one cynical reason for why Sniwden traveled to Hong Kong (Communist China), then later to Putin's Russia for asylum if he did not wish to directly damage the government of the United States.

My opponent may not agree with the NSA survaliiance programs, but the fact of the matter is is that these programs are legal, have been proven to save lives, and are being constantly monitored behind closed doors through the House Intellegence Coummunity. And to say other nations wouldn't spy is rediciculous, the Pentagon for instance gets hacked on average more than 3,000 times a day, mostly from Communist China.
Debate Round No. 1


jhbendeck forfeited this round.


Seeing as how my opponent FF. I think I'll attempt to use this round to counter some of the opposing arguments from the comment section.

"I believe Snowden was right to publish the secrets of the U.S government because a government cannot be based on lies"

No. Snowden is wrong for divulging national security secrets, which has damaged America's relations with its allies while disclosing intelligence gathering methods to its adversaries. In a court of law, inflicting intentional damage to one's country is considered treason. And we have reasons to believe that Snowden may have treasonous intent based on his travels and appeals to some of the most anti-American and democratically dispicable countries in the world.

"Snowden is being accused because he disrepected the prvacity of the country, but the country is disrespecting the citizens privacy."

The obvious legal bases for protection of citizens' privacy rights rides in the 4th amendment, which says that the government can not order unreasonable search and seizure of a person's property without due process. Yet what the PRISM and other NSA programs attempt to do is to record suspicious phone numbers and addresses. Recording and reading an address however, is nothing different than what the US Post Office does every single day. There is nothing unreasonable or illegal here. Opening the contents of a letter however, still requires a court-order. The target here is also forgiven nationals, messages, and phone calls leaving and entering the country, this is not an attempt by the government to target law abinding citizens.

"I think that he did the right thing because many people have an image of the United States that is wrong, many people think that the United States have nothing wrong in their government but the truth is that they hide a lot of things..."

Every government does wrong, but I would argue that histroy shows that the US has a better record than some. But in case of the NSA servaliance programs, they were made legal through the Patriot Act, and are currently constantly monitored for review by the House Intelligence Community. Nothing here is a lie or abuse of power.

"I think he was right when he made this decision, because is not fair that a country that is a good example for many others is doing espionage to his citizens or other countries that are being loyal to US"

Other nations spy all the time, and in more vastly sinister ways then the US. As I stated before the Pentagon gets hacked 3,000 times a day on average. Try looking at some of the military designs for weapons China has stolen sometime.

"I think what Snowden did what was correct, in this world we cannot let the abuses pass like that, our job is to let the people know what they have to know and we all have the right of privacy and it should be respected and not just taken by a government that only works for the interest of all the people but the ones in the government itself."

Please see by arguments above which addresses why this is not an abuse of government power, and that it was in fact legal.

I would argue here that these NSA programs are essential to saving lives. Since 9/11 there has been over 40 organized terrorist attacks prevented on the US ( So please tell me how many lives you would let die because you couldn't handle being a mean and nasty fella?

"Snowden didn't do anyhting for personal convenience, like he said "...Harming people isn't my goal. Transparency is." He did it for a better future, he took a step no one else was brave enough to do it... He gave up his own family; He gave up his own life so that truth would come up, a truth that US government was hiding from his own people."

If Snowden wanted to act responsibility, then he would have sought whistleblower protection through the US court system or his sponsoring agency's inspector general system. Instead he want to Putin's Russia and Mao's China and spilled the beans to them.

"I really believe that this man Snowden was totally right to do this, for the simple reason that it makes a lot of sense that a country and a government such as the one of the United States of America has ALWAYS been seeking for more and more power over the world no matter what, and this was the perfect secret sta=rategy that no one was being able to notice. Its just about considering all the wars in which the U.S has taken part, just think... the war in Libya, bombings which were suppossedly humanitarian and ended up creating a nonpolitical stability in this nation, which eventually gave the U.S the chance to control this country and this people"

The US has not sought more power, it has sought more security. Especially in a post-9/11 world where attacks can come from any direction, from any place, at any time, and where our allies seem too already comfortable to let the US provide the bulk of security needs anyway.

The fighting In today's world is in the shadows, and I fully support to the foreign policy of the United States to use all legal methods to secure itself and the world from great danger. It is the governments moral duty to protect the country and its citizens.
Debate Round No. 2


jhbendeck forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by JohaPuerta 5 years ago
Personally,I think He do the right thing,He let the world know how is really a country like United States.He enlighten us with information and gives a new way of thinking,that make us think carefully about this "perfect" country that most people refer at it like that.

If United States is really a "perfect" country why is It so afraid of a man like Edward Snowden, that had worked in the National Security Agency for four years,that know most of secrets of United States? I think a man couldn't be a threat to such a big country like United States,but they don't want us,the world,to know how is the country like.They just want us to be blind about what they really are,they just want to put as a good image of the country so we don't discover whatever purpose they have.

Also,I think that is not fair that a man MUST leave his house,work and girlfriend and move to another land,cover him self and ask for political asylum in a foreign country.He MUST move in capital letters,because He know what happen to a "traitor",He knows that the government can send someone to kill him,He know that they, maybe,are gonna torture him to death,JUST BECAUSE HE SAID THE TRUTH, MAYBE HE IS A GOOD PERSON, I BELIEVE HE IS, BUT JUST BECAUSE HE WANT TO SAY THE WORLD HOW UNITED STATES REALLY IS, HE HAS ALREADY HIS DAYS COUNTED.
Posted by anamariaCDV09 5 years ago
i think its wrong what he do. because he is trusted by the goverment and the U.S nation. so its a big irresponsability from himself to post the secrets because they trust him and its more moraly wrong to do that!
Posted by juliyepesg 5 years ago
i think Snowden did well because now all the other countries know what kind of country is USA and they know what their intentions are.
beause spying other counties is not good becuase everybody is allowed to have their privacy and their "secrets" and no other country should interfere in that.
that is why i think that Snowden did good showing in public what USA was doing, because what they were doing was invation to their privacy.
i also think that he was VERY brave cause he did things that not everybody are able or shure to do .
Posted by sofiabernal 5 years ago
I think that what Snowden did was really bad because United States trosted in him and gave many information to him, how can he make these to the country and tell the other countries these information. It will be very difficult to the United States will need to wait a lot of time to trust again in someone who will make these things. I think they will need to punish him because these is not the way you need to act, and even if they said these very big personal things from these country that can bring many enemies or problems to the country
Posted by anamariaCDV09 5 years ago
i think its wrong what he do. because he is trusted by the goverment and the U.S nation. so its a big irresponsability from himself to
Posted by IsabellitaRamiB 5 years ago
I agree with what Snowden did and I actually think that he was very brave since he decided to protect the people from US lies even if he knew he was probably going to be affected for revealing the NSA secrets. I think everyone has freedom to do whatever they want as long as they are aware of the consequences. I consider that Snowden is a really brave person: he challenged US for the welfare of the people. He is a role model.
Posted by SofiaVeA 5 years ago
I personally think that it was the right thing to do, because people need to know whats going own in their country, people have the right to know how their rights are being violated and people have the right to act against a government that is in some type of way denying their rights in a secretly way. what Snowden did was totally brave and well meant because he was not earching for a benefit of his own, he was searching for the well being of a whole nation who had been speid on without people knowing. Also, what he did show how we can really act against unfairness and be brave to show everyone and most of all our government that WE are the people, they act for OUR benefit and we are the ones that as equally as we chose them we also have the capacity to act on our own.
this act is a wasy to show that we, by no means shall let information that is affecting us all pass undernoticed, we have to act and make it notisable not only for us, but for everyone. This man is inspiring, because he finally showed what kind of government the United States has, one that hides under lies a enormous coward and lier< without harming other people by not revealing other information he knew.
Posted by lauriscalle 5 years ago
I have two opinions:
My stronger opinion is that he shouldnt have done that, that company believed in him and trusted in everything he knew, he misused his place in the company, that is called being hipocrie and a person that no one will never trust in again, but the other part of the opinion is that sometimes people go after their principles and that is what Edward did, he cheated because he knew he vas telling the truth.
Posted by valentina_benavides 5 years ago
According to the text i just read, i truly believe he is a good example of a brave person, beacuse he did something most of the people couldn't do which is surprising but at the same time, what he did is a mistake, because if he pledged to the CIA and to the NSA, he promised to keep everyhting to himself and he was trusted with all the secrets so he didn't have any right to reveal them. So he put his own life and the US diplomacy on jeopardy.
Posted by juliana.arangorios 5 years ago
I think that he is a brave person because not everyone is able to say that he doesn't care that the government to be harsh on him and he is a moral person because he prefered th good of society than some secrets, that now or in the future would be reveled.
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