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Watch the 28 minute movie silent scream. Abortion is immoral.

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Started: 1/18/2015 Category: Politics
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Watch silent scream, a 28 minute movie narrated by former abortion doctor and now pro life activist Bernard nathanson. The movie shows an abortion through an ultra sound. Abortion kills a baby and is immoral. Please don't debate me until you've watched the movie.
Happy Martin Luther King day!


Alright. here are the websites with the information:



so, first some facts.

1: 99% of abortions happen before week 13

2: unborn babies begin to feel pain at about 20 weeks, according to recent research

Now, I can also tell that the baby in the movie, when getting aborted in the ultrasound, is much more developed than 20 weeks, so yes, it feels pain, and I hate abortions past week 13. week 13 is close to the last week when the babies brain starts to work and be somewhat conscious. so not only is the movie intellectually dishonest, it also sends a message that this is what all abortions are, when they are not.

My conclusion? the movie you saw was factually inaccurate when it comes to what abortion actually are. the babies are not conscious, making them what we would call "people", and they do not feel pain when it happens, because they don't even know what anything is yet.

And in case you're going to say "well he is alive and deserves to live", lets look at the definition of life

"the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death."

so lets go down the list for babies at 13 weeks.

Growth: yes
Reproduction: no, as its sexual organs have not developed
Functional activity: no, as most of it still has yet to develop
continual change preceding death: yes

in most classes taught, it is said you need all the characteristics of life to be considered life.

So we can conclude the baby is technically not "alive" yet.
Debate Round No. 1


That is a real video of an abortion. The narrator Bernard nathonson was an abortion doctor. Babies can sense light at 14 weeks and if you put a flash light to the moms belly they will move. By that age they are sensitive to noises. When me and my sister were 11 weeks along we would bat each other's hands and play together. At that age they play with their twin and can recognize their moms voice. They will practice hiccuping and breathing. That's life. That baby sensed something was wrong. Something invaded his home.
Mommy I'm 8 weeks along I'm developing buds that will be my limbs.
Mommy I'm 12 weeks along. I can't wait to be born and do fun stuff with you.
Mommy you went to the doctor. He seamed mean.
I can recognize your voice now. Aren't I getting good at hiccuping and breathing which I'm now practicing. When you use our flash light I move away.
Mommy what's planned parenthood?
Mommy this room makes me nervous. What's an abortion?
What's that thing coming into my home. Get it out!
It's sucking me away! Help mommy. What did I do?
I'm in heaven now. I was so excited to do fun things with you. Why didn't you want me.


mrpilotgamer forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Everyone deserves a chance at life. Putting your social life above your baby is cruel. The right to life overrides control over your body in my opinion. I don't want to force my opinion on others so I'm not suggesting that elective abortion become illegal.
The diary of an unborn child.
Mommy. I'm 6 days old. I'm connecting my self to your uterus,my home.
Im 22 days old now. My heart is beating and carrying my own blood.
I'm now 3 weeks old. My spinal column and nervous system are forming. My liver and kidneys are taking shape.
I'm 5 weeks old. My hands, eyes and legs are developing.
Week 6! I have a mouth and lips and my fingernails are forming
I'm now 7 weeks old. My eyelids, toes and nose are distinct. I'm kicking and squirming now!.
Week 8. I'm a big girl now mommy! I can't wait to do fun things with you! My organs are in place and my bones are replacing my cartilage. I have finger prints now. I can hear too.
Week 10. I heard you talking to your friend. You didn't seem to happy. You found out i was living in you. We can make it work.
But hey I can breath amniotic fluid and urinate. I can grasp things and my organs work. I love you mommy.
Week 12 my nerves and spinal cord are complete. You went to the doctor. He seemed mean. I didn't like his home. Planned parenthood seems mean. I like my cozy cottage in your uterus.
Mommy your back at the doctor. I'm feeling scared. What's going on.
What's that. The canula is invading my home. Get it out. No! It hurts! Mommy please.
I'm in heaven now. Why didn't you want me


mrpilotgamer forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Sciguy 1 year ago
What a shame, another life(s) lost in the profit of a women, a man, and a government. Why can people not just allow the child to have a chance? Whether they be evil or good, mean or kind, Intelligent or mentally retarded it does not matter. All lives matter and have a chance to be great.

Whether by rape or by incest, I can only hope that a child that is unborn can live. However if it is rape or incest there can be some understandings.
Posted by Dilara 2 years ago
I didn't used to be a doctor
Posted by Leo.Messi 2 years ago
He is right. It does kill babies.
It is wrong-but I cannot stand in anyones way.
I can only advise against it.
Posted by AvarosOfDweidi 2 years ago
"Abortion kills babies"
You don't say?!?!
Posted by Dilara 2 years ago
Geneaux that was beautiful.
Posted by mrpilotgamer 2 years ago
@Geneaux at week 1 you're barely visible, you do not have all of your organs, and your heart doesn't beat until week 8.
Posted by Geneaux 2 years ago
Week 1: mommy, I am only eight inches long, but I have all my organs. The sound of your heart beating is my favorite lullaby.
Week 2: mommy, I'm a girl! I know that will make you happy. I like it when you're happy and I cry with you when you're sad.
Week 3: I grew hair today mommy! it's very short and fine, but I will soon have a lot of it.
Week 4: mommy, I have arms and legs now. I curl them up and feel so warm in my new home. Mommy, what's abortion?
Week 5: You went to see a doctor today. I don't like him. He sounds cold and heartless.
Week 6: Mommy, what's that sound... mommy, something is coming into my home, the doctor calls it a needle. MOMMY IT BURNS!!!!! NO....
Week 7: Mommy, I'm in Heaven now. Jesus is holding me. He told me about abortion. Why didn't you want me mommy?
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct goes to pro for con's forfeits, however at the point con forfeited, they had already won. Con did a good job of refuting, while pro completely ignored what con said. For a former doctor, pro's spelling and grammar and critical thinking skills are surprisingly low. Anyways, at the end of the day, Con won. Good debate with room for improvement from both sides.