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Watch this 2 hour documentary and debate me. Abortion is used as a eugenics tool.

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Started: 11/20/2014 Category: Politics
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Watch the life dynamics film Maafa 21 on YouTube. It's about eugenics, the history of planned parenthood and how birth control is used by eugenics groups like planned parenthood for keeping the number of African Americans low. All the points and facts are in the documentary. Thank you!.


Abortion is no eugenics tool. Abortion is a way to stop overpopulation and families that can't support their children, thus preventing poverty and low HDI scores. Furthermore, abortions are totally optional, which means that they can't be used for eugenics, do you think that the government can reach inside your head and somehow target African-Americans to have abortions? How stupid can you get? Clearly, by the title of such a debate, your arguments will be based on what is a very biased documentary, containing nought but sophisms. Abortion prevents unhappiness, and I, being pro abortion, disagree that abortion is a eugenics tool. Indeed, it could be used if parents don't want to have a disabled child, thus preventing disabilities such as Down's Syndrome, Huntingdon's disease, Type 1 Diabetes and other genetic defections, but then again, it stops women who were raped from living lives of regret and misery. It stops families and couples breaking up because of the stress involved in having a child. 1.2% of abortions are undertaken by girls of 15. You are suggesting that those 15 year old girls are having abortions because of a disabled child, and not the fact that they don't want to risk their health, development and future.

You are correct in suggesting that it could be a eugenics tool, but it is not. A eugenics tool would be non-optional and any disabilities would cease to exist, however, there are disabilities and African-Americans, so clearly, over the many years of abortion, it has not been used as a eugenics tool. Furthermore, African-Americans are people who emigrate to America after having a nationality of African, if they don't meet those circumstances then they are black and American. Two things that are not mutually exclusive. Thus abortion cannot reduce the numbers of African Americans, unless you are suggesting that abortions nearly always cause people to not emigrate, of course.

To conclude, abortions are a tool to protect children from being born into, and living in, situations where they cannot be looked after. For example, if abortions weren't around, then a child could be taken into care, where they can, and often do, develop psychoses such as depression and paranoia. Abortions CANNOT be used as a eugenics tool when they are optional. Thus, you cannot be right.
Debate Round No. 1


First of all you obviously didn't watch the documentary. I'm not saying that eugenics is the only reason behind legalized elective abortion but it certainly is one of them. Is it coincidence that people begun demanding abortion he legalized right after yeh civil rights movement? No. Even today the driving force behind legalized elective abortion isn't women's rights. It's about population control, eugenics and money. Remember the abortion industry is an industry. They sell abortion and their job is to market it and raise the number of abortions. For many pro-choices they hold their views because they believe women should have control over their bodies ect. But the entire pro choice movement didn't start out that way.
A history of eugenics in America.
Sir Francis Galton was a cousin of Charles Darwin. Sir Francis Galton is considered the father of eugenics and even coined the phrase. His family made lots of money off the slave trade but once slavery ended Galton and other White elites wanted to get rid of the now free Black people. Madison Grant, Galton and other eugenasists were willing to be the brains behind the eugenics movement but they weren't willing to promote it publicly. They got a woman named Margaret Sanger to do that. Margaret Sanger was a member of the American eugenics society as late as 1956 as they still had her on their list. In the birth control review she said that colored people were weeds that needed to be exterminated and that birth control would lead to a cleaner race. She also said that the most merciful thing a large family can do to it's infante member is to kill it. In 1926 she attended a kkk rally in Silver lake New Jersey. On page 366 of her autobiography she writes about that experience and how the kkk invited her to 12 more meetings. She also wrote a letter to Clarence Gamble in 1939 saying she didn't want it to get out that they wanted to exterminate the Black race. Clarence Gamble gave lots of the money he got to the North Carolina eugenics board. 32 states had eugenics boards between 1929 and 1983. These boards forcibly sterilized 65,000 people. In 1969 Robert Webber who was president of planned parenthood wrote an article criticizing the Iowa state eugenics board for not doing enough forced sterilizations. In 1972 Donald Minkle the president of the association of planned parenthood physicians wrote an article saying that if people do not want to be sterilized they will be forcibly sterilized.
The American eugenics connection to Hitler
It is believed that American eugenasists have hitler the idea of concentration camps. Even Wikipedia says that American eugenasists influenced hitler. Madison Grant who was a colleague of Sanger wrote a hook which hitler considered his bible. In 1939 hitler personally met with lothrop stodard the president of the American birth control league to discuss eugenics. He also wrote the rising tide of color. Sanger who founded the american birth conform league invited Eugene Fischer to the Geneva conference she organized. Eugene Fischer personally helped hitler round up and sterilize people in nazi Germany and he ran a concentration camp in South Africa. The american birth control league which was founded by Sanger changed their name to planned parenthood in 1942 when Americans begun making connections between them and the nazis.
Eugenics used against Black America today
Today planned parenthood gives out awards in Sangers name every year. Why would they honor a racist eugenasist? Because they don't care about her racism or they approve of it. 78% of planned parenthood facilities are in minority neighborhoods. A study by 3 major universities found that the number 1 factor in locating their facilities was percentage Black. In 1997 Guyana saw a hurricane which called for foreign aid. America refused to send them aid until they accepted our birth control philosophy. Imagine if Ireland saw a national disaster and we didn't give them aid until they legalized abortion. That would be considered a great shame for America. But Guyana was a Black Country so no one cared. Even after hurricane Katrina (which affected lots of Black people) planned parenthood sent 8.1 million dollars worth of birth control to the areas affected. I can't imagine planned parenthood doing this if a hurricane hit a White area like Iowa.
Today 50% of Black pregnancies end in abortion. Coincidence?. Even though Blacks make up 12% of the population they account for 36% of the abortions. Once again this is because planned parenthood has most of their facilities in Black areas.
Watch the documentary.


Abortion is not a eugenics tool, as to be such it would not be optional. Your whole comment is based on the fact that abortion started as a eugenics tool, and I am arguing that today it is not a tool. Which is it sir?

Secondly, you keep talking about sterilisations, which was a eugenics tool. Abortions and sterilisations are very different things, and it seems that you are confusing them.

Abortions today are not used as a eugenics tool, and I would like to begin by analysing your first argument: " They sell abortion and their job is to market it and raise the number of abortions."- follow this link.
I typed in "abortion adverts" into Google and I found none. So I ask you to not throw sophisms around, it benefits no one and wastes time. As of 2012 it was made legal to advertise abortion in the UK, but no adverts have ever been placed on primetime television.

"A study by 3 major universities found that the number 1 factor in locating their facilities was percentage Black."- Sure, I'll just swallow this one without any citations or links(!)

I have no new arguments that weren't stated in my first comment, but this debate is beginning to get on my nerves- your points are long and irrelevant. You throw sophisms at me and do not use sources. Too much information is being put into this debate without considering its worth-A KKK member's opinion is going to be biased is it not? The same way the documentary by Mafaa21 on Youtube is biased, and this is beginning to annoy me, and I'm sure other readers too.

As such, you can have your debate, but I refuse to argue repetitively against sources that cannot be trusted.
Debate Round No. 2


You didn't want he the documentary so I don't know why your even debating me. You seem to understand that the pro choice movement began as a eugenics movement and that planned parenthood began as a eugenics group.
A by Johnson is a Texan who used to work at planned parenthood. Her website has the quotas where each planned parenthood clinic gets more money if they do more abortions. Abortion adverts-no directors of clinics.
Abortion doesn't have to be optional to be used as a eugenics tool. I allready told you that 78% of planned parenthood clinics are in minority neighborhoods. As for the university studies the names are in the documentary which you didn't watch. 50% of Blacks are aborted. That's because of planned parenthoods locations.
The first groups to speak out against abortion were the black panther party and the Nation of Islam. They saw it as BLack genocide. Legalized abortion is used as a way to keep the Black population down. Abortion clinics are mostly in their communities.
Watch the documentary at some point in your life.
Have a terrible thanksgiving and don't waste your time. It's sad you can't accept the truth that your part of a eugenics movement.


It is a real shame that you could not keep composure. I do not celebrate Thanksgiving, as I am English, but I am sure I will enjoy the season anyway. Secondly, you keep referring to the past- you even say that it "began as a eugenics movement" which means that a) I have convinced you that it is no longer a eugenics movement or b) You lack conviction within your own debate to the point that you are talking about the past, when it was a eugenics movement, as opposed to now, where it is not, but you can't argue that point because of the amount of evidence against it.

I will thoroughly stay out of any future debates that you propose, especially if you use Islamic groups as evidence, considering that in Islam, it is the belief of Muslims that it is one's duty to have children under Allah's command, so obviously they will be opposed to abortion, it does not even back your argument that abortion is used as a eugenics tool, it simply (and wrongly) states that "abortion is black genocide" which it can't be anyway, considering that a genocide involves the forceful extermination of a race, not an optional one.

Furthermore, research shows that black people in America are often poor, and so can't afford children: at the bottom of the page, a table shows that black families earn around 30% less than the rest of America.

You are simply reading too much into the subject without considering other factors.
Debate concluded. Thank goodness.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Dilara 2 years ago
I passed the 6th grade I know that. People migrated out of Africa 10s of thousands of years ago so it wild make sense that some people condenser races extreme my different.
Who cares if I spell english with a capital e. America doesn't have to be spelled like that either. Your just some eugenasists I don't care how I spell it.
Posted by Brainpower 2 years ago
Dilara, if you know anything about history, you would know that all humans evolved, and lived in, sub-Saharan Africa. "english" also deserves a capital "E" as it is a name.
Posted by Dilara 2 years ago
Now I know con is english so he doesn't understand what African American means. Black is the race. Anyone can be black as long as their ancestors are from sub Saharan Africa. African Americans are Americans or African descent and imnotacop why don't you go read some pro abortion politically correct magazine. Or you can acknowledge that I'm right and abortion is a eugenics tool. I feel sorry for you. I haven't been tricked by the eugenasists and I am aware of the history of the abortion movement. I have you my sources and your denying them. One day you'll understand. I hopeand all the eugenasists have a bad thanksgiving and a terrible Christmas.
Posted by imnotacop 2 years ago
I'd like to take note that pro is using the comments section to engage in personalities against his opponent. Not only the pro an idiot with no concept of reality, but he can't debate his views fairly, instead reosrting to personal attacks.
That's the first sign you're wrong, pro.
Posted by Dilara 2 years ago
I'm not Warped. I'm aware of what's going on. I think with my brain and not the tv. Have a horrible Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years buddy.
Posted by Brainpower 2 years ago
North India, and I was born in, and live in, England, guess what... No major K.K.K influence here! Secondly, I am in no way racist, and I have expressed no such views. It's such a shame that some people see the world as warped as you do. I refuse to be insulted any further.
Posted by Dilara 2 years ago
My pro life views have nothing to do with my religion as I so not religious. If I were an atheist is still be pro life. At least you understand that the pro choice movement began as a movement. planned parenthood gives out awards in the name of a racist eugenasists every year and has 80% of their clinics in black areas.
Planned parenthood might recruit you as a front person. They'd love a south Asian so people can't see their racism.
Posted by Brainpower 2 years ago
Do the KKK recruit Englishmen of Indian ethnicity? I thought not...
Posted by Dilara 2 years ago
Brainpower can't accept that I'm right.
Posted by Dilara 2 years ago
Brainpower. It's based on truth biased or not. All documentaries are biased. Sad to see you've been tricked by the racist eugenasists. Hope you dont become one. I hear the kkk is looking for members.
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Reasons for voting decision: So this was a mess, obviously. I'm giving conduct to Pro because both debaters lost their composure at various points over the course of the debate, but only Con didn't follow the rule inherent to the resolution. Pro didn't say anything about how that constituted an automatic loss, so it comes as a conduct point. Arguments go to Con. All of Pro's points are highly correlative without ever proving the resolution true. His arguments are either attempts to link the ways abortion is used in the here and now to the ways it was used in the past, or attempts to establish that things going on right now somehow showcase that definitive link. I'm sure it's better explained in the 2 hour documentary, but it's not explained well enough here. Con tells me that eugenics cannot possibly be optional, and while I have some concerns with regards to that point, Pro never thoroughly counters it. And since Pro never presents evidence to show that abortion is forced on anyone, I vote Con.