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We Should Celebrate Colombus Day.

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Started: 10/16/2013 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Columbus did not discover America. According to Zinn's "Problems in U.S. History", one of the sailors working for him named Rodrigo de Triana spotted land first, but Columbus claimed he had so he could earn the reward of 10,000 maravedis. One could argue that since he was the one who lead the voyage, he should get the credit, but he was not the first voyage to spot the Americas. The Native Americans had been on the land for thousands of years before and even Leif Erickson had spotted the land before. Columbus only gets the credit for bringing America to other countries' attention, but even this is overshadowed by his mistreatment of the Native Americans.


Hello. I am glad to be debating you on this very controversial issue.

I want to start off by saying that Columbus Day means much more than the discovery of America. It is more of a symbolic holiday - one that celebrates what was to come: democracy, freedom, the United States. I can see why you are against Columbus Day, and why we should abolish it.

But I believe, firmly, that abolishing it is not only disrespectful but senseless. Let me explain.

Although Columbus did not discover America, he did bring it into the limelight, the first to do so. The arrival of Columbus brought forth the beginning of recorded history in the Americas. This is an achievement worth celebrating.

The arrival of Columbus also brings to light the achievements reached during the Renaissance. Discovering America allowed new exploration ideas to bloom. Discovering America permitted people to move and ideas to spread beyond the reach of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

These ideas include innovations in agriculture, in medicine, in art, in music, in religion. And, most importantly, government.

Columbus Day has been an important part of our past, another reason to celebrate it. The tradition of Columbus Day began in 1792 - the 300th anniversary of his first voyage. Many other historic events have occurred because of Columbus Day. The Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892 to honor the 400th anniversary of Columbus. President Harrison declared Columbus Day a legal day that year.

The US has also traditionally admired Columbus - the proof is in the facts. Look at all the cities named after him - Columbus, Ohio for example. The US also possess the most statues of Columbus in the world. If we are going to commemorate him with all these statues and cities, it stands to reason that we have a legal holiday to celebrate his major accomplishment. Should we rename Columbus and take down the statues because Columbus did not discover America?

Also, Columbus Day is the only holiday the US recognizes the heritage of an estimated 26 million Italian Americans - which accounts for the fifth-largest ethnic group in the nation.

All of these reasons were pulled off of This is a great website and outlines my argument perfectly.

Now, I know what opponents of Columbus Day used as their reasoning - that "Columbus is responsible for the enslaving of millions, and the death of millions due to illness."

I argue against the reason - it is ridiculous. Let's see - America was responsible for the enslaving of millions of Africans. America was responsible for the death of millions of Native Americans. America was, and is, responsible for tens of hundreds of wars in which we kill millions to gain nothing.

But does that mean we ought not to celebrate the Fourth of July? Or Independence Day? No, we ought to - it is a symbol of freedom. A symbol of hard work. A symbol of the great nation that was built from this land.

In the same way, Columbus Day celebrates the introduction of new ideas into the Americas. It celebrates new innovations in medicine, in agriculture, in government.

And while America wasn't really discovered by Columbus, he did bring it into the limelight. He was the first to do this with his voyage across the Atlantic and should remembered for it.
Debate Round No. 1


nmccormack forfeited this round.


Oh, my opponent forfeited.

I'd like to ask the voter who has read this debate so far to reconsider my side of the argument. Please vote on who's argument you think is more logical.
Debate Round No. 2


nmccormack forfeited this round.


Voters, I know this has not been much of a debate. In fact, it wasn't a debate at all.

I just want to state my stance to the voters to garner their opinions. I believe that Columbus Day is a symbolic holiday in which we celebrate the peak of the renaissance, and the improvements of technology that came along with it - medicine, government, etc.

I also believe that Columbus Day is an important part of our past - and shouldn't be eradicated from calendars. Famous songs, poems, and other forms of media were created to celebrate Columbus Day. The Pledge of Allegiance is an example.

I would also like to state that my opponent's argument is inconsistent. If Columbus Day should not be celebrated because of the treatment of the Natives, should we rename cities like Columbus? Should we dismantle statutes of Columbus?


Although Columbus did not discovered America, he was the leader of the voyage that put it into the limelight in Europe. He might not have spotted it first - but I believe that we need to remember his braveness, his stamina, his wanting to continue on. If he had been to afraid to cross the Atlantic, America would be much different. No one can deny this; Columbus made a dent in history, and we should remember this by celebrating Columbus Day.

Voters, please vote for who's argument is more logical, who had better conduct. I participated in every round. My opponent forfeited two of the three rounds. I provided reasons for why I believe we need to celebrate Columbus Day. My opponent provided very little fact and cited few to no resources.

Voters, vote for who won.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Militant_Pacifist 3 years ago
Thank god Columbus pointed out the American landmass to the native people...
Posted by jaketyler 3 years ago
They chose against We should celebrate columbus day...
Posted by nmccormack 3 years ago
I checked it out and read the most recent one, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I recently had a lecture about Bartolome de las Casas and my professor seems to find him more suiting also.
Posted by crafter 3 years ago
Do you know The Oatmeal? Have you read his comics regarding Columbus day? If not yet then you should, very interesting and informative.
Posted by nmccormack 3 years ago
I am on the Con side, therefore I am against it.
Posted by LadyBug19 3 years ago
Is your argument that we shout NOT celebrate Columbus Day or that we should?
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro answered Con's claim that the celebration was actually about Columbus or the date of discovery. Pro pointed out it's about all that the Columbus discovery event set in motion. Con left Pro's arguments unanswered, with the forfeits losing conduct.