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We Should Show No Sympathy For Drug Addicts

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Started: 11/26/2015 Category: People
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Why show sympathy for a person(s) that decided to throw their life away by abusing drugs and developing a habit that they knew would be hard to get rid of?
Most drug addicts were warned ahead of time about how addictive and serious drug usage is, but yet they try to justify their actions by making excuses about their life problems and struggles. There are people from around the world with stories that are way more serious, but yet they don't use drugs. This statement doesn't apply to all, just some. For example: Marijuana has been shown to been extremely psychologically addictive. My source:

Cigarettes have been proved with statistics by several different researchers that Nicotine is a very addictive substance. They even put warning labels on the packs. I'm aware that some people find comfort in drug use because for some, it helps them to stop focusing on the reality of their circumstances. Once their habit has developed, it leads to strong cravings for that drug. This can lead to stealing, robbing, and killing, in order for that person to get the funds to support their habits. A lot of families have been destroyed because of drug addicts and their habits. So why show sympathy?
For a lot of drug addicts, even when they leave a rehabilitation center, they usually go right back to their old habits. Especially if they were deep into their addiction.


Pro has put forward the argument that drug addicts were warned ahead of their time and thus this is a justification that they don’t deserve sympathy, also stating that drug addiction causes a variety of serious problems to occur, which Pro has put forward as stealing, robbing, and killing’ in order to further fuel their habits. I will address this situation according to the order of the points Pro has put forward.

Firstly, drug addiction occurs through a variety of reasons, many governments aim to advocate strongly against taking on smoking and drug substances, however, the government themselves do not fund treatmeant measures as much, and in many cases this still won’t faze the individual from taking it up, but this still isn’t their fault in most cases, many drug addicts are family members that are going through troubled times, whether it is divorce, unemployment, or other reasons. Ignoring the fact that we ‘warned’ them earlier of the risks they were facing do not always prevent them even if they didn’t want to take it up from the start, it is clearly seen that depression can be linked with drug addiction, depressive disorder, for example, is supposedly said to be cured with drug use and many people who experience this fall through addiction, and many users who fall into depression while on drug substances lose all hope that their situation can be improved, or feel ashamed about their drug conditions that they won’t seek help themselves. Not only that, Pro has put forward unsourced claims that 'several different reporters' have researched that there are warnings on cigerette packs about Nicotine, but this itself is a very controversal issue, and there are no facts to back up if this is true or not in many countries. [A] [B]
Going back to Pro's earlier assertion that drug addiction leads to 'stealing, robbing, and killing' is unsourced, and it is slightly patronizing almost as well, that considering the fact that if what Pro has put forward is true, then it can be clear that the situation is dire and we need to take drug addiction more seriously in consideration.

And this is where we should show sympathy for drug users, Pro put forward the claim that a lot of families are destroyed by drug users, which is why we should aim to take action to prevent such terrible disasters from occurring, recent statistics show that over 20 million people on the National Drug Survey did not receive treatment for their addictions, which almost certainly links up to why Pro believes so many families are being torn apart. Only 2 million people from this survey actually received treatment, which is why Pro came to push the assertion that rehabs are ineffective, as many do not receive specialized treatment. [C]

This is why I believe that we SHOULD show sympathy for drug users, for not only the safety of the indivudal, but clearly for our society as a whole. Thank you for this brief debate.

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