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We are NOT the only intelligent living beings in the universe.

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Started: 10/31/2014 Category: Science
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First round will be on what side you are on
second round will be reasons, explanations, thoughts, etc.
Third round will be left for any last thoughts or remarks

My position in this is:
we are not the only intelligent living beings in the known universe.

Defining my terms:
Intelligent Living Beings (ILB): when I say this, what I mean is; MultiCellular Organisms that are developed enough to construct cities, buildings, transportation, and possess the ability to advance in fields such as science, medicine, mathematics, communication, etc. The human race can be used as an example. When I say ILB I don't mean, bacteria or micro organisms.


My position is this:
We are the only intelligent living beings in the known universe.

Defining terms:
Known universe: The area of the universe the human race has observed and can acurately describe. To truly know a something is to be able to describe it. Familiarity is not knowlage.

I personaly believe that there are other intelligent beings in the universe, but not in the known universe. I am asserting that no intelligent beings are in the universe as we know it and they most likely do not know of us.

Good luck to the instigator, this will be a challanging topic to construct arguments for.
Debate Round No. 1


It has become clear to me that I should have defined "known universe" on my part. For me, the known universe includes all the thousands of galaxies that we can prove exist. We know that there are thousands of galaxies. Therefore, I believe that there is at least one Intelligent Civilization within one of those galaxies.

It seems like we both agree that there are intelligent beings in the universe but now that we have both defined our terms, I'm not even sure if this debate should continue or would make any sense.


I'm an now going to apologize for the hit below the belt I have given.

Yes I believe that there is inteliegent life in the universe.

The problem that I find in my opponents arguement is that if we have no knowlage of anyother intelligent life then therefore they do not exist in the known universe.

I agree with my opponent of the triviality of this debate, however I believe there is more to debating that truth.

I would like to point out that at the heart of this debate lies arguments about what is considered knowalage and what is considered intelligence.

I would like to state that my low blow was not a dodge of the original topic it was simply an attack of the one and only flaw i could find in my opponents arguement.

I invite my opponent to find and exploit any flaws in my arguments in order to secure there victory, just as I have done to them.

Alternatively, we could smply both provide arguments as to why it is definate that there is intelligent beings somewhere in the universe, and ask that the votes be based on who gave the most compelling evidence to as to why the assertion is definately true.
Debate Round No. 2


I would like to thank my opponent for being honest and straight forward in this argument. I would also like to make it clear for other that my opponent was not dodging the original topic for it is very important for us to define our terms so that we can make logical points and counter points.

The problem I see here is our perspective on knowledge and what I mean by it. As well as intelligent life. So as for as my stance goes, I believe there is a civilization out there capable of many things and advancement in the thousands of galaxies we know to exist but we haven't made any contact with them. In a way, I do say there is other intelligent Life but either 1) Neither have they or us have made advance communication technology to reach each other or 2) They know of us but do not wish to make contact just yet.

The reason why I believe there is other ILB is because the galaxies we see now and every other star we see with our telescopes and images are old and in a way, a image of the "Past". To make it clear, I will use a star that we can see with our naked eye as an example. When we look up at night we are able to see stars but some of the stars may have died out minutes to hours before hand because the time it takes for the light from the star to reach our eyes can take a very long time. Even though light travels extremely fast, in the vacuum of space, it can take years. The same goes with the galaxies we see with our telescopes. Some of the furthest galaxies we can observe are billions of light years away. So if we see a galaxy that is 10 billion light years way from us then that means we are seeing the galaxy the way it was 10 billion light years ago, not how it is the present. So if another civilization on a planet that is 50 million light years away from us, pointed a telescope towards earth, they wouldn't see New York city with its tall skyscrapers but instead, they would see the dinosaurs.

This is all I can do for now and I would like to thank my opponent for their critical thinking on this argument/debate.


I mostly agree with my opponent, I would simply like to state, that I find it very unlikely that we have observed a location in the universe and failed to see signs of intelligent life, thus intelligent life is only probable outside the know universe.

However, the point about how the things that we see appearing older than they really are is very strong.

I feel as is it is simply up to probability

Vote pro if you think it is likely that intelligent life exists in the known universe thus we "missed" them when we observed that location.

Vote con if you find that scenario not likely.

Thank you to my opponent for a very well thought out debate and topic.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Jellyfysh624 2 years ago
If you look at his argument he clearly says when he states his position "known universe". I did not change the topic I am simply attacking the truth of his assertion.

As for the intelligence only having to come from intelligence, that is not a fact it is your opinion. Intelligence could have come from nothing, but that isnt what we are debating.
Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
There are other intelligence out there. Creation could not be without a creator.Intelligence can only come from intelligence.Isn't it something that the only ones who can construct buildings and cities are in the image and like God.
Posted by Jozza117 2 years ago
Pretty sure he said universe. Not known universe. You started this debate by changing the topic.
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Reasons for voting decision: omg i wanna scream at both of you....we have made contact with aliens and they have contacted us with simple microwaves. Sigh theirs so much you need to learn.