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We cant imagine "aliens" as long as there is no clue.

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Started: 10/22/2014 Category: Science
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The first round is only to accept the debate. This debate can also go a bit of topic, if needed. I would like to say that its unpredictable how aliens look like and why aliens wouldn't do "invasions, attack, parasitizing..." My opponent should explain why he/she believes that we are related to them, that they are invading us or any other "ET" topic in this way.


I am interest. I accept the challenge.

State your argument.
Debate Round No. 1


First of all, there are 125 bilion galaxies, that number sure isnt exasct, plus the universe is expanding. The chance that there is no life, except on earth is extremley low. For instance there are chanches that life exists even in our own solar system: (where and how)

-in clouds of Venus

-in caves of Mars

-in the moon Europa (the ocean below ice)

-on the moon Titan

And probably even somewhere else.

Please check:;

That meteorite from mars caries interesting fosils. Thats why we havnt lost interest to search for life on mars. But the next thing is how life started: (the first lifeforms were extremophiles)

1. They could arrivd via. a meteriote, and started on a other planet

2. Or they acctualy started as combining complex molecules.

As of any way, there are fosils of past species, and we evolved from monkeys and the analysis of different species prove that, we are not descendents of intelligent extraterrestrial life.

Next, comparing the invasion of aliens with the invasion of america (when europe settled it). Why? This is conected with the agression, passion and geer that we got from our precestors (aka monkies), that needed this to survivie in their society and enviroment. But aliens have an different evolution or???? So why would aliens destroy/pet/slave ous?

Since aliens have a different origin than they have a different evolution, astrobiology, chemestry and system. So hollywood and sci-fi actually made pictures how aliens would look like. But true ET's have probably different properties to wich they had to addapt on their planet.

With a different chemical construction, how sure are you that these life forms are able to eat or even parasitize ous? Nematodes needed many many time to addapt to the specificated life and chemestry in a different species. And we are composed of amazingly many molecules, there is a very high posibility that we are toxic to them. But what about our geography and chemestry of our planet, these aliens sure couldnt survive in such an enviroment. This equals to the question:" If there were any silicon-like life forms on the moon titan, we sure would eat them all and walk through their tuff enviroment?" Well you sure wouldnt, so why would the alien do it?

Its amazing that we invest more in making ET movies than actually trying to find them. Also its amazing that always when people see an UFO, thry think of aliens,but whats the definiton of the UFO? Its Unidentifinded Flying Object!

Hope, you arent beliving in that god made everything.


For the sake of argument, lets just assume that there is alien life somewhere out there in any of the 125 billion galaxies. We also assume that they are intelligent and capable of launching an invasion. We are not going to argue about a alien bacteria or nematoda, we are discussing intelligent aliens.

BOP on the Con is to show that:
1. Why we can predict the appearance of alien without meeting one, i.e. how they look like and why we are related to them.
2. Why aliens have the reasons to invade, destroy or parasitize human kind.

Con 1.
Based on the origin of ourselves or any other living being on this planet, we can see some certain patterns. We have reached today's condition through thousands of millions years of evolution process. The laws of evolution, like "survival of the fittest", will be applicable everywhere in the universe. Why?

Because, the laws of physics are true for any reference frame all around the universe. This is one of the two postulates of Einstein's theory of relativity. If the laws of physics hold, the laws of chemistry will hold too. That is, if Hydrogen and Oxygen produce water in the planets of our galaxy, they will produce the same in any distant galaxy because laws of chemistry are nothing but the laws of physics. So even if the environment is different, the laws of chemistry and evolution will remain the same for any part of the universe. Of course the evolution process might be different, but laws are laws, they will be same.

Consider a scenario. How the elements of periodic table were predicted even if there was no clue? They were predicted based on solid patterns and facts. Patterns of the current elements which told us about that the undiscovered element should also agree with the same facts and properties. Just in the same way, based on our current understanding of the nature and the universe we can predict something. Just like predicting a black hole and dark matter even if we don't get to see them. The Higgs-Boson was predicted decades ago, remember?

The aliens' look would depend on what kind of planet they evolved on. If they evolved a planet much like ours, then they are most likely to have similar features of us, like Carbon based creatures, having two arms, two legs etc. However, if they evolved in a planet different than of ours they can be silicon based or carbon-silicon based. They may inhale Nitrogen instead of Oxygen, but some features are still predictable. Because these are facts, natural laws.

For example, if the aliens are intelligent, -

1. They will have to interact with the surrounding environment. Because they will need energy to survive as any life form around the universe. That means, they will have some sensory organs. And the best sensory organ for a predator are the eyes. They will have eyes. Those eyes might not be visiable light based, they might be infrared based.
3. To sense three dimensional universe they need to have at least two eyes.
4. They must have some kind of complex molecules to carry out bio chemical functions. Like we have proteins, glucose in ourselves. The laws of evolution will still rule, meaning these complex molecules will also evolve to best support the alien in different bio-chemical environment.
5. Intelligent and capable aliens will have to have a process of movement. Which means they will have legs or tentacles just like us or if they may fly, they will have wings to help them do that in the atmosphere of their planet. On the other hand if they dwell in some liquid environment like the ocean of water or liquid Clourine or Methane, they will have fish like organs to support them that movement. Because laws of evolution works in that way.
6. To survive they must take some kind of energy from the environment, extract that energy and dispose the waste. Which surely give us some hints of how they might behave.
7. They will also have to process information, otherwise why would we call them intelligent? That is they will have some kind of brain or nervous system to do that.
8. Also, as per evolution they will have some means of reproduction to ensure their race's survival.

These are not only true for the planets of our own solar system. May be the aliens will not be chemical based, they will be energy based. But still we are not totally blind. We can predict and imagine them because we have the knowledge based on our current understanding of the universe and human imagination is infinite. You just don't get to know which one is true until you meet one of them.

Con 2.
As I have stated earlier, if the aliens are intelligent, they will evolve and they will need energy to survive because without energy no life being can survive. They must eat or take in something, say food and convert that into energy. A scientific truth. Now what if they run out of the energy of their planet? Just like us? Then they must look for alternative sources of energy which is the best reason for a possible alien invasion, even if they had different evolution. Because we are talking about energy here. Not food or flesh. I'm not saying aliens have to destroy us or eat us. They may come in friendly and may trade with us. Remember how East India Trading Company used to get valuable resources from the Africans luring them with simple ornaments?

You said about Titan. I can guarantee you that if at some point we run out of silicone or energy, or if we direly need something from Tital, we will certainly invade Titan, even if we have to kill those aliens. Did you watch the movie "Avatar"?

Science says that there must be a cause for any result. We have eyes because we need to see. The same is applicable for the aliens too. Because as I said, physics is same everywhere.

Therefore, we do have the ability to imagine aliens even though we haven't met them yet.
Debate Round No. 2


Sorry, but i have to be quick. I do agree. The laws of physics and chemistry are true also in far distances. But planets have different chemical compositions, that's why the evolution would go in a slightly different or very different way, depends on what these life's are dependent of. The converting of food to energy are the basics of life to exist. Next, the ETs probably also have sensors, but the sensors evolute via. the needs of surviving. For instance our eyes evolved from a long period of time, because animals needed to detect their environment via. light. But we have many types of eyes, you can check gastropoda eyes, mamalia eyes and the euglena owns a light detector. But all these species need their eyes to survive. But as we know there are some species who use other sensors instead of the sensor of detecting light. Agree, if we would know where a ET is coming from (and if we would know the properties of the planet) we could predict how it could look like, but as long as we have NO clues, we cant predict. We need evidence (never mind what) of the ET to predict their properties and look. Next an invasion of earth, because they have not enough energy is possible, but very very low. There is a possibility that they could use our materials via. a transform. No I haven't seen the movie Avatar.


What I am trying to say is that an ET can be inferred; like it will have eyes, nervous system (brain), organs to support movement. Also by "intelligent", I mean intelligent enough who is capable of launching an invasion. Not intelligent enough to be a nematoda or mollusca.

Have you ever wondered why eyes are important? Yes there might be different types of sensors possible. But, the eyes are the best sensor at any environment because they can catch the surrounding electromagnetic waves and extract information from it. We use visible light. (There are others who use infrared, like dogs and cats.) Humans have the best eyes in the planet, they can see as far as infinity clearly, which is certainly linked to our intelligence. A gastropoda or mamalia or euglena doesn't have good eyes compared to humans. That's because they are not intelligent either. So, if you have to be the most intelligent, you need to have the best sensor for information. EM waves carries the most anywhere in the universe that's why the aliens will have eyes as good as ourselves or might be even better. So, we can imagine, right?

Yes I agree that the planets have different chemical and geographical composition. But that doesn't mean that a being living on that planet, who is intelligent enough, won't have these basic configurations of having eyes, brain, reproduction, movement organs etc. If the composition is different, say they are Nitrogen based, then there will be difference of shapes or sizes or colors or in their metabolism. But still anyone "intelligent" living in there will have the things needed to best survive in that planet. So we are able to "imagine" them, even if not 100% exact.

It is true for other basic features. True for any planet at any distant galaxy. Say for example, an alien came down on earth and we can't even see it! Its invisible to our eyes! Well, that's quite unpredictable, right? Why would they grow such a feature to become invisible? It might be to become a good predator in their planet, which is not the point. The point is, still, they will have eye like sensors, movement organs and brain (even if those are invisible to us). Because its not possible to become "intelligent" otherwise. So, its not right to say that we can't even imagine them without any clue. We can! Based on the fact that natural laws are same everywhere and we are also a part of those laws. It doesn't matter if that planet is blue or pink.

Invasion for energy and resources are just an example of many other possible reasons.
Why do you think the intelligent aliens will be friendly to us when we, intelligent humans, are endangering hundreds of species everyday here in earth without any reasonable cause?
If we love wolfs so much for being intelligent and turn them into our pet dogs, won't humans be the best pet the aliens can ever have?
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Lukas8 2 years ago
What is the definition of life, its everything that reproduces and makes some synthesis. So there are almost endlees many possibilites how life can look like. Basically they may own organs we cant imagine.
Posted by akhlakm 2 years ago
Since you didn't specify what an "alien" is, I proposed it myself to be one who is as intelligent as ourselves. Also, in my opinion eyes are the best sensors for any living being cause it can directly catch EM waves.
Yes chemical communication is possible but they won't be as fast as optical communication.
Posted by Lukas8 2 years ago
Sorry,but disagree. Mollusca are also intelligent, so do Canis lupus (wolf), and they are able to use other sensors. Plus the communication can be chemical to lie the ants communicate
Posted by Lukas8 2 years ago
Imagine an imagination cosmos that is composed out of galaxies,stars and planets and other objects. But imagine that there are only 2 objects with living forms. And a form states that there is a pink round-like alien in the universe, without any clues. But the acctuall other living form is blue clored and different formed...
Posted by Lukas8 2 years ago
Plus.... the synthesis or any chemical properties of the ET, can be different as the evolution of a planet or any object that is able to cary life. But as long as we have absolutley no clue, we cant predict. If we would know where the life is, but not knowing how it looks like. Then we would need to analyse the planets geography and chemestry and then we would be able to predict.
Posted by Lukas8 2 years ago
Oh i forgot. Depending on the evolution there are more types how a species is able to eat food to convert to energy. This is very visible on the earth: like carnivore,herbivore,omivore,detivore and other ways how to gain food, anyway even intelligent life forms can do photosyntesis or any similar synthesis. like the euglena, its an protozoa, but is able of photosynthesis. And there are also possibilities of different types of sensors and still a animal is able to have a complex nerve sys. like the mollusca.
Posted by yejuneyoon 2 years ago
Interesting topic... Even though there is no evidence found I think imagine there are aliens and concentrate our efforts on finding a trace. I'll be seeing who wins. Good luck to both of you.
Posted by Lukas8 2 years ago
Of course theres a very very small posibility of everything, but good luck anyway.
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