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We can't see visible light.

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Started: 9/29/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 9 months ago Status: Debating Period
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Visible light is the term given to the range of electromagnetic radiation which our eyes detect. When our eyes detect light, they send electrical impulses to different parts of our brain. One of these parts is the optic centre and here the brain interprets these electrical impulses and creates a visual representation of what's in front of us. This simulation is the reality we perceive. It's here that we see things. What we see are objects or matter which emit, reflect, refract, scatter or absorb light. The brightness we associate with light is not a property of light but a creation of our mind, like colors.
Our eyes detecting light is only the first phase of vision and without the brains interpretation it results in nothing. Light allows us to see objects. We don't see light itself.


When I turn on the lights in my bedroom I can see the visible light. We can see visible light. If we could not see light everything would be dark.
Debate Round No. 1


When you turn on the light, objects in your room become visible. The ability of our eyes to detect light is what makes this possible. Detecting light is not seeing. Completely blind people still detect light with their eyes. Their pupils dilate, brain functions alter and circadian rhythms are maintained. But merely detecting light doesn't mean we can see. In fact, we can see without any involvement of the eyes, for example, when we dream.
What most people don't understand is the physiology of vision. When our eyes detect light it requires the brain to interpret those electrical impulses for us to see anything. The objects you see when you turn on the light are virtual constructs created by your brain within the visual cortex. It's our brains interpretation of reality.

Link to blind people detecting light

Link to our reality being a virtual construct
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Posted by Furyan5 9 months ago
Do you see things when you dream? Do you believe your eyes or light have anything to do with this?
I'm also interested to see how this turns out. I've heard the people on this sight are of above average intelligence. Time will tell.
Posted by Deathwolf 9 months ago
Visible - Capable of being seen/Situated in the region of the electromagnetic spectrum perceptible to human vision.
Perceptible: Able to be perceived.
Perceive: To attain awareness or understanding of something.
Definitions from Merriam Webster.

@Furyan5 this can very easily dissolve into a debate centered around semantics; importantly, the title of your debate is a contradiction in itself via these definitions (unless you so happen to be inhuman! Perhaps a rewording of your title and some concrete definitions outlined in your introduction would make this a better debate... but that's just my thoughts.

Interested to see how this turns out!
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