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We (democrats) should vote for whoever the democratic nominee is in November.

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Started: 4/1/2016 Category: Politics
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(PSA: This debate is aimed at Sanders supporters for the most part.) 2016 is a very historical presidential election. I am a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Nominee rather than Hillary Clinton. Though I believe Hillary Clinton is Less favorable than Sanders I still think its important to vote democrat in November. I believe there is too much at stake this election for the GOP to be in the white house. The life of The Affordable care act and same-sex marriage is at stake and the threat of defunding of planned parenthood along with more restrictions on abortion is eminent. Especially with Trump who is evidently a failure of a business man will run our economy with his mass deportation and general anti immigration agenda. Make America great again by voting Dem. Obama has worked too hard at cleaning up after Bush we don't need to go back to those days



I am proud to say that I am a Sanders supporter, and that I was able to caucus for him here in Kansas, and that I was able to volunteer for Sanders in Kansas and in Iowa. And while I am concerned about

Contention 1: Issues Differences

Significant differences exist between Sanders and Clinton and these differences should disqualify Clinton if she is the Democratic nominee.

Subpoint A: Campaign Finance
Bernie Sanders is a hard-line opponent of Citizens United, having proposed and supported several resolutions to amend the constitution to abolish corporate personhood and overturn the ruling, and he has refused support from corporations. He has even refused SuperPAC money from unions. His integrity and his actions indicate his consistency and reliability on the issue. Hillary Clinton has said she would consider a 28th Amendment to overturn Citizens United, however, she has said that the best things to do would include better transparency and limits on secret donations. Clinton has also received major donations from corporations including wall street banks and has accepted superPAC money, and thus has put her commitment to overturning Citizens United in doubt.

Subpoint B: Wall Street Reform
While Clinton’s recent statements make her seem more antagonistic towards Wall Street, her record says otherwise. Clinton's top donors include Citibank and Goldman Sachs, and this is in large part thanks to her very friendly attitude towards these banks, some of which have referred to her as having “Goldman Handcuffs”. Clinton is opposed to restoring the Glass Steal Act. Sanders advocates a financial transactions tax on all wall street transactions while Clinton only advocates this on high-frequency trades and at a lower rate. Economist and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich have also stated that Sanders’s plan for Wall Street is a much better plan than Clinton’s.
Subpoint C: Trade
Sanders is an avowed opponent of free trade, having vigorously opposed, and voted against, every free trade agreement proposed in congress. Clinton has been very trade friendly up until recently when she flip-flopped on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Clinton advocated for NAFTA as first lady and in 2008, she stated she would not support withdrawal from NAFTA. As a Senator, she voted for the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement, the US-Chile Free Trade Agreement, the US-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement, the US-Morocco Free Trade Agreement and the US-Singapore Free Trade Agreement and as secretary of state she pushed for the US-Columbia Free Trade Agreement and helped negotiate the TPP, going as far as calling it the “Gold Standard” in trade deals, and pushed for it on numerous occasions. While she now claims to be against TPP, her previous actions make this claim seem dubious at best, and, therefore, unreliable.

Subpoint D: Healthcare
Clinton supports slight reforms to the Affordable Care Act, including better regulation of prices on pharmaceuticals. Bernie Sanders is an advocate of a single-payer, Medicare for all health care system. He is of the opinion that healthcare is a human right and wants to expand medical coverage to all citizens. Clinton has been extremely critical of Sanders’s plan and thus showing a clear difference on the issue.

Subpoint E: Minimum Wage

Both candidates advocate raising the minimum wage, however Sanders support making the minimum wage a living wage of $15 an hour, while Hillary Clinton wants to increase it to $12 an hour, and has never endorsed, and in fact derided, a $15 an hour minimum wage.;

Further differences exist on issues such as foreign policy, Israel-Palestine, criminal justice reform, drug policy, college tuition, social security, climate change, education and workplace democracy.

Contention 2: Sanders has more in common with Jill Stein than Hillary Clinton

Sanders has more in common with Green Party presumptive nominee Jill Stein than he does with Hilary Clinton. Stein, like Sanders supports overturning Citizens United, establishing Single Payer healthcare, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, breaking up the big banks, legalizing marijuana, making college tuition free, banning privatized prisons, legalizing marijuana, restoring Glass-Steagall, expanding social security, promoting workplace democracy, and are opposed to all Free Trade deals. There are however differences and Stein advocates more aggressively progressive policies including nationalizing the federal reserve, using quantitative easing to abolish student loan debt and instituting a “Green New Deal” to convert the US to 100% renewable energy by 2030. Stein also disagrees with both candidates on foreign policy. While Sanders advocates a less aggressive foreign policy than Clinton does, Stein advocates a nonviolent foreign policy and an end to US imperialism and foreign interventions.

Contention 3: Lesser of Two Evils Solves Nothing

A common argument against voting for third party candidates is that because these candidates are unlikely to win, it is better to settle for a lesser evil. However in voting for a lesser evil, you are voting against your values and the policies you support. A vote is a voice and it is a way of expressing discontent with the status quo or support for particular policies. If you vote for a lesser evil, you are voting for the status quo. The fact is that a lesser evil is still just that, evil. You should not have to choose between Hannibal Lector and Darth Vader when Batman is still an option.

The only way to bring about change is to first change the way the debate is framed. Right now, the debate is framed as being between Democrats and Republicans, a false dichotomy. In order to change the debate, we must break out of the two-party system.;
Debate Round No. 1


I am aware and do agree that there are key issues that set Clinton and Sanders apart. Which is why I whole heartedly support Bernie sanders who is in my opinion the most qualified politician in this race. However, as long as we have a "Winner takes all" electoral system, third"-party candidates will always struggle. With our electoral system we"ll naturally have have 2 major parties. Third parties have failed historically since 1860 and the successes they do have are short.
Reform to the way of our elections are preformed is way overdue if we want to give third parties fair representation and to give them a fighting chance. Most of America is saying that their beliefs don't match with those of the republicans or the democrats.This reform is not something that's going to happen overnight and most certainly not by November. Which is why I whoever the democratic nominee is, in some unfortunate event sanders does not pull through, I will support them because America does not deserve the current republican party's leadership.



The pro contends the lesser of two evils is better because third parties have never won the presidency. However this is the exact logic I argued against in the the previous round. By promoting a vote for a lesser evil, the pro betrays her own logic. By supporting the current political dynamic she is in fact opposing any of the reforms that she claims to support. One cannot claim to oppose something, but then vote for it. This is why Sanders supporters should not support Hillary Clinton if she is the nominee.

Furthermore if more Americans were to vote for a third party, that would show a clear demand among Americans for these reforms and allow third parties to enter the political mainstream.
The pro has conceede my other two arguments.
Debate Round No. 2


hcoleman98 forfeited this round.


As the Pro has conceded my first two contentions in round 2, I have won both of these key arguments. By failing to respond to rebut my response to her argument in the last round, I have therefore won on my third contention. Silence is compliance, and the Pro has been silent.

Given the significant differences between Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders, there should be no reason to vote for Sanders supporters to vote for Clinton if she is the Democratic nominee. Clintons record on Campaign finance, the minimum wage, healthcare, trade and wall street should immediately disqualify her in the minds of genuine progressives. Jill Stein has far more in common with Senator Sanders, and should, therefore, be supported over Hillary Clinton. These have both been conceded by the Pro and the Pro has failed to produce and substantive reason as to why Sanders supporters should support Clinton. Thank you and vote pro.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by BrendanD19 2 years ago
Please stop trolling me
Posted by bballcrook21 2 years ago
Whoever gets the Democratic nominee should be shot.
Posted by MasterOfDebate 2 years ago
Yeah, I agree if we put a republican into office,all the good work that has been done over the past 8 years will be erased.
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