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We do not need Government

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Started: 1/18/2013 Category: Politics
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I will be arguing that Government is not necessary for our fundamental living needs.

I always forget to provide definitions in the first round which always set me back so this time I won't forget.

The word Government implies "governance" over a group of people. If everyone is governing, then the word Government would no longer apply. It's like this: If everyone has power, than nobody does.

Government always implies governance over a group of people by a class of representatives.

An organized society does not necessarily means "Government."

Simply because it's organized and systematic doesn't necessarily correlate to Government, which implies "governance."

I will be arguing for a Left Anarchic society which is freedom from both Government and hierarchy.

I will be arguing against the notion that we need a Government for our benefit as a society and that it is not only unnecessary to our living needs, but detrimental towards our functioning as a society.

Con will argue that we do in fact need a Government for our living needs


Hello, thank-you for proposing this debate. I'd be more than happy to take you on and offer my personal perspective on the matter.

In this argument, I will be providing my reasons for why we need a government and why without a government there would be no order or chaos.

I have looked up the definition for government, and immediately have found a fallacy in your argument. The definitions of government are many, but one of the definitions completely shoots down your definition of government:

"A governing body or organization, as:
a. The ruling political party or coalition of political parties in a parliamentary system.
b. The cabinet in a parliamentary system.
c. The persons who make up a governing body.|

So in essense, a government is a governing body OR organization. Yet you claim that an organized society does not mean government but an organized society is a body, a governing body, a government.

I will not be arguing for or advocating any typical politcial party, any and all government except for fascist or dictator would be a better government than anarchy, which has hardly ever demonstrated order and group cooperation among a society before things soon fell into chaos and lawlessness.

I will be arguing that government, although deterimental in many ways, and just as flawed as any system, is very necessary for us to even exist as a society, to even exist at all.

To quote Windston Churchill, "Democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried."

And the definition of democracy is a Greek term that means "rule of the people", or "power by the people".
Debate Round No. 1


Government: A group of people that governs a community or unit. It sets and administers public policy and exercises executive, political and sovereign power through customs, institutions, and laws within a state.

Political system by which a body of people is administered and regulated. Different levels of government typically have different responsibilities. The level closest to those governed is local government. Regional governments comprise a grouping of individual communities. National governments nominally control all the territory within internationally recognized borders and have responsibilities not shared by their subnational counterparts. Most governments exerciseexecutive, legislative (see legislature), and judicial (seejudiciary) powers and split or combine them in various ways. Some also control the religious affairs of their people; others avoid any involvement with religion.

So no, Government isn't just an organized society, it's a society where a group of people are the rulers whether it's a large group or a small group.
But if the entire group of society is ruling, then no one is ruling. There is no Government.
No one group of people would be "governing" over one another.
The whole group of people would rule which means that no one would really "rule."
It would be an equal society. Under a Government, it is not equal because there will always be a group "governing."

Physiological needs:
Does the American Government guarantee us food or clean water? No.
Labot workers produce the food while the "Capitalistic" bosses consume most of it.
In a Communist Government, food is provided equally but we don't really need a "Government" to provide food equally. The Government isn't necessary for that purpose. The people themselves can share food resources equally among themselves.

Safety needs:
The American Government doesn't guarantee employment. In fact the Capitalistic Government causes "unemployment."
Anybody could have a job. But it's inefficient.
Businesses work for efficiency and profits instead of for the people.
The American Government protects this Capitalistic system.
While the Communistic Government guarantees employment, we don't necessarily need the government to guarantee everyone a job.
The American Government distributes resources extremely unequally.
The Communistic Government distributes resources equally to the people, but once again, the Government is not needed for that purpose.
In a Left-Anarchic society, resources can be distributed equally without the use of a Government.
Property: When I mean property, I mean shelter
There's a huge difference between Property and possession.
Possession would be your toothbrush and your clothes and your house, and things you actively use. But property would be things that you don't use but legally "own." Property can be used to exploit people. So humans needs shelter to live in.
Even though Communistic Government does guarantee it, it doesn't mean that the Government is necessary for shelter.
Basically in a left Anarchist society, shelter would be readily available and guaranteed to everyone.
People are afraid that if the Government is taken away, than crime will run rampant and no one will be safe.
That isn't the case.
Why are crimes committed? Many common crimes such as theft, rape, homicide are by products of the current system. Then the current system creates laws and punishments for those crimes not realizing that it is that very system that is causing these crimes.

Why do people steal? People steal because they need food, they need supplies. How come they don't have these basic things? It is because they are poor. And why are they poor? Because in order for Capitalism to work, there needs to be people on the top and people on the bottom of the pyramid. The people on the top restrict the freedom of the people feeding from the bottom by taking most the power.
They have the "freedom" to take away the freedom of others but is that is not true freedom.
Why do people rape? It is said that men rape women for dominance over a woman. This is caused by society and standards with gender roles. This wouldn't happen in an anarchy as anarchy wouldn't have sexual standards or oppressive gender standards. Of course there are the cases of having a mental illness, which is a different matter.

Why do people kill? Many reasons. They feel wronged, or they kill to steal, or they kill in order to not get caught for rape, or kill in order to gain fear etc. If people cooperated in a equal society and had none of these oppressive things happening, there wouldn't need to be a reason to commit these crimes.

Love/Belonging Needs:
Friendship and family relationships would improve in an Anarchic society, as opposed to a society where social pressures and media influences the masses.
Body image, gender roles, status, race etc. all influence society and is detrimental to friendships and relationships with other people.
In an Anarchic society, everyone would accept each other since there is no hierarchy or any governmental discriminatory propaganda that can influence relationships.
Everyone would be equal and the sense of love and belonging would be stronger than ever.

Esteem Needs:
In an Anarchic society, since everyone would be more accepting of one another, confidence and self-esteem would improve.
Everyone would have a job to do to improve the community or to gain self-satisfaction and all gain a sense of achievement.

Self-Actualization Needs:
Lack of Prejudice: The Government is pretty faulty in encouraging prejudice in society. They encourage it all the time. When they make propaganda about fighting our "terrorist enemies" when Presidents say things like "I care about the people. I'm a Christian." When women and men are depicted in certain way on the media. When school libraries have absolutely no literature that questions the system (i.e. anarchist literature).
When truth is covered constantly by the Government in order to keep people thinking a certain way.
When certain news aren't covered, (Cambodia and East Timor)

Without a Government doing these carefully calculated things in order to keep control over the people, we are liberated from prejudice and control.
The American Government basically serves the purpose of issuing laws for us to follow that advise us against killing, stealing and enslavement. Yet those are things that the Government very well does.

The Government takes our tax money to use in wars (that aren't created to 'protect our country' let me tell you that.) to murder people, steal resources, and enslave innocent people.
Yet people are afraid that if the Government is abolished, we wont be protected from murderers, thieves, and enslavement.
Which is very ironic and a certain indicator that we are brainwashed considering that that is what our "helpful Government" does to us everyday.
They are our masters.
Yet they have done a very good job in convincing us that we live under a "Democracy" and can choose our own fates.
Labor workers are practically wage slaves, which means that they are basically slaves but pass off as not being slaves because they earn a very small, meager wage.
The Capitalists then get rich off the fruits of the labor worker's labor, and are protected by the American Government. In a Centralized Communist Government, the Government's purpose is to silence and oppress you. It's to force the people to not say anything bad about the Government, or they will be punished with violence.

The Government is there to only allow the people to have a very small minimum of clothes and food and to oppress people who say anything different.
So it sounds like to me, that the only purpose of any Government is to oppress, control, gain power, enslave, and take advantage of the people.



Corrupted_Ideal forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


I extend my arguments


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Debate Round No. 3


Extend my arguments


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Debate Round No. 4
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