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We have no right to question the motives of a chicken who has recently crossed a street.

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Started: 3/18/2015 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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If you believe we should invade the privacy of the majestic chicken, than you may accept this debate topic. First round is acceptance.


I accept this debate and shall argue that it is more then within our rights to question the motives of chickens participating in mysterious and uncommon acts.
Debate Round No. 1


The chicken. A noble creature majestic to an extent that we could never comprehend. However, after the chicken has so humbly graced us with its mere presence, we retaliate by questioning why it must travel from sidewalk to sidewalk. If you were to do this to a person, we call it profiling. If we do it to a chicken, it's a joke. A sick, twisted joke that brings out the demented side in all of us. Leave the chicken be.


"The chicken. A noble creature majestic to an extent that we could never comprehend."

They eat corn out of their own sh**.

"Leave the chicken be."

When was the last time you actually saw a chicken just wandering around in the streets? Truth is, you haven't. You don't see chickens just roaming around outside, and if you do see one, something has gone wrong. Horribly, HORRIBLY wrong. Probably a murder. You don't see chickens crossing the streets, because you're not SUPPOSED to see them crossing the street, because its not natural, like masturbating with a shovel. Chickens dont belong out on the streets, have you ever seen a lane on the road meant for chickens? No! They are for cars, busses, high occupancy vehicles, and in some cases bicyclists, NOT CHICKENS.

Chickens DONT go out on the street, they DONT have any reason to cross the street. So when you DO see a chicken crossing the street, it is your DUTY to question why, because it is not normal. Why is that chicken out in the first place? Who does it belong to? Where is it going? Why would a chicken have a need to go anywhere? What does the chicken gain by crossing the road? Why would you NOT wonder where it could be going? What are you, a communist? An ISIS sympathizer? A Jew? A Jewish ISIS sympathizer? Do those even exist? Are you just somebody who hates America? Why? Why do you hate America? Do you hate it because people have the freedom to question why a chicken is crossing the street? What if you had reason to believe the chicken is a member of ISIS? What if you thought it had weapons of mass destruction? What if you knew that chicken was connected to 9/11? Holy sh**, that chicken is connected to 9/11? How? Why? What did it contribute to 9/11? Why is it still here and not locked up? Is this chicken still a threat to society? Why is it in my hometown? Am I in danger? What is it doing now? Where is it going? Is it crossing a street over there? Why isnt it using the crosswalks? Why is it jaywalking? Doesnt it know thats not safe? Doesnt it know that jaywalking is a crime? Why is it crossing the street in the first place? WHY? WHY IS THE CHICKEN CROSSING THE STREET?


The defense rests your honor.
Debate Round No. 2


The chicken has as much a right to cross the road as any other being. I do in fact see chickens in the road on a daily basis, and I am in fact not Jewish. I am an Isis sympathizer, but no more than a sympathize for anyone else. As for the chicken, assuming all of these things of the chicken is profiling. Profiling is wrong, and you have committed it. All these chickens want is to cross the road undisturbed, and though the chicken involved in the terrorist attack is still at large, it is not this one, as you have so wrongly accused.


"I do in fact see chickens in the road on a daily basis, and I am in fact not Jewish"

That sounds exactly like something a Jew would say

"Profiling is wrong, and you have committed it"

Profiling against PEOPLE is wrong, profiling against regular animals though is perfectly normal and morally acceptable. There's nothing wrong with saying that dogs sniff a**holes, or that cats ARE a**holes, because even though that would be profiling, its still spot on accurate.

" and though the chicken involved in the terrorist attack is still at large, it is not this one, as you have so wrongly accused"

And what evidence have you provided to support such a claim? We cannot disprove that the chicken crossing the road ISNT the one connected to the terrorist attack unless we investigate its motives and activity. Just saying that the chicken isnt involved in the terrorist attack isnt proof enough. We need an alibi, we should check to see if it has traveled to the middle east recently, we should check its browser history, and we should check WHY THE CHICKEN IS CROSSING THE ROAD?!?!?!

In conclusion, it is right to question the motives of chickens who cross the streets due to the number of chickens that have played a role in terrorist attacks against our nation.

Vote Con! After all, Pro admits to being an Isis sympathizer (Which is like being a Jets fan)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Oreo222 3 years ago
I think you're taking this a bit too seriously...
Posted by bluesteel 3 years ago
>Reported vote: 2001bhu // Moderator action: removed<

7 points to Pro. {RFD = Reasons for voting decision: Cause I'm White.}

[*Reason for removal*] This vote piggyback's on The-Voice-of-Truth's RFD, copying its reasoning, even though The-Voice-of-Truth's RFD made absolutely no sense. In addition, this is a full 7-point vote bomb, whereas at least The-Voice-of-Truth only awarded 3 points. Unacceptable voter conduct.
Posted by bluesteel 3 years ago
>Reported vote: The-Voice-of-Truth // Moderator action: removed<

3 points to Con. {RFD = Reasons for voting decision: Cause I'm White.}

[*Reason for removal*] This has nothing to do with the debate.
Posted by tejretics 3 years ago
LOL vote, The-Voice-of-Truth XD.
Posted by YoungLeader4216 3 years ago
Chickens are food. Survival of the fittest. Yum Yum
Posted by Miner1 3 years ago
Are you kidding me, The contender is truly a bench with or without a capital b! How could anyone who looks like a Disney character hate chickens the way she appears to. Furthermore one of the alienable rights of a chicken is to cross the stinking road if they wish! Where is it written that all coups need to be parked on the same side of the road that the chicken happens to find themselves. Perhaps they care little for the style of a sedan, therefore by default crossing the road to get to the coup is a must. How heartless, how fowl.
You are truly a short sighted denier of rights. Where would we be if Columbus where not permitted to cross the ocean in a manor that no one else had ever done. Let one cross and others will follow!
Thanks TR
Posted by imabench 3 years ago
Teehee ;D
Posted by Zaradi 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Eloquent, intellectual trolling. This really sounded like a troll debate (questioning the motives of a chicken .... you can't really do anything but stroke the chicken's feathers) and NOBODY can beat Con in trolling. This debate was absolutely hilarious XD.