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We let Culture and Religion affect our lives way more then it has to.

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Started: 2/2/2017 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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For something that is more or less given to us, we give Culture and Religion way too much importance then is required. We do not let ourselves be friends with others because of their religion, or love someone only because of the difference in cultures. We give up opportunities and are close minded, preventing us from learning new things, why? Because when we were born we were born to someone of a certain culture and religion that is different from someone else. No my point is not that we should embrace who we are, and our culture and religion, my only point is that we should not give up on experiences, people, skills, opportunities and dreams only because of something, that especially when we are young, is not neck early up to us.

Round One: Opening statements, you will argue that we do not let culture and religion control us more that it should.

Round Two: Argument One, plus rebuttals.

Round Three: Argument Two, plus rebuttals.

Round Four: Argument Three, plus rebuttals.

Round Five: Conclusions, closing statements.

Can't wait to have a friendly debate (hoping to win though :p )
Best of luck! :)


First off, thank you for this debate and this opportunity, I hope that it is enjoyable for both sides.

If I read it correctly, your main argument is that religion makes us closed minded and unwilling to accept other versions one hundred percent. You also stated that, similarly, our culture gives us a centralized and biased view of the world which can construe relationships with others from different backgrounds.

Please note, I am only trying to make a connection here, not offer an Amero-centric view, which would be ironic given the debate.

First, let me go to the Charters of Freedom created by the Founding Fathers. When creating a new country, these men incorporated certain elements into its foundation. When writing these documents, they added Judeo-Christian values to be the basis of the laws and the moral system. They also added a separation of Church and state, but that separation would only go so far as to prevent powerful religious leaders from influencing a nursing democracy. They still had some religious ingredients because of one key fact: they recognized, as many other nations had and would recognize, that religion itself is the basis for societal morals. Whether you are religious or not, there must be some common ground that can be found morally, such as with murder. While issues like murder are black and white, not all issues are at first, and it was early religious institutions such as the Torah or the Ten Commandments that created the first "right and wrongs" in society.

You also said that culture can have the same effect in creating such centralized views. Once again, I am going to refer back to the Founding Fathers and early American history. The first rights that were established had to do with freedom of religion. Instead of using this for my religion argument, however, I will portray it with how it relates to culture. Freedom of religion was a milestone, because it broke down the barriers that you mentioned religion and culture had created. "The Great Melting Pot" concept was what was so intriguing about a place like America. It was a place where culture was not a barrier, it was a bridge. Cultures integrated to create multiple subcultures, which exist today and have made up the social fabric of not just America, but the world. Generations passed down find integrating heritages, a factor which has always been able to bring people together.

My point: Religion and culture successfully act as something to be celebrated and appreciated, not revoked and hidden, because it is what crafts us as individuals in a quickly globalizing world.
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Posted by canis 1 year ago
Except life itself. What would affect life without culture and maybe religion ?
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