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We need more gun control

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Started: 3/12/2015 Category: Politics
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Gun control is the way to go. Too many school shootings, too many deaths, why not just ban guns altogether for a safer America


I thank my opponent for this debate,

I'm not against Gun control, as I believe it has worked it some states. But it cannot function in every state.

I would like to mention that America doesn't necessarily have gun problem, but a homicide problem. A gun is only a tool, and cannot commit murders on its own.

Banning guns is very impractical in the U.S. Nearly everyone owns a gun. All a ban would do is provide a gateway for black market for guns. U.S simply can't afford to spend billions on enforcing that law. On top of that, It is in the 2nd Amendment, and is deemed unconstitutional by many.
Debate Round No. 1


GarlicBred24 forfeited this round.


I extend.
Debate Round No. 2


America's obession with guns is too much. It needs to stop. Obivously, nobody learned anything from the Newtown shootings. You won't need to defend yourself if you there weren't guns in the first place.


None of us have forgotten the Newtown massacre (I hope). It was tragic indeed, and it proves the failure of background checks. What needs to be done to avoid future mass murders, is to have stronger background checks, and not banning guns,It isn't fair to those who are responsible gun owners to have their guns be taken away.

I know this isn't part of the debate, but I like to mention a few stuff. Our homicide problem isn't equally distributed throughout our society. Many states have homicide rates that are actually lower than Canadian rates, while a few states have very high homicide rates. This makes many people think the U.S.A is a violent country, when it really is only in a few states.

I'm not being racist, but 40% of homicides in the US are committed by African-Americans, who represent about 15% of the population. If we want to fix this problem, we might want to help them.


Even though civil rights were established in the 60's, hardcore racism against them continued for another 2 decades. If you notice, these era's were among America's most dangerous times to live in.

I'm going to go a tip that might help reduce the homicide rate.

1. Provide Social Security
Conservatives are going to hate me for this, but a big reason why we have such a high rate among developed countries, is because of our wealth inequality.

2/3 of black children live in a single parent home, almost three times the rate as
white children. Failed policies that support single mothers should be curtailed in exchange for programs that encourage family stability. Working to fix these social issues is a sure way to more economic opportunity, and that will greatly reduce crime here in the U.S.

It really isn't that hard to fix our problem, crime itself has been on decline for nearly 12 years, and what we need is commitment and devotion in eliminating this problem.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by InsaneSanity 2 years ago
The thing is, if guns aren't allowed then people will be apprehended if police find out about their guns. Also guns do this.
Posted by GarlicBred24 3 years ago
BTW guys, I was playing the devils adovocate, so dont get me wrong.
Posted by Miner1 3 years ago
Ban guns ,then knives,then clubs,then wait they are and they still kill us. Ban violent criminals and teach love as the only answer, but until then let me protect my family in a manor that I so choose. Not your family, not your choice.
Posted by Ninja4Butoku 3 years ago
Guns are vital for our protection, as a person and as a citizen. Criminals will obtain guns no matter what happens in this country. Why should we further our restrictions on the law abiding citizens when it only stands to put more of a handicap on good citizens? There is no sense in a lot of the restrictions that have been placed on our 2nd amendment. logicinlife has a great comment.
Posted by mdmark 3 years ago
Thank you Tajshar This is a much needed debate
Posted by Dilara 3 years ago
According to the CDC guns are used 1,000,000 times a year to prevent crime and 400,000 of those times the Person believed that if they did not have a gun they would have been killed. Guns take 30,000 lives a year. 20,000 of those guns deaths are suicides and 7000 are gang related homicides. Suicide won't be stopped by banning guns and gangsters traffic things illegally anyway so banning guns won't stop them. So we could save 3000 lives a year by banning guns and end 400,000 lives a year. Criminals also will get guns if they want them just they get prostitutes and drugs. If you outlaw guns only outlaws will have guns. They will use them against defenses law abiding citizens. Go to guns save lives and read through the stories.
Posted by M4Sherman 3 years ago
There's a problem with banning certain guns though. Criminals are criminals. Criminals don't follow the law, they don't care if guns are banned, they'll just steal it. Civilians will have to defend themselves with pistols or knives, while criminals have more powerful guns.
Posted by Blazzered 3 years ago
Posted by logicinlife 3 years ago
Switzerland's civilians all carry guns, the result? A crime rate of pretty much 0%. Why? Because nobody is going to mess with somebody else who has a gun. In america, guns aren't the problem, the people are. Thinking back on Switzerland, do you think there would be as many shootings from criminals if criminals knew every single person around them had a gun?
Posted by Spork 3 years ago
I wish we could ban guns and there would be no more deaths or shootings. But criminals like con said will just create a black market but also they will probably find another way of killing.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con out-argued Pro in almost every single way. The dagger was the mention of the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution.
Vote Placed by lannan13 3 years ago
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