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We need tighter restrictions on dog ownership

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Started: 12/22/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Sure most dogs are okay and they serve a good purpose, particularly service animals. But in many cases they are public nuisances. But I've had neighbors whose dogs are so loud and obnoxious that I can hear them three houses down with my windows closed, even above the TV! A person's privilege of pet ownership does not supersede their neighbor's right to peace and quiet. Unfortunately many owners are arrogant and oblivious to everyone else's comfort and desire for peace. Whenever I'm out in public and see someone with their guide dog or therapy dog, yes they're the cutest, most docile beings you could imagine, and proof that dogs CAN be trained to be "seen and not heard." But for every well-trained and docile animal there are about five that have to make incessant amounts of noise, defecate in places where people walk, and their owners are completely oblivious to anyone else's pleasure but their own. People like that should definitely lose their privilege until they can demonstrate their ability to be a responsible owner. If you can't keep your animal under control then you should lose it - it shouldn't be up to your neighbors to cope with insane amounts of noise and avoid stepping in s**t just because you want a cute cuddly furry animal.


Well, I must say that you make a very convincing argument, I am looking forwards to debating this with you.
I will begin by making one thing clear; I am not a dog owner. This Is mostly due to allergies.
Now, the debate.
Your main issue with dog ownership appears to be with noise from untrained dogs. I can understand why you would view this as an issue; it must be very frustrating. However, the point that I would make is that, as much as you should be able to have peace, does that dog not have a right to express itself as a dog. At the end of the day, the dog is not making noise in order to offend you; it is doing so to communicate information in such a way as nature has allowed it to. I believe that suppressing this behavior could actually lead to the dog becoming stressed and unhappy; much like if I prevented you from expressing your thoughts and emotions. Your answer to this is to restrict dog ownership, but this would cause the same issues for the dog owners, who likely keep the animals for comfort and companionship.
Your ideas also appear a little authoritarian to me. You would seek to turn to the government for legislation to solve simple inconveniences in your everyday life. I can almost guarantee that to do that leads to the suspension of many liberties. That's coming from a Marxist, so take it as irony if you will, but I believe it nonetheless.
You also talk about coming into frequent contact with dog excrement. I don't know what country you're from, but I'm from Wales, and we have a law that fines between "75-"1000 for leaving dog excrement on the street. If you do not have this in place, perhaps introducing it would incentivise people to clean up after their pets without having to put tighter restrictions on dog ownership.
I'm glad that you made the distinction for assistance dogs; they are clearly a benefit to society.
I eagerly await your response.
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Posted by LordDeclan 1 year ago
I guess Pro is doing the right thing and enjoying Christmas with family instead of posting an argument on a trivial Internet debate.
Posted by colester112 1 year ago
Your argument is pretty much saying that people can't own untrained dogs which is completely wrong to do to people who can't afford to train a dog.
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