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We need to focus on energy security and income inequality

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Started: 12/7/2014 Category: Economics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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In order to fix our energy crisis and our income inequality crisis, we should:

1. Switch to thorium, solar, and wind power.
2. Switch to an electricity-backed currency.
3. Replace all taxes with a land and IP value tax.
4. All tax revenue not used for defense, law enforcement, and public infrastructure should be invested, and the returns distributed to the citizens

Thorium reactors have several advantages over traditional U-235 reactors:
1. Ease of fuel reprocessing
2. Unable to be used for nuclear weapons
3. 4x energy density

Thorium can produce around 11 GWh/kg, and an ERoEI of 800-1600. The USA has around 400 million kg of thorium reserves. So we can produce almost 4 exawatt-hours/year of electricity if we used all of it.

Under the electricity-backed currency regime which I recommend ( the price of electricity would hover around an average price of $0.125/kWh, 1 kg of thorium would be worth $1,375,000. The total value of our thorium reserves would be nearly $500 TRILLION.

Every good and service produced would be required to list the energy used in it's production. All energy commodities would be priced per kWh, and specified in kWh, instead of by weight or volume. The development of micro-LFTRs will be encouraged to power road vehicles and aircraft, while ships will be powered by computerized sails, solar power, and LFTRs. CVTs would be required, because LFTRs aren't throttleable.

Human excrement should be composted and used as fertilizer, and forests should be coppiced and some of the cut-off branches should be buried and overplanted to prevent soil erosion. Geothermal energy should be used for heating and cooling. This will help provide sustainable agriculture and residential living.

With a land value tax of 2.5%, over $12.5 trillion of tax revenue would be raised every year, and employees and businesses would be able to keep more of their wages since there will be no income or payroll tax. Also, by paying every employee partly in shares of their employer, the employees will be able to share in their employer's profits. Having a law saying that C-level employees can only have total compensation that is at maximum 10x the lowest-paid employee's annual wages would also help reduce income inequality.

The government should only spend half of it's tax revenue, and that should only be spent on law enforcement, defense, and public infrastructure. And since a little over 9 million kg of thorium must be mined and sold to power companies every year to pay for the tax, we'd produce almost 100 PWh/year of electricity, which is almost four times the amount of electricity we use. The rest could be exported.

The government could then place the other $6.25 trillion in revenue into a trust fund, with the trustee being a successful global financier, the trustor being the United States of America, and the beneficiary being every citizen of the USA.

If the financier also makes wise investments in foreign businesses, securities, and sovereign debt, we'll pretty much own the rest of the world as well.

The financier takes a management fee of 2% of assets under management, and 20% of all profits that exceed the S&P 500 return.

After seven years, the trust fund will have almost $70 trillion, and will pay out 80% of the net returns to the citizens (you can't pay out all of the returns, or else the trust fund will slowly erode in value). If the trustee can earn an average annual return of 15%, every citizen will receive a dividend of around $26,000 from then on, which should increase every year.

Doctors and dentists should charge a retainer fee of 10% of the annual dividend the patients they sign up receive, and should be limited to 400 patients total. Doctors and dentists should be required to pay 10% of the fees they collect into a mutual malpractice fund, and 20% into a fund that builds and operates hospitals.

10% of everyone's annual dividend should go to funding no-additional cost public education at elementary, secondary, and university levels.

Our energy crisis will be solved, our agriculture will be sustainable, everyone will have a basic income and access to healthcare and education, and our tax money will be doing something useful.


Why my opponent advocates is pure ridiculousness. Why in the world would we want a currency backed by electricity? Pro gives no reasons why we should. They also advocate switching are whole energy economy over to thorium. Thorium is a new and untested energy source, and Pro says the government should ban all other energy sources and put all our resources into mining one new form of energy. Then they go on to say that employees should be given part of their employers profits. Not only is ridiculous, it is also literally theft. In incentives people to not start businesses. The government would intrude upon voluntary contract and force the owner to give his money to the worker. In fact, what is so bad about income equality? Unless pro answers this, why should we pursue radical wealth redistribution. Also, we set to become he greatest energy producer on the planet so why do we need to follow your bizarre agenda.
Debate Round No. 1


TSLexi forfeited this round.
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TSLexi forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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