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We should abolish the death penalty in California.

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Started: 2/22/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Too high of cost:

California has spent over $4 billion dollars on the death penalty since the 1978 reinstatement, or rather $308 million spent on each of the 13 inmates executed since that time.

If we were to imprison these 13 people since they were born and lived to be 100, that would still be cheaper than if we were to execute one person in California.

If we negate this bill, we are not only putting ourselves in more debt, but wasting funds that could be put into improving prison industrial complex"s.

Death of Innocents:

Did you know every 25th person who are sentenced to the death penalty in the U.S. are innocent? The possibilities are endless when it comes to the death penalty.
It is fairly common that incidents are put to death. Voting Neg, would support the killing of innocent people.

Usage of Inmates:

Instead of killing people who can be somewhat useful, we could put them to work inside the prison, almost as if we were giving them a sense of living, and being human. If we negate this bill, you are choosing death over letting inmates on death row serve life in prison for their crimes and spending money on more people to hire.

For these three reasons, I strongly urge you vote for the pro argument.


Thank you for this debate.

The idea of a death penalty in my opinion has been a scare tactic, a lot of people don't kill other people because they would fear death itself. If we were to abolish the death penalty in ANY state, whether it be California (possibly) or Texas (Not a chance) the crime rate for crimes that would normally put you on death row would increase dramatically. $308 million is not that much in comparison to our current debt (sadly). You say improving prison conditions? We need to lower the comfortableness in jails, we don't need air conditioning and TV in a place meant for punishment [1]. Now of course we need to make sure nobody dies in jail, but it don't need to be extremely comfy.

The fact that innocent people are convicted of felonies is sad, but abolishing the death penalty is not the answer, we need more investigations into crimes that involve death so that doesn't happen.

We already use inmates as workers when they don't kill people, the pro argument says inmates on death row should work instead of die, the problem is that, like I said, will rise the crime rate. Because people are afraid of death, so they won't kill people knowing that they could die.

For these more reasonable rebuttals, I urge you to vote con.
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Posted by TarVian 1 year ago
I'd love to debate, but it keeps saying I'm out of your age or rank criteria.
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