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We should change the "Work-System"

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Started: 10/5/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Sry for my English.

So my POV: We have too many useless Jobs in the world.
For Example Call Center Agents or 24hour super market worker...

But we need them because we need money. So here's my Problem. We should think of a better Method where we can earn money without forcing people to do senseless Jobs.

I mean we are working 40h per week and 5 days.. 2 days off and sometimes not even in the row. And this is what we do the next 50 years. Nice.

I mean yea I have a nice Job with nice money but I cant understand why people let their life control by work/money. People don't even know what to do without a job because they never had a chance to try it out ( without living on he street obv)

We are so many people.. 1 of them must have an idea.

I mean let the people work voluntary and let the people alone if they don't want to work.
Yea, there is the money problem. Maybe give all people the same amount of money and working people get extra cash. So you can live good without working and live better if you work. This is just a random idea, there are millions of intelligent people out there with better ideas.

So, tbh, I see the working system of today as he modern slavery. I do stuff that I wouldn't do normally for little money (people who get big cash are not that much obv)

Someone in the 90s or something said that we would need to work 4hours a day in the future because of automation but we cant afford it or else we wouldn't get enough cash to live. I don't know if money or the work is the problem. Some Jobs needs to be done and with so many people here there must be someone who would do it.

In China 600k people die per year because of overworking. Random fact.

We are not here on this planet to work our whole life. That's my point.

Do you like the Work system of today or would you change something?


Everything always serves its purpose in the universe, despite what small roles it may play in much larger operation. This "volunteering" system has many flaws, as it does not allow levels to exist in a society, such as the average American at the bottom, middle class above, and the government above. Without currency, leaders would not have anything to offer its troops with because this volunteering system would lack any sort of reward. Countries need resources to trade with other countries, and this volunteer system wouldnt enforce work upon anyone so there would be a large variety of individuals who would rely off of resources without contributing to societies at all. This system mostly works with very small societies because that way it is easier to gather resources, as many are contributing so it is not such an obstacle that a few arent assisting but with a large population with many ignorant people creates mass numbers of people who will not participate.
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