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We should force poor people or disabled people to stop breeding.

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Started: 10/19/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
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*This following debate is funded and backed by The Brotherhood*

Hello I would love to do a new debate. I pro will advocate for birth control for both poor or disabled people.
Disabled: Impaired or limited by a physical, mental, cognitive, or developmental condition :affected by disability
(Note I have no quarrels with poor people or disabled people this is merely a debate)
Round 1 acceptance
Round 2 Main Arguments
Round 3 rebuttals.

Absolutely no Ad Hominems.


*I really don't get how your debates are funded and backed by the Brotherhood*

Hello, and thank you for the debate. I accept.
I am looking forward to my opponent's arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


My deepest apology's to Pro, unfortunately didn't had the time to write my arguments. If it is alright with Pro, he can post his arguments, and rebuttal on round 3 and i'll post my arguments in round 3 but offer no rebuttal.


No problem. I realise that sometimes posting one's arguments within the time limit is difficult, and so I suggest that the debate begins with Pro's arguments in R3, and that, after my arguments and rebuttals, the conversation goes on in a different debate.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you, con for your understanding.

I will address the disability problems. As such I have no hatred with disabled people, but I don't believe they should be allowed to breed. These disabled people can pass on genes to their kids [1]. For example dyslexia, and ADHD, caused by you or your partner. Now we must think about the disabled children. These children are more likely to be bullied. 62% of children on the autism spectram are found to be more likely to be bullied. In the United states alone 2/3 of disabled children are bullied[4]. Even students with physical disabilities like like down syndrome are more likely to be excluded from social events.[4] This is a big problem, if we stop these disabled people from breeding we can stop this.
Lets look at another disabilty like handicap people. Handicap people cost us so much money. Lets look at their handicap ramp, it can cost to 3.5- 8k.[5] This is a huge problem, and this can apply to government own property, which will cost the tax payer extra money. If we stop handicap people from breeding we can reduce handicap ramps and lower the tax paper money.

Helping these disabled people are going against natural selection. Natural selection is "1.
the process by which forms of life having traits that better enable them to adapt to specific environmental pressures, as predators, changes in climate, or competition for food or mates, will tend to survive and reproduce in greater numbers than others of their kind, thus ensuring the perpetuation of those favorable traits in succeeding generations." [3] By helping these disabled people or even poor people this is going against Natural selection. As such it is a problem if we allow them to breed, they will be allowed to pass on their genes to their kids. This is going against what nature intends.

Poor people are very detrimental to our society. Homeless people are causing us to lose money. Homeless people on average go to the emergency room 5 times every year. [6] Again each visit cost an average of over 3k dollars. This is costing our city money and unfortunately this is gonna be more of a problem if we allow them to be breeding.



I am aware that specific characteristics, some of which being unwanted, can be passed on to one's descendants. I also agree with the fact that certain disabilities and one's bad financial situation may become a problem to the whole country's economy, when on a large scale. But let's look into these a little more, for what Pro suggests here is to attempt to deal with the problem in an unnecessarily immoral way, namely prohibiting people who meet the above characteristics from having children.

1. The first argument I am going to address is exactly what I mentioned before; the immorality of the act of forbidding sexual reproduction to these people. It is apparent that having kids is a right that we cannot just take away from somebody, especially from such a large group of people. Having kids is every living creature's right, and one should not take it away from them in any way. Whether to breed or not is the person's own decision.

2. "These people can pass on genes to their kids"
Indeed, but my opponent forgets that the mentioned disabilities are not only passed on but can also be created naturally, meaning the can never completely disappear from the total of humanity. Therefore, the number of people that, according to Pro, must be prohibited from breeding is immense. I certainly do not believe that preventing disabilities from being passed on, whilst they still won't be completely eliminated, is not enough to justify the consequences of the actions my opponent reccomends.

3. Indeed, bullying is not something that can be let to continue happening. But not letting the to be victims be born in order to not get bullied is not much of a clever idea. I myself was bullied in the past, but I never wished I was not born because of that. In fact, I am enjoying a great life right now, which I would not have the pleasure to live if I weren't even able to come to be (that is mostly apparent but oh well). I suggest other methods are used to stop bullying, such as the enhancement of education concerning morality and the nature of bullying and it's consequences on the victims. To phrase myself more generally, we should not reduce the number of potential victims, but make the bullies realise how what they are doing is wrong.

4. It is absurd to say that handicap people are responsible for their country's bad economy, for they consume only a small percentage. There are numerous other factors that worsen a country's economy, for example one of which, happening in my country too, being the incredibly high percentage spent on military advancement. The latter can be solved through various ways, including globalization. But cutting down the expenses by not letting handicaps breed is unnecessary and inefficient, as mist of their unwanted traits are not even passed on.

I suggest Pro creates a new debate on the same topic, so that we can continue. I haven't post all my arguments so far, for I am under quite a pressing schedule. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by snowtigerspeaks 8 months ago
I would suggest considering a few books by Dr. Thomas Stanley in the millionaire mind which discusses the types of people that are in the category of wealthy and how he would describe their similarities and differences. the great thing about the United states is that any person can make choices to sacrifice today for something they may achieve in the future and/or their children may achieve. many adversities like poverty and disabilities have helped people achieve not high incomes necessarily but wealth which i would argue is significantly better than high income.
furthermore it is a dangerous game trying to decide how much we know about eugenics. Adhd has some promising studies that show benefits of walking through nature
i have also read a while back some specifically on boys spending 40 minutes a week in nature will reduce adhd by a significant amount. I may be remembering this one wrong but the idea is there.
Posted by What50 8 months ago
Yeah same here.
Posted by KostasT.1526 8 months ago
I was kind of in a rush when writing my points, and so I made a couple of mistakes, to the extent that I added an extra "not", reversing the meaning of my argument. I hope that it was not misconstrued.
Posted by BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 8 months ago
@What50 I challenged you to a debate
The Brotherhood isn't a real thing
Posted by Masterful 8 months ago
If a deranged cripple wants to begin making mutantoid babies with horrific deformities, then we should put a stop to that.
Think of the children!

The question of "How is this debate funded by the Brotherhood" is easily answered.

Brotherhood members take time out of their day to debate these important subjects. Time is money. Each debate we partake in is an investment of time.
Posted by Stonehe4rt 8 months ago
This is an interesting topic I have debated. It is a tough dilemma, can't wait to see how the debate progresses!
Posted by missmedic 8 months ago
If the poor want government to pay for their care, then the poor should submit to sterilization. This will help eliminate the poverty. But no one should be forced.
Posted by What50 9 months ago
Posted by Bamboo_Shoot 9 months ago
wait so your defending that you should FORCE poor and disabled people not to give birth?
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