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We should stop giving money to charity and give it to bethesda for more fallout 4 content

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Started: 6/9/2015 Category: Society
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The furry Varrack wil laccept. (Look bro aint nothing wrong with dressin up like a pony and gettin f*cked all haters are just jelous they not gettin f*cked)

Im sick and tired of people giving their "Money" to charities that "Help" " children" and try to fund "cancer" research. Giving african children water, sending doctors "to" foreign countries for doctoring patiatns needs to STOP.

Fallouit 4 been anounced & sh1t. We need to give the munni to bethesda to improve the game and create more dlcs. It will be better than giving to any charitiy.

I will prove why. Round one is for acceptence only. Post argue in round and you will feel my rath.


I accept. The BoP is on Pro to show that money normally going to charity should go to a video game.
Debate Round No. 1


Yooooooo my bro varrack accepted. and btw its not just a video game, it's f*cking fallout 4. us b1tces have been waiting for like 100 years for this game.

1: Happiness & sh1t.

Charity has been happin for tons of years. Charity has been widly ineffective in producing happiness in the third world. Hunger still exists, rape still exists, choclate salty candy balls are still not in the mouths of children. There are an limited amount of resources by definition charity can only help for a short time. They are prolonging the deaths of children. It is better to leave them alone and allow them develope or die on their own like evolution demands.

Giving the monei to bethesda to develop fallout 4 more developlly will be better use of charity money.

If you play video games it will cause very much happiness more than any child would get. These african and cancer children wait for some aspect of hope where none will likely to be found but they can know FO4 already exists! Fallout 4 can release violant and sexual hangups that all gamers have with the violanet and sexual nature of the game. Food or cancer resarch only causes happiness for a few moments only to worry about more funding and sh1t. Fallout has so much replayability and if Bethesda releases new content each mounth the game can NEVER be completed. This will insure extreeme happiness forever.

If you dont play video games, than you can learn or watch people play it on the jewtubes. It can also realse sexual hangups with vault girl cosplays

<a href=; />

*Cough* exucuse me, I have to take a cold shower.

Back. damn sexy right? With enough money going to PR tons of women that look like her will dress similar further leading to increased happiness and libedo of the male race. Ultilmatly causing more children to be born to make more FO4 content.
Charity can do none of this

2: culture & sh1t

FFallout is a game bout war and necular war. seeing the world like this will cause fauture generations (caused by sexy vault girls (see above)) to not want war. They wont want to look at ugly ghouls or huge azz super mutants, they will cheresh the world today.

This will cause climate change to be elimated, everyone will be too bsusy playing fallout to make any more global warming. and by teaching an apprechastion of the world will cause people to strive for an elimnation of climate change.

With everyone playing fallout to get rid of sexual and violent hangups, there will therefore be no violence or rape. Unwanted pregniences will go down and wanted pregniacnies will go up. Drug addicts can cure their addiction by taking drugs on the video game relasing there urge to shoot up (or huff up jet).

when mod tools are relased people will become smarter because they want to make mods to add beards, hair, beards, giant penises, and more weapons in the game. Theyll have to learn how to animate textures, and create texutres. creating a smart computer literate people who know their sh1t .

This will create jobs for a megaton of people. Bethesda will have to hire millions of emploies to expand on the market. Everyone will already have qualifications

3: World peace

With everyone united by fallout 4, all the poor, sick, and hungery dead this will allow first world nations to expand and take over the countires that were home to the weak.This will create a better use for the land. Everone speaks the same laungage fallout 4 and this unites people into creating a one world government with world peace in mind. All first world nations have common ground a love of FO4 and wish to avoid what happened in fallout. Ambitions will be to help future generations, to expand our minds and fallout 4. Develope flying ships like the one in the fallout trailer to develope technology similar to fallout's and to finially achive space travel in case all else fails. With the future in mind men will finillay reach the stars and create a galatic empire.

All thats required is to stop giving money tf*cking charites and start giving it to bethesda



Pro is obviously trolling, but since it wasn't clarified that this was a troll debate then I have no choice but to take this seriously. On that note, let's examine Pro's case. It is filled with bare assertion fallacies, non-sequiturs and personal bias that in no way actually fulfills the BoP that Pro holds.


1. Pro claims that charity has been wildly ineffective. However, his reasoning for this isn't sufficient. Of course there is still hunger and crime existent, but charity work has reduced that and has helped the cause by showing. Bill Gates, founder of an effective world charity, dispels the myth that foreign aid is a big waste. He states that because of help from other countries, "by 2035, there will be almost no poor countries left in the world." [1.] He gives examples of how foreign has benefited third-world countries such as that a vaccine campaign in southern Africa eliminated measles as a killer of children. Polio has been mostly wiped from the world and is only prevalent in the countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria.[1]

2. The assertion that video games cause happiness is both subjective and unfounded. Most hildren in Africa don't even have access game consoles, and there's no way to determine that they would become "happier" from playing it versus being cured of malaria and taken out of poverty which charity is working to do.

3. Fallout 4 has not even been released yet, so it is complete speculation to say it will cause happiness. It's release date is thought to be sometime in November 2015 [2.]


1. Just because Fallout 4 is supposedly about nuclear war doesn't mean future generations will dislike war in the future....again, unfounded assumption and complete lack of evidence.

2. Not everyone will be "too busy" to cause climate change because we don't know how many people will abandon their important jobs to play the game. It could be a huge failure for all we know.

3. Violence and unwanted pregnancies aren't going to decrease. Not everyone will be playing it, and we certainly don't know how many will. Same reasoning as above.

4. Mod tools do not increase intelligence. Unsubstantiated claim.

5. Jobs may or may not be created. No way to know for sure, and even if there is it cannot compare to charity work.

World peace

1. Pro asserts that everyone will be united by Fallout 4 but this argument is completely theoretical. Pro is wishing this would happen, but gives no reason for us to believe that it actually will.

2. The rest of this argument is so ridiculous it's not worthy of a response. Everything Pro says will happen is 100% unsupported, thus should be dismissed.
Debate Round No. 2


Jedi4 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Jedi4 forfeited this round.


Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Jedi4 2 years ago
its not a troll debate....
Posted by mystery_man43 2 years ago
Another troll debate. LOL
Posted by tajshar2k 2 years ago
Cause the Fallout series sucks.
Posted by Jedi4 2 years ago
how can u say that when its not out yet dipsh1t.
Posted by tajshar2k 2 years ago
Fallout 4 sucks!
Posted by brandenschirpke117 2 years ago
i am willing to accept this debate, and will use it as satire.
Posted by Wilddog 2 years ago
DLC's are stupid. I don't wanna give my money to Bethesdiarhea just so they can make me buy it back. Maybe when they include a multiplayer free-mode like GTAV.

And vehicles.
Posted by KhalifV 2 years ago
fallout 4 >
Posted by Jedi4 2 years ago
just a joke bro. Im serious about the topic though
Posted by Varrack 2 years ago
That is so funny...for 6-year-olds.

It's quite obvious that you're trolling
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