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Welfare is a viable option for the United States.

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Started: 12/8/2012 Category: Politics
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So, I guess before I start out, I should state that this is my first time debating and that I hope that the voters actually read the debates. I hope that you don't just look at the topic and automatically agree with the Pro or Con. We will have 3 debates. So if, for example, I win the first and he wins the second, and somehow you feel that the third was a tie, vote with your hart.


It benefits the country to keep the poor fed and clothed, and to keep them from falling further down the line. IT keeps the from even dying or turning to violence or crime.

Why is this a hard concept to understand? People who are lazy and unwilling dont say "Ill straighten up and go get a job." They say, "Im going to go rob someone who cant fight back."



Cross-Examination of Welfare-

I will allow you to expand upon those claims in R2.

I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting.

Welfare, Its not a difficult sociological concept. Welfare may have its share of able bodied citizens who don't want to
work and manipulate the system, but that's the price we have to pay to avoid a massively poor and hungry lower class.

Its the peoples society. Its OUR society. Some people may not like sharing with the poor and disabled, but they are there. Now we can take the risk and help our fellow citizens, or we can let them starve on the streets.

Welfare was established for the citizens who are NOT able to provide those things for themselves.

I know its bad to assume but, I think that the reason people don't think welfare is a good idea is because the simple fact that they always think of the stereotypical welfare recipient, Reagan's black "Welfare Queen". The fact of the matter is that the average welfare recipient is a child. And only 39% percent of Welfare recipients are African American. Also, the majority of recipients actually work. They don't sit on their butt all day.



emospongebob527 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


AustinLam forfeited this round.


I wouldn't say so.

I'd say that welfare doesn't work.

Federal spending on welfare programs has quadrupled since the "War on Poverty" began, but the poverty rate has remained stagnant.

Compare that to the years before, when it was falling drastically. Poverty programs have been found only to have a marginal impact on poverty. [1] Poverty rates were falling fast, poverty was around 25% at the end of the second world war, and was 15% in 1965, and has since then stagnated. Job creation and economic growth have proven to raise the poor out of poverty.

I will not say welfare is purely harmful. It's not. Welfare might help a guy who needs more income. Overall though, welfare is counter intuitive. It traps people in poverty, if you work harder you will lose your benefits. By getting an entitlement, you don't have to work, and just rely on a benefit. Suddenly, working doesn't seem like a good alternative.

These welfare programs discourage the behavior and skills that would raise out of poverty -- staying in skill, getting a job, saving money, and avoiding unmarried pregnancies. Welfare reduces the need of getting a job, and contributes to moral decay - found with higher divorce rates, dependency, higher crime, and higher rates of out of wedlock birth.

Since I've established that welfare cuts the incentive to work hard and earn income, and is bad, what's the alternative? Let them starve like many suggest libertarians want to do?

If we wish to fight poverty, we must fight it with the most effective weapon - economic prosperity. Free markets generate prosperity better than any other system known to man. We would need to allow businesses to compete, and invest in productivity and innovation - all creating economic growth. Economic growth means more jobs, and with surging job creation, demand would go up, and the poor would get jobs that would give them the skills and the income to rise out of poverty. And as shown above - this clearly has been the most effective system at raising the living standards of the common guy.

Private charity would care for the people who fall through the cracks.

Welfare progams aren't failing because of too little money. On the contrary. Denise Hoffman, a 46 year old farmer, told a New York Times reporter, "The war on poverty was the worst thing that ever happened to Appalachia. It gave people a way to get by without having to do any work." [2] There was no longer a reason to earn a living. An entitlement culture, as well as violating individual rights, has hurt the poor. By providing a job, these people could gain skills at the bottom, and climb the economic ladder. That's why it's strongly proven that people over their lifetimes rise in the economic ladder after inflation.

[1] Census Bureau, "Table 5"Percent of People
by Ratio of Income to Poverty Level: 1970"2010,"

Debate Round No. 3
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