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Weren't these song stolen and dissected discreetly to insult me

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Started: 12/12/2012 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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These songs are stole Drug Don't Work, The Fear, The Climb , Fight for this love, Love story and I hear voice in my head. All written in after breakdancing partying and sex with a child who had assuming when writing in other notes i assumed had a child..

I say stole yet shared and forgot would be better synapses. Help is defined in the dictionary as assisting some achieve their goals or helping yourself which is defined as stealing. Since the notes i have never seen since and were written in 2002. I feel like that lines of theses of what i can now obtain are being used to insult in ever day life. The fact i once meant and wrote them does not mean any use is the context i wrote them or willing console the use of therefore.


You arguing the multimillionaire celebrities cared enough for a mere joe bloogs such as yourself, had a ninja raid your house take a carbon copy of your private poetry and then use it as their own song? Interesting.
Debate Round No. 1


Yeah some up the world if you ever think i applied on-line you were again mistake so how a toad like you may think that i were a poet you must of heard my mouth out at this oppressing and you certainly would not be coming to raid unless you use of mobile is still up and about and you friends spending his credit on a call too your stole bluetooth ear piece.

The super rich are that because the chances given too them and hard work, lottery wins or learning and understanding unless you royal. Yet why i am i saying that a ninja raided my house? really why would stoop to such a level unless I had had stole songs from me titled and well written. Either i do and have a hate for alcohol so much it didn't make sense in the confines of a bar that day or walking into a pub is too weird with left written song notes many title other just a wonderous hook lines. Created to joke the slang and letter parasitic tongues of common man too join in the caper. Either this is true and will for ever be the fact of someone weird little guys imagination that you rescued the world from the greatness i am and that its blessed to now have him and mega rich lying arguing that their some how rightly credited for songs and infact its the pinocle of there careers the respect their have for them.

It would doubt if their they spend half there time staring trying too prove a lying inept misrepresenting, obese contract on msn that it was a great idea to share them on-line and did everyone a favour and hope to prove him as a great soldier of society. When in fact this little hypocrite does nothing more than watch the film stars while staring at this laptop while his girl watches TV.


Let me not confuse you,
I and rap it's too true,
To say I can rap,
I ain't crap,
Like a train I go choo-choo,
I treat women like my boo-boos,
I love them when they do kung fu moves,
I hate when goes don't go moo-moo.

I'm just gonna rap since you think lyrically,
Stuff was stolen form your...
Perhaps this,
Stuff makes makes me laugh hysterically,
I'm rising up on you emprically,
Winning this debate really sickly,
My flow so sick, got HIV,
Girls be rushin' over down to strip themselves,
And then strip me,
Shortly afterwards we really,
Come be real striaght-up sexy no sillily,
Yes so hot, not short of the heat of a real chilli,
So jollily,
And these hot chocks wanna get deep and real with me,
They be like "Rational" I wanna hear your thoughts on this matter,
Am I bound to get older, uglier, slower and fatter?
Oh "Rational" Will win this debate? Serve Pro's head on a platter?
PLEASE "Rational" be my bad-boy I need a hero and I'm sadder,
Bursting at my tear-holding bladder,
Need you to be my big man I have a plan, damn You got swagger like jagger,
Damn you're so sharp, eyes like two daggers,
So elegant Panthers and Jaguars would wish they could be you,
I want to feel you,
Inside me,
I'm like WOAH! HOE! SLOW...Yo' FLOW sh*t!
We gotta just slow down a bit,
You're underage, you're just a kid!,
Are you drunk bad?
Think I ain't mad,
I'm not always "Rational" Mister sorry-to-make-you-sad,
You sad I waint winning this debate? Well oh BOO HOO!
Crybaby, maby, slim shady, would be a better rapper for you,
This rational madman has tonsof better things he gotta do,
Than worry, and be sorry, for the, quarry he created emotionally within you...

boom boom pow
Debate Round No. 2


That sort of thing i would never do if you would like to learn that in and battle me that be a laugh,
I am not down with typing in verse, yet I do not see why this would defeat me. I am not about to go and read you constructed and rather lack of structure nothing based on a rhythm of a tapping and progression of retarded lifestyle.


Victory <3
Debate Round No. 3
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