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What a lovely day..............................

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Started: 11/19/2013 Category: Fashion
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What a lovely day................
Once again, let the world be RANDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello and thank you for this wonderful challenge Con.

I am truly sorry to hear that you feel this day is not a lovely day but I am here to tell you otherwise! May the best man, woman or child win!
Debate Round No. 1


Why it is not a lovely day............

day - each of the twenty-four-hour periods, reckoned from one midnight to the next, into which a week, month, or year is divided, and corresponding to a rotation of the earth on its axis.

lovely -very beautiful or attractive

How can a day be lovely if in Africa people are starving and living a shacks, and there are many war torn countries. You may say, "it is a lovely day here", but you cannot say the world is beautiful when there are millions of people dying every minute (I may be exagerating a little.....) and ugly concrete cities with millions of industrial warehouses with the paint peeling off the wall and typhoon, bushfire and flood damaged areas. I hope you now realise that this day is not lovely, but this place in the world is beautiful and attractive today.




I would have to agree with you that death and decay are not lovely qualities. Wouldn't you agree with me in saying that there is much on this planet that is lovely? The birth of new life for instance. What is more beautiful and joyful than a mother or father viewing their child for the first time? Did you know that statistically the number people born everyday is more than twice the amount of people that die per day? This does not make death any more pleasant or acceptable but goes to show how for all the bad things that happen, there is a much higher frequency of wonderful things that do.

The same thing can be said for poverty. Approximately one eighth of the world's population does not have enough to eat (which is horrible) but what about the seven eighths that do? If you look at it from a numerical stand point it seems that the world daily is more lovely than not.

Of course lovely is a very subjective term and to everyone it is different. That is why I was attracted to this debate and might I add, you have made some excellent points! Nothing is more silly and random than debating something that is subjective.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing your further points!

Debate Round No. 2


Why yes, much of the world is beautiful, but there are portions of it that are not. Therefore it cannot be a lovely day, as not everything is lovely. There are also statitistics stating that not everyone can be completely happy for a full day, making the day not lovely. Though I agree the world is normally beautiful, it cannot be a completely lovely day, for the little bits of sadness and anger affect the whole day..................
Hope to hear your next arguments, for this is truly a random debate, yet a fun and serious one!

Sources - Sydney Lecturer Informer, and my brain


Yes, fun indeed! And you are really making me think!

As you have stated in your last remark:

"much of the world is beautiful, but there are portions of it that are not. Therefore it cannot be a lovely day, as not everything is lovely."

I will agree that it is basically impossible to have a perfect day without anything bad happening. But can't you also make the exact opposite of your argument? Let us use "ugly" as the opposite of lovely and say "much of world is ugly, but there are portions of it that are not. Therefore it cannot be an ugly day."

If it requires an absolute of some sort to define a day then each day would be undefinable as no single day consists of only one trait. What I am suggesting is that we need a system of value first to determine if this day is in fact lovely or not. If it is numerical or statistical then it seems the much higher frequency of the "beautiful" and "attractive" qualities I stated in my last argument outweigh the "negative" and "ugly."

Where does it say that because something bad happens to you your day is ruined and cannot still be lovely? As an example, you could get stung by a bee but then reunite with an old friend from school. I would consider that a lovely day in spite of the pain of being stung because the loveliness largely outweighs the ugliness. This is a "glass half full" argument but I feel I have a good case going for a systematic approach in showing that this day is lovely. Statistically is the way to approach it without being subjective.

Thank you for this fun and thought provoking debate! And whatever you do, don't let anyone tell you your brain is not a good sited source. Because it is!

Now back to you.
Debate Round No. 3


Let's get rolling!

"Much of world is ugly, but there are portions of it that are not. Therefore it cannot be an ugly day."
Exactly my point........... Much the world is lovely, but there are portions of it that are not. Therefore it cannot be a lovely day. I agree with you on the point that we need a system to define a day that is both good and bad, however why can describe such day as lovely, therefore, it is not a lovely day.

The sun may be shining, the daisy bright in the sunshine, but somewhere, it is not lovely.

Your turn!


Thank you very much and again you have some great points!

The only thing I protest about your argument is that you seem to be saying that for a day to be lovely it must be without blemish. That is not included in the definition of lovely however and one definition on goes as far as to say "having a beauty that appeals to the heart or mind as well as to the eye, as a person or a face." It does not define it as having to be exclusive in beauty without anything ugly. It uses the word "has." The world has beautiful things and beautiful events going on in it which statistically can outweigh the negative. For example much more people being born than those dying per day.

So it seems safe to say that not only is the day is lovely, but it is also statistically more lovely than not. Alright lets wrap this up for round 5! Keep up the good work!

Debate Round No. 4


mikicat10 forfeited this round.


Oh no! it appears my opponent was not able to post a final conclusive statement. Therefore I shall make it quick and thank mikicat10 for this fun filled debate. Also thank you to all readers and I hope this has helped you decide if this is in fact...a lovely day.

Good night!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by supershamu 3 years ago
I think it is safe to say we are both sweating bullets here!
Posted by J-Dawg 3 years ago
Hands down, best debate on the site.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro had more line-by-line arguments and sources. Also I think he really put the true definition of "lovely" into this debate. But, both did very well together in this debate.