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What color the dress is?

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Started: 2/27/2015 Category: Fashion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe that the dress is black and blue. Because if you watch the original video, the camera moves and at the end of the video, when there is no light, it is black and blue!


In short, some people see a dress that is blue and black, while others see a dress that is white and gold, and some see one combination at one time and later see another. According to one poll on BuzzFeed, 74% see white and gold.

So we put the dress to Photoshop, a program that should not be susceptible to variations in genetics or eye strength, to see what it sees.

Here are the results, and they are fascinating. Basically, one of the colors falls on the black/gold border and the other falls on the blue/white border.

so technically i see it black and blue and my friend is tripping balls right now saying its white and gold.
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Posted by 3rd_eyed_doll 2 years ago
It's black and blue because the inverse colors are white and gold..
Posted by kdog519 2 years ago
It is white and gold, but it looks blue and black. Trust me, I saw the ad campaign for the first dress ever made like that and it was white an gold, not black and blue.
Posted by Aliboo123 2 years ago
You want to know what I think? I think while the rest of the world is in the middle of war, poverty, and terrorism, America is still trying to figure out what color a freaking dress is!!!!! Does it really matter what color the stupid dress was?
Posted by bluesteel 2 years ago
TheAdamb99. 7 points to Con. Removed because: failure to explain argument, conduct, and S&G.

Reasons for voting decision: Con had sources to back up argument.

-bluesteel (voting moderator)
Posted by TheTacoPrince 2 years ago
21MolonLabe I was bored and just decided to make this. You should join me, it'll be fun!
Posted by 21MolonLabe 2 years ago
I was waiting to see this come up.
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