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What game is better, Mkwii, (Yes) or mario kart 8 (No)

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Started: 11/21/2016 Category: Games
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Which game is better, Mario kart wii (Yes) or mario kart 8 (No)


Both games are pretty good, but Mario Kart 8 is better. I'll get into why in the 2nd Round.
Debate Round No. 1


I think that mkwii is better. Mario kart wii has one of the most expansive communities, and as such tons of custom content.
Mario Kart 8's Dlc pails in comparison to the Mario kart Wii community. over 200 actually good, custom tracks are playable, bringing that measly 32 tracks to way over 200, and it doesn't stop there. Every retro track from every Mario kart game has been ported to Mario Kart Wii, and even a few newer tracks from Mario Kart 7 and 8. Countdown mode was introduced, leading to a whole new way to play. More information can be found by googling ctgp revolution, honestly check it out, it is the most fun you will ever have in any Mario kart game now and ever. And the community is very much active, 12 player servers are more frequent than Mario kart 8's, and the custom servers are on par with Nintendo's.
Furthermore, Mario Kart 8's track design are gimmicky, and even worse, they take away from higher level play. Mario kart Wii has crazy shortcuts that can take years to truly perfect, whereas the anti-gravity section is a gimmick that takes away from shortcut opportunities, new shortcuts are found in Mario kart Wii, whereas simple grass cuts are easily discovered. Mario kart Wii has more room to grow, a way higher skill cap, something that Mario kart 8 unintentionally tried to aid with fire-hopping, but still falls short. The best kind of replayability is progression, and even after tens or even hundreds of hours, you are not as good as you could be, something you can not claim for Mario Kart 8.

Oh, and if anyone says custom content for Mario kart Wii is "hard to setup" grow up, really you can't copy files to an SD card? I find that hard to believe, quit being pathetic.A279;
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by JimShady 8 months ago
Too bad this debate did not continue, I love this topic a lot
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