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What human think about right & wrong??

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Started: 3/28/2012 Category: Philosophy
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what is right for a person
nothing is right or bad for person
but our minds are filled with so much public values and religions, mankind and so many things thats make everyman different by thoughts and views as like i`m too.
i read my religious books and other too and i don`t able to trace what actually is right for me.
For eg suppose if i`m engaged in any work and doin my work gud and suddenly other person mess with that work unknowingly or just for fun then whats gud for me is to teach lesson that person or continue with my work again.
Now if take this things to large size then i like to come at all nations governments and people at large that what they want from others and why they want
i like to add one of my thought about human psychology is that every person is different so some like terror and some like piece so is true that all these things will continue forever like war, deaths and any bad which some person thought that they are bad.
i`m really confused what i`m thinkin but its true what i`m thinking
taking one more example
consider a person who is helpin people and other not because its his nature to help others and other one who not help may be think different like he is busy with his thoughts and work.
Is it good to be good for everyone and help others and make world only peaceful.
if it is true then why technology arise, why anger arise why people cry and why people hurt other
why people earn and always engaged in some work and feel happy in their work
why people not leave everything
and sit and meditate for years coz every human things differently and have a eager to do something that hasn`t happen yet.
i`m not able to write more
pls comment and give me wise comments what is right for human.
coz by doing right things too people will be not satisfied.


I'm going to pick up on your thoughts on human psychology and what is right or wrong. Where morality comes from has always been a subject of huge discussion, so I'm going to outline a few religious and non-religious beliefs.

You say you have read your religious books. Many religious people they believe that a humans sense of right and wrong is inbuilt into their body from the moment they are born. This is a gift from God and the conscience many feel when committing a bad act, is considered to be the voice of God. Evidence supporting this belief includes how in many scenarios we do what we know is the morally correct action, even if we'd rather do something else. (e.g. helping out your grandma instead of going to the cinema with your friends). This proves that the force within us humans telling us to do the right thing, must come from a powerful being (e.g. God).

Admittedly, I am an atheist and do not believe in God. I think that rapists and murderers are evidence that people can ignore their conscience, so this cannot be the voice of God. In my opinion, what people believe to be right or wrong, is a direct result of your upbringing. Sigmund Freud was a philosopher who believed in social conditioning: your family and friends from a young age influence what you believe to be right and wrong. For example, if your parents were murderers, as a child, you may never realise that murder is a grievous sin, and commit murders yourself in later life.

Although the majority of people realise that the examples you listed such as war, and death are bad, there are always going to be a select few who feel differently. The human brain is so complex and intricate that sometimes it is unexplainable why certain people seem to never understand the morals of 'right' and 'wrong'. The few sufferers from this psychological phenomenon can cause huge destruction to millions of others if given the chance, and such people will exist throughout the future. (e.g. Hitler and the Jews)

In answer to most of your questions about why people are so different, as said earlier I feel this is a direct result of their culture and upbringing.
Debate Round No. 1


If culture and upbringing really made a person then why all the world become a very good or bad.
Example:- Like a person which is surrounded by so many bad things but still there is something in him which help him to stay away from this.
And when i`m considering a human then i meant to say that culture defines what`s right and wrong that is absolutely unfair because culture, beliefs and so many right and wrong things are created by human only.
So why should i believe upon these things. All human creations like culture, beliefs and old god stories are created by human only.
Suppose if we compare human with animal then we can see that every animal have different nature and style to live and when one animal hunt other there is nothing wrong cause he is hunting for food.
Same thing happen in human too, he is hunting other for his wants and desire like money and bullion.
So why can`t human live in his style.
At last I like to say that I think right and wrong will always stays where humans are, evil and angel always live in this world and just human have to decide where he wants to go.
Either to live with doing good things or make himself bad and enjoy a evil life.
So culture stays, upbringing stays and beliefs stays but human do what fascinates him more.
I think my debate is bit confused and this is my first time I'm writing anything like this.
So please corporate.


People who are surrounded by many bad things and still become good, could still be due to social conditioning. They may realise that the treatment they have been receiving from bad parents etc is wrong and hurtful, and so they try to be kind and generous towards others, as to not inflict this horror upon them. This sort of behaviour after being surrounded by 'evil' is unusual, but I feel it can still be a result of their upbringing.

I completely agree with what you are saying about how it is humans who have defined what is right and wrong. I have often wondered what would happen if culture was different, and what is considered normal now, was to be classified 'evil' by society. However, I think that if evil and good is defined by humans, then there will always be an evil, as no human would ever define 'good' without having a tangible opposite of 'evil'. In an alternate reality, evil could be something completely different, but it will exist as we always need something to compare against 'good'. Just as you cannot have 'light' without an opposite of 'dark', I think evil and good must always exist together, even if defined in human terms.

I believe humans are living in their 'style'. What is considered good, is what the majority of humans do. These normal actions, and being 'good', are therefore the style of humans. The abnormalities are the evil people who don't fit in with humans normal 'style'.

Do you feel that evil and good exist as a choice for humans, in order to decide their fate after death? (heaven/hell). What if you were an atheist, such as me, who does not believe in an afterlife? There is no reason for me to choose good over evil, if I do not believe my actions will be punished after death, in hell. To an atheists, all actions (good or bad) are equal with no bad consequences, so they can do what they want. (like what you said)

This is my first time doing a debate too, so don't worry!
Debate Round No. 2


Well our thoughts gives me a new direction to think upon and I feel like if human doesn`t actually know what is right and wrong and the group of large people just feel that its correct then I think we`re living in any myth sought of thing.

Secondly, a person believes in god or not is not important, what is important is the factors which matter a lot then to think about god is why he/she is here in this world and why they born if you say its natural or scientific phenomenon (as you are atheist) and what our nature told us to do without thinking about right and wrong.

Thirdly, if I say that if anything which human do is evil (as you said) then why should people do anything. Like why they engaged in any work and always do the same work for whole life till they die and why human never keep him stop from doing and thinking anything. I suppose there is something in human life which gives human a thought or direction to think upon and a person when listen to that thought he engaged himself into those thoughts and work for whole life accordingly.
If I see this whole world then I must say that every human here is doing something and even a new born baby can`t stop himself from using brain.
So dear I must say there is something which is above us who is guiding us to do always something in life.
And one thing that my teachers always use to say that karma(work) is always above anything and whosoever is doing there karma devotedly will achieve his goal even if he doesn`t know about his goal.
So please give me a thought again to think upon and I really thankful to you to discuss all these things with me.


GeekFreak forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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