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What is better, Pikachu or Piplup?

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Started: 1/29/2015 Category: Games
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I think Pikachu is way better than Piplup. Let me explain why I think so. For one, Pikachu is the main character, and has more feelings shown than Dawn's Piplup (Sinnoh region). Another reason is that Pikachu is less sensitive than Pikachu is. For example, when Gible hits Piplup with Draco Meteor (FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME!!), Piplup gets so angry it starts launching attacks, and balls its eyes out. Pikachu comforts Piplup, and stays in control. My last point is that Pikachu has more attacks than Piplup. Pikachu has Thunderbolt, Volt tackle, Iron tail and electro ball. Piplup has Whirlpool, hydro pump, and bubble beam.


1. I am at a type disadvantage
2. piplup is my favorite Pokemon
(view link for cool image)
3 piplup is a swagger boss pokemon.

The problems with pikachu he is spoiled rotten. he needs ash to survive.
piplup on the other hand is independent. Younge piplups learn how to survive early and are very good at adapting(Piplup have a layer of fine down covering their bodies that protects them from frigid waters as well as hot temperatures)
It lives along shores in northern countries, and is a skilled swimmer diving for over 10 minutes at a time. It has a circular, blue head with white circles around its eyes and a small, yellow beak. Piplup are very proud Pok"mon that dislike receiving food from others,and don't like to be taken care of. It's difficult to bond with since it won't listen to its Trainer. It is a poor walker, often falling down, but as a very proud Pok"mon, it always gets back up.
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Posted by 2001bhu 2 years ago
Posted by tejretics 2 years ago
It is a biased vote. I have reported it; otherwise I will send a PM to any of the moderators.
Posted by 2001bhu 2 years ago
Posted by 2001bhu 2 years ago
I think she made this debate for me to accept
Posted by 2001bhu 2 years ago
I lost because of a biased vote
Posted by MasterLucario 2 years ago
Ash actually sucks pretty bad. Sorry Ash fans, but i could beat him with only my Charizard easily.
Posted by PokemonCatch 2 years ago
Good luck challenger! :)
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