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What is love?

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Started: 10/24/2014 Category: Philosophy
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What is love?

Proposition: Love is an illusion! It is not real at all. Only a lie told by the chemical OXYTOCIN to confuse the mind into giving your heart and having it stepped on by the she-witch. I asked her to hurt me no more and she just said "wooohooohooo". What a load of garbage! Love stinks!

The burden of proof is on the Con to refute that love is merely an mental illusion brought on by oxytocin.


I am ready I will wait for pro to post his argument first since it is the natural cycle in debate to have pro go first.
Debate Round No. 1


Haha, I thought I already posted my argument but, anyway, here goes:

The Thesis: Emotions, as they appear subjectively, are deceptive. While they present themselves to our consciousness and are interpreted as being existentially valid barometers upon which to base our conception of the world, they are, in fact, nothing more than the neuro-chemical reactions. When we say "I love" someone (synonymous with the Greek eros), there is no actually entity such as "love". What is actually occurring is that the brain is being stuffed with an above-average amount of oxytocin. One does not, in fact, love the other person --- neither in the sense of eros or agape --- but rather the oxytocin, itself. Thus a more accurate statement would be "this purely electro-physical organism that conceives of itself as a self is flooded with oxytocin as stimulated by a series of sensory images which are identified as an external human being of 'attractive' qualities.'"

The reason I bring this up is because I, like many men, have fallen for a Russian e-mail scheme. A few months back I was contacted by what I thought was a beautiful Russian woman who wanted a well-to-do American man to spirit her away from her terrible poverty. She told me she was contacting me through an internet net-cafe in Blagoevgrad and she sent many pictures, many of which looked suspiciously like Milla Jovovich. However, one of the pictures showed her holding a pug wearing a traditional Cossack outfit (which I later found out was photo-shopped!), so I figured she must be the real thing. Anyway, to get her over to the States where she and I could live in lawfully wedded bliss in my grandmother's attic, I needed to send her $10,000. I did so through paypal. Then I heard nothing. I figured she had been captured by Soviet terrorists and was thinking about getting some camo-fatigues and pepper spray against her terrorist captors --- sort of like the movie Commando --- but then I got an e-mail which had a picture of a group of young Russian men pointing and laughing at me. This was followed by other pictures of what they bought with my money --- most all of which were Apple products. I sent them a lengthy letter telling them of their wickedness but to no avail. They then sent a photo-shopped image of a donkey whose rear-end looked suspiciously like my face.

When I went to the Russian Consulate in Maine, I was snickered at and told to write up a report. No resolution has been forthcoming, despite my repeated calls. Suffice to say this led to a 4 week pajama depression and I'm still not entirely over the whole affair. My grandmother called me a "damned fool" and "blithering moron" who "looks like a walrus got caught in a car door" and she reduced my fridge privileges, as a consequence.

Thus I conclude that love is unreal, that it is a mere hoax played upon us by the chemical known as oxytocin, and what happened to me could happen to anyone. In order to never let this happen again I have purchased a plethora of books and DVDs by Richard Dawkins, Steven Hawkwing, Neil de Grasse Tyson and Bill Nye the Science Guy. I am devoting the rest of my life to science, that I may disprove the reality of love so that other lonely grown men who live in their grandmother's attic do not become deceived by these scams, and are able to remind themselves of the illusion of love.

The burdens of proof is now on the Con to demonstrate the reality of love, above and beyond the utterly baseless and wicked presence of it in our bodies in the form of oxytocin.


Well me and my opponent agree with one thing in this round, that is that the way the world defines love is false.

Into:The world claims love is at first sight or it just happens. Which is probably why the divorce rate is about 50% as provided by the bureau of statistics and marriage 101. Love is real however and it is proven that people that have these types of loves tends to be happier and stay married longer provided by the blaze and and ton of studies that show correlations between people who go to church and have all 4 of these. There are some studies that show that even with just the bottom 3 relationships people tend to be happier and have a longer marriage.

Love is a choice and their are 4 types of love I will go over.

1. godly love/agape love =which is defined by the Greeks as godly love
2. sexual love or Eros love
3. family loves
4. brotherly love or friendship

cont. 1: love is actually a choice
I agree with you that the way love defined is false but I don't agree that it's not real. Love is a choice a human can choose to love someone. The world doesn't understand this and claims it just happens but that is false. When you love someone you trust them, you put their life either before yours or equal to yours, and you are bonded to them. Making love a choice improves relationships cause as a study from the Atlantic times shows is that when you get to know the person and understand them/rust them the relationship tends to be better. I believe love is real but it's a choice you choose to love someone or something just like you choose to hate someone or something. Hate is the pure opposite of love so both rules apply, you can either hate something or love it those emotions don't come up randomly you choose to feel those emotions. Some emotions are similar to this like you can choose to feel hopeless or you can choose to have faith or believe in something. What I am trying to say overall is that love works better if you make it a choice.

2. Love can die if you rush it
What you must understand is that if you rush love as in if you go by the worlds standards and just fall in love then you don't really understand the person or have a full connection with them so due to lack of understanding of their needs or of the person you might end up realizing you made the wrong choice simply because you didn't take time to know them and understand them.

cont 2: agape love
it is defined as a greek word in the new testament as meaning the love of god. Here is an example from the bible For God so loved (agape) the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life." (John 3:16) Also in many studies people who have a close relationship with god tend to have longer relationships. This love basically allows you to embrace the other loves better and is the type of love that keeps you from holding grudges or hating on others. If someone hits you you will not hit back. This love also results in generosity and forgiveness.

cont 3: eros/sexual/sensational love
The world mostly defines love in this category but what they don't understand is this is just a piece to a bunch of other loves that are vital to have. This love is based off attraction/sex so you can't just have this one alone cause when your spouse gets older it will wear off and relationship would go down hill. It is logical that yes this love will be included cause Bureau of statics shows that majority of people's first interest in the other sex is attraction from a distance; so yes this love can be included but it can't be alone.

cont 4: family love
A Stanford study showed that family love is the most important because it can determine how you develop and can determine your actions in the future. For example if you grow up with a family who mostly does drugs chances are you will to, or if you grow up with a family who shows compassion and gives to charity you probably will be influenced by those actions and do the same thing when you grow up. Also from birth a mom and dad nurtures the child. Family love is important to have because they can build you up and support you in your life. Your wife can be included in this love since of course with marriage she is part of your family.

5. brotherly love
This love is friendship love or brotherly love among members in church. This is a great love to have because you are more open and have people you can count on in hard times.

Conclusion: What I am tryingg to say today is that there are many types of love that work well together and have been proven to provide people with more happiness and more content in their lives. If you don't believe in god even if you just have family, Eros, and brotherly love you will have a better life and better relationships. So I believe that love is real but it's a choice and you choose what you love.
Debate Round No. 2


Well that's an incredibly wise and hopeful take on things. I guess love is real. Sort of. Or it can be. Maybe.

And you're 17? Dang.

I concede. :(

Stupid Russians.


yeah I just did this debate cause I was hoping to help people understand what love is. I hope this helps somewhat and I agree the world is wrong about it and I wish others knew the right way. And thx for compliment :C. Your points were all right though the way the world defines love as just eros is wrong so your 100% right honestly love is real but the wordly love is not.
Debate Round No. 3
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I wonder if Haddaway still makes money off that song. Probably not. Record companies are filthy like that, cheating their artists out of royalties. Then people steal the music, anyway.

Stupid world. That was a great song.
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Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me. No more.
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Get off this debate, whitesworstbarfbag. This is MY house. You get out. You villain!
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:p I might just change your mind my argument isn't a regular pro argument
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Pro's views are meaningless. l vote CON even before the debate begins!
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