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What is more valuable: Making your own clothes? Or paying over-priced fashions?

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Started: 9/17/2016 Category: Economics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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I think it is more valuable for everyone to find a sense of achievement in learning to create something original that they can make themselves as opposed to spending outrageous amounts of money from the fashion industry who seems to get greedier as time goes on. I realize that people are judged by their clothing style but who really has the right to try to change another person style choice?


I'll start by asking you some questions I need clarification on.

Do you believe finding a sense of achievement can only be obtained from learning to create something original?
What about the people that have no satisfaction in creating their own clothes, wouldn't they be wasting their time?
What demographic of people do you want to apply this too? Because there would be different groups of people that think the price of a specific pair of jeans is, over-priced, under-priced, and reasonably priced. As well as people that don't factor in the price of clothes to their decision making process.

You ask who really has the right to change another person's style choice, but that's exactly what you would be doing if you forced everyone to make their own clothes. You would be limiting people to wear clothes only of the styles they can create originally even if those styles aren't their preference.

Your misguided if you think having everyone make their own clothes would not allow people to be judged anymore. Instead of being judged on fashion sense or your economic standing you would be judged on your creative artistic ability and on the amount of time you want to personally dedicate to making your own clothes.
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Posted by Emmarie 1 year ago
I make my own patterns and construct my own clothing because I am so ridiculously picky about the way things fit. It takes me more than 40 hours to make some garments from drafting the pattern to finishing sewing the garment. Time is $$, even if you aren't going to sell a product. I "pay myself $10/hour in calculating how much a garment is worth to me (since I make close to that at my job) if a garment takes me 40 hours to make I value it at $400 not to mention the cost of the fabric, paper, thread and notions, so add another $50 to 100. This really isn't economical, as I could buy a similar product for less than half the cost of my labor, but I love my clothing to move with me and never bind when I bend or move, so I dedicate around a season every year to sewing a few select garments, as well as some gifts for family and friends. I've been drafting my own patterns and sewing for 32 years, and it isn't something that anyone has the ability to do well. I still am not the greatest seamstress, but I have mastered fit in making patterns.
Posted by BowlingforFish 1 year ago
Please specify what you mean by value.
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