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What is the best 3x3 on the market?

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Started: 1/21/2015 Category: Games
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I believe that the Moyu Aolong V2 is the best 3x3 on the market. Its corner-cutting is over 45 degrees. It is very smooth and extremely fast. The world record was set by this cube, too! The one problem it has is corner twisting, which happens rarely. Pops are even rarer, thanks to its anti-pop mechanism. The Aolong, in my eyes, is unbeatable.


I believe that having a DaYan Guhong is the best speed cube for me. I think that it is because it does not pop. When I scramble it or solve it the corners will not twist like the moyu along does. I don't care what you say about it Ethan! ITS BEST!!! I don't care its the best. I'm done arguing with you.
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Posted by SpeedCuberFTW 3 years ago
As the Guhong is good, the aolong is better. Even though the corners twist more often, it lacks in every element of a speedcube. Corner cuts are 35 degrees at best. Reverse is 1/3 of a piece. And, contrary to Cubing4lyfe, pops rather frequently. This compares to the Aolong that has 45+ degree corner cuting and 1/2+ in reverse. And this cube popping is rather unheard of, that is unless you have the tensions loosened to much.
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