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What is the best console game ever made?

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Started: 3/26/2015 Category: Entertainment
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In my personal opinion, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim still holds the title. With the open world and story line, there are many different ways and styles to playing the game. There is no game better, and if you say Call Of Duty games are better, you clearly have not played Skyrim. COD get old fast, and same with many other games. Skyrim is a game that can be played for 48 hours, and you still won't have seen everything. The story lines in most combat games are much to short, but Skyrim is the exception


The better game is Gta 4 because it has

-higher metacritic score (98%)
-Vehicles such as cars,helicopters,motorcycles, etc.
-Better Graphics

Skyrim is a good game but overated because it has outdated graphics, slow pacing, and just plain reptitive. I recomd the Fallout games to be better
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Posted by pixelmagic 2 years ago
Skyrim is a boring, dull, repetitive Scandinavian hiking simulator. I can't play it more than a few hours in a single save before I get bored. People who think Skyrim is so great probably never played Morrowind.
Posted by Bolas 2 years ago
If no one takes this I will, though I will solely be debating that Skyrim isn't the best game since every game "gets old" after a while.
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