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What is the best musical combination?

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Started: 6/23/2016 Category: Music
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Round 1-Accept Challenge
Round 2-Debate
Round 3-Rebuttal
The rules are to choose the best two instruments that compliment each other. But you cannot choose the human voice. Exceptions are if you want to add a video other instrument in the video are allowed if they are only accompany. ex the kick drum, cymbols etc. I am for piano and cello being the instruments that complement eachother. You can choose a single instrument as well as two of the same. You must pick two instruments though.


I accept.

I am torn between some combination of the violin/viola/cello.

The piano is honestly the most complete instrument there is (just wanted to say that).

I play violin, piano, flute, ukulele, guitar, melodica, orchestra bells, snare drum, and I can somewhat play viola (by default from violin).

I'm sorry I sound arrogant, its just not a lot of people care that I can play all those or realize how cool music is to play so I'll take this time to let the world know. What do you play? Cello or piano, or just a fan?

My primary instrument is violin, so my chosen combination will be the violin and the viola (although the cello is sooo cool.)

The floor is yours, my friend.
Debate Round No. 1


Sorry this is going to be really short. Just had exams today.

I play the piano as my main instrument and am just learning the violin.

I think that the piano and cello compliment eachother very well. With the piano's vast range of notes and the cello's powerful rich sound, the outcome can be really amazing. The piano also has a different sound from the cello and other stringed instruments which creates more variation from two stringed instruments.

Listen to this. Both the cello and piano are capable of playing the melody and both sound equally great.

This one is a good one too. Both are so well adapted to each other that they can easily switch from the melody to accompaniment.

Sorry that's all for now. You're a very talented musician playing all those instruments. I really wish I could play the violin really well to be able to do what the guys are doing in the video but I'm just beginning.


Thanks for having me, and its fine. We're all busy.

While the piano and cello make a great combination, I believe that the violin and the viola are better.

1. For starters, the violin and the viola are harder to play (I admit its not entirely relevant as to which combination is better, however they are more difficult to learn, and I think that should count for a little).

The Top Tens list places the viola as the 10th hardest instrument to play, while the violin takes the 1st spot as the hardest.

2. The violin/viola has an authentic, true string feel.

The piano is not really a stringed instrument. The violin and viola have similar sounds, and create a sound of 'in-sync'-ness
that the piano/cello cannot rival.

3. The violin and the viola play off of each other perfectly. As I'm sure most people know, the viola is tuned one string lower (basically). The violin provides the high, clear acoustics, while the viola can channel a deeper, lower tone. However the viola is still close enough to the violin that certain passages can sound as though they are the same instrument.

Essentially, what I am saying is that there is the perfect blend of similarity and disparity.

4. Proofs

I did have trouble finding violin/viola duets, as they are not the most common pair up (The ratio of violin to viola players is massive. There just aren't that many viola players in relation to cellos, pianos, guitars, and violins).

The video above is a nice duet of an old hymn I really enjoy. Both players are amateurs, as opposed to professionals like the Piano Guys.

THIS ONE YOU HAVE TO WATCH. (Sorry about the caps, its just a really good video)

The Handel-Halvorsen Passacaglia is probably the greatest violin/viola duet to be composed.

There is an Itzhak Perlman version, but I find this one more emotional and refreshing, though less technically correct. You should listen to the whole video through.

The Mozart Sinfonia Concertante is also very good, however it is very intricately detailed and long, so you may not want to spend a ton of time and listen to it now.

The floor is yours.
Debate Round No. 2


The definition of best is "most skillful, talented or sucessful."

Judging by that I will prove why piano and cello are more skillful first. The viola is part of the same family as the violin. They share similar qualities an like my opponent said before, if you've learned one you know how to play the other by default. Not so with the cello though. Both the viola and violin have an easier time bowing and both of them are smaller than the cello which helps make them easier. In terms of physical difficulty the cello is more challenging but that's about it. But when the viola and violin are compared with the piano it's an easy win which is more difficult. Where the viola and violin are only playing one note, the piano is playing many simultaneously. Considering that, the piano could quite technically play the exact same song that the viola and violin were playing. When put together the viola and violin are still both very challenging instruments but the piano and cello tips the scale in which is pair is more skillful.

As for talented, those two world class performers were very talented in the video that my opponent showed, but like I said before, a piano could easily replicate that exact song. Then add a cello for some extra rich and powerful notes and it'll sound better than before.
Listen to this. It's the theme song from Kung Fu Panda. It's definitely a song that stringed instruments can play. But with only stringed instruments you would leave out what the piano has got to bring to the table. The mix of the cello playing the stringed part and the piano makes this song sound above and beyond.

And finally for successful, just look at how many views the Piano Guys have. It's amazing how popular they are. Plus they even have concerts which people go to. People do go to see world class orchestras play classical music but they probably don't have as many fans as the Piano Guys. The pairing between a cello and a piano is really amazing.


In Conclusion,

The piano and cello are two amazing instruments. I don't want to take anything away from them. However, I believe that the violin/viola combo is superior.

1. First of all, I love the Piano Guys. I got to play with them in concert once. However, they produce their music in studios, so their sound can be filtered and perfected.

That duet was live, by 15 year olds.

2. While I respect the layers created by piano playing, it is irrelevant to the debate. The point of a duo/duet is in showcasing solo instruments. The piano can play 'more' notes than a violin or viola, but that does not make it better.

(I know I won't respond to your Rd 3 arguments, but I want to use the criteria for better that you outlined)

3. The violin and viola need more skill to play. The violin and viola aren't just about pressing on keys. With a piano, you will get a generic, uniform note as long as you hit the key.

On the violin/viola you have to hit sweet spots on the fingerboard, manipulate a secondary object (the bow), and use vibrato, which can be challenging to use when playing high notes.

Also, the further up the fingerboard you get, the more condensed each note is, so you have to smush your fingers close together to hit the right note.

Vibrato on the cello is much, much easier than on the violin and viola due to hand placement.

(And I don't think your argument about violin and viola being similar to play counts because this is a duo, so two separate people have to learn each instrument, not one person learning both.)

4. 'The piano also has a different sound from the cello and other stringed instruments which creates more variation from two stringed instruments.'

True, but I consider the similarities a plus, rather than a minus. Its subjective.

5. 'Both are so well adapted to each other that they can easily switch from the melody to accompaniment.'

The violin and viola can do that as well. Its not an exclusive trait.

I just feel that the violin and viola can express more emotion than the pedestrian sound of the piano. The cello I will concede is awesome, but the combo of the violin and the viola can play off the sound and range of each other and therefore are the stronger combination.

Great debate man.

Vote for me please.
Debate Round No. 3
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