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What is the best pixar movie

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Started: 7/15/2015 Category: Movies
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You can say your answer first since I can debate for a few


Since this is an open debate, I will accept your debate. I will choose Pixar's Up.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting my debate. First off I would like to say Up is a great movie, but my choice is a movie from the same director: Inside Out. Inside Out succeeds at everything that any Pixar movie can do but does it better. It really is just everything that works in any Pixar movie but better. There isn't much you can really say about it but I can try

Inside Out is the best Pixar movie because it's got a great premise, some of the best characters, incredible world building and animation, and the music is just incredible! Everyone usually agrees on the same thing about Up: the first 10 minutes are the best, while everything else isn't as strong. I don't know if I agree with the second half of that statement, but I certainly agree that the first 10 minutes have the most emotional punch. Inside Out, however, does a much better job spreading out that emotional core!


You're welcome for accepting your debate. I am glad that I have seen both movies, and I would warn everyone reading that I might get into spoilers. Now I liked Inside Out, but I did not find it as good as Up.

The number one praise of Inside Out is its originality, even though it's not. Let's look at the main motif, personifying emotions and using the human body as the main setting. Herman's Head, Osmosis Jones, Spongebob Squarepants' "Squalliam Returns," and Ned Declassified School Survival Guide's "Getting Organized," along with many other features have played this motif to death. The plot is very similar to Toy Story: A child moves to a new home and owns several sentient concepts that care about the child's life and feelings, and have to face the problem of personality changes and the child aging. The main characters have as much personality as the seven dwarfs. The difference that the dwarfs were in the background, while these emotions are in the foreground. Their predictable behaviors makes their "react" style humor fall flat most of the time, and the rest of the movie had only a few punch lines that made me chuckle. The story is very bland and really predictable (How many times did they bring up the rocket? Like 8?). The animation inside the head can be really creative at times, but the character design and anything outside the brain is so, so bland. The soundtrack is appealing, but sounds like stock Windows music ( Even the theme (accept your feelings and who you are) was already discussed in Wreck-It-Ralph. It's nothing special.

Now let's look at Up. I don't think I need to bring up the first ten minutes,but I'll bring it up anyway. The movie makes you emotionally invested in Carl with barely any dialogue, and a beautiful montage. Up is the ultimate adventure, and the content is very relatable. Look at all the animation and listen to the soundtrack ( The comedy is much funnier, and the message behind it is inspirational: You're never too old to accomplish your dreams, your loved ones are always with you in your heart, and you should try to help everyone you can. There's a reason this movie won two out of the five Oscars it was nominated for. Up is far superior.
Debate Round No. 2


Before I respond


You know I hate that oh its not original and everyone says it was so I have to think its worse than it actually was. Film, books, TV, and even YouTube has been around for years, I'm pretty sure every idea is done at this point even I bet a similar concept to Up has been done before. It doesn't matter how many times a concept has been done what matters is if it's good I'd take a great movie that has been done before than a bad movie (and I'm not calling up bad) that's original. Yes the idea has been done before, but they take it in so many different ways. Also it hasn't been done to death wow a few episodes of TV shows. Just because Up is more original doesn't mean it's better. Didn't you see that picture floating around about how all Pixar movies are about what if blank had emotions. For Up it was what if dogs had emotions since there is a dog named Dug along with others that have feelings, so there that was copying Toy Story and even the story of Toy Story isn't that original ooh toys coming to life that's been done before. Typing this I just thought of a similar film Porco Rosso or maybe Laputa: Castle in the Sky. Not that they are similar but they kinda feel similar in their spirit, the adventurous aspect of them. So I've attacked that point now onto the next one.

You say you only chuckled a couple times, you know same with Up or really any Pixar movie the more I think about it. They aren't really laugh out loud comedies, they're not supposed to be but the jokes that are told really work, same with Up that isn't a laugh riot but the jokes that work really work.

You say the story is predictable, ok so the only Pixar film that takes risks is predictable, you predicted there wouldn't be a villain but still be a conflict, cause every other Pixar movie has a villain, newsflash you can have conflicts without villains. You predicted that Bing Bong (a main character that isn't a bad guy) would die. No its usually a villain that dies. These Pixar movies teach you to forgive and love everything (or along those lines) and then kills off the villain, but this throws a twist and kills a good guy mainly cause there's no villain. Thank you something different. Saying they remind kids about the Rocket isn't a bad thing. Up also reminds you about stuff like Ellie about 5 times.

You say sometimes the animation isn't great, big whoop neither is up. I looked it up most pixar movies have the same animators especially Up and Inside Out its about 20.

Exactly Up's first ten minutes are so sad and great imagine up's first ten minutes except those happen like three times in Inside Out. Losing your childhood imaginary friend is just as devastating to a kid as losing your wife is to an adult.

Up does have a good theme, but so does Inside Out and it's better everyone needs a little sadness.

Great Up won Oscars, you know so will Inside Out the Oscars haven't happened yet for that year. It'll win Best animated feature, it could win or at least get nominated for best picture it could get best song or at least a nom for the bing bong song or triple dent gum, Lava will win best animated short, anything Inside out or anything attached to it will win. You talked longer bashing Inside Out then actually talking about Up, but I have done both. Also if were just going by ratings Inside Out has a higher rating everywhere. It'll probably win best original screenplay. They aren't going to say oh wait it's adapted from that Herman's Head show no one remembers.

But to recap for you Up is superior since it got a couple Oscars and the Oscars for inside out's year hasn't been announced and It's superior cause its original and a film that's original is always better, but I still love Up, but Inside Out did everything Up did but better.


First off, your English is completely terrible and I suggest, since you get more points for it, you try to work on your grammar capabilities.

Now you say that you hate "Oh it's not original" argument, but that is the number one praise for the movie. Every single trailer, every single fanboy, "IT'S SO CREATIVE." The episodes AND movies I listed were just some examples from the top of my head. Inside Out was original some ways, but it's not SUPER creative. I'm not saying the Inside Out is bad for slightly twisting on the concept of anthropomorphism. I'm saying calling it the most original movie ever is a stretch. I assume this is the picture you referenced ( to support your argument. This picture is supposed to be a humorous tumblr post, and it's pretty obvious that it's not supposed to be taken seriously. When I think adventure, do I think about Joy and Sadness going through hallways and failed jokes? No.

While Pixar movies are not directly "comedies," their jokes are supposed to make you not only grin or chuckle, but laugh or giggle. I can only remember three points in Inside Out that made me only chuckle: The "Participation Award" joke, the first two times the gum commercial was brought up, and the Brazilian helicopter pilot joke. Not only were the jokes from Up funnier, they were more memorable. The scene where he braces himself to cross the plank only to fall suddenly, the scenes where Russell knocks on Carl's door, the slapstick comedy Kevin performs, Carl's daydream about dropping Russell. I remember all of these jokes so vividly, but not in Inside Out. Inside Out's comedy seems like a desperate hand reaching out from Pixar as it apologizes for making Cars 2.

Inside Out is the only to take risks huh? Making and spending time on a movie is a risk itself. The business is so competitive and cut-throat that there's no guarantee of making tons of money or appealing to everyone. Even though I never brought up the lack of villains in my argument, I will say that just because there's no villain doesn't make it more creative or risky. Movies like Bolt, Hotel Transylvania, The Croods, Brother Bear, they have no villains. There's four types of conflict: Man vs Man, Man vs Society, Man vs Nature, and Man vs Himself. I am aware you can have conflict without a physical antagonist. Yes, I predicted that Bing Bong was going to die. It's pretty obvious: He CONSTANTLY talks about how Riley's aging and how he has become useless, and mentions the rocket and its song-power multiple times. It's not a bad thing to mention it twice, but he does it more than that. And the "heroic sacrifice" is nothing new: Tangled, Frozen, Brother Bear, the Iron Giant. You say that Up brings up Ellie 5 times, even though that Ellie is more of a character than a "twist ending". That's another thing than Up does that's marvelous: They introduce us to Ellie in the first 10 minutes, and makes us feel that she's with us on every step of Carl's journey. It's not just a story about forgiving and loving everything, it's a story about letting go and accomplishing your dreams.

You say Up doesn't have great animation?! Did we see the same movie? The character designs were actually creative, the settings were appealing when they needed to be, and disturbing when they needed to be, and we actually got a sense of the world they were exploring. Each one of those 10,297 (sometimes even 20,622) balloons had to be animated. It's just more appealing to look at, and you have to admire the creativity and effort put into the project. Russell's Wilderness Explorers uniform is far more creative than a red box with eyes and a tie.

There was absolutely no point in Inside Out that was emotional than the first ten minutes of Up. In the first ten minutes of Up we see two children meet and fall in love, get married, get jobs that make children happy, plan to have children, have a miscarriage, get older, and one becomes a widower. If you say that losing a concept created by your imagination due to your maturity developing is equal to losing your wife you are simply insane.

I'm not saying that Inside Out's theme is bad, I am saying that it is not anything new and is not as good as Up's. You can watch Wreck-It-Ralph and get the same message.

Inside Out might win Best Animated Picture simply because there is no competition for it this year. What else has/is coming out this year? Minions? Home? Hotel Transylvania 2? Inside Out is most likely not going to win any others. The only reason you're saying it's going to win more is the same reason that people are rating it so high on Metacritic and IMDb (the only two sites that rate Inside Out higher than Up, by the way): the hype. I would give it at least three months and I bet that everyone's views on Inside Out will dimmer down. This is a common thing that happens. There hasn't been enough time for Inside Out to sink in, to think about it deeply enough. I talked more about Inside Out because I have grown use to one topic debates like "Is Inside Out the best Pixar movie?" But I did talk about Up. I gave it its own paragraph, saying that it did everything better than Inside Out. I never said that Inside Out was an adaptation of Herman's Head, it just uses the same motif.

You're twisting my argument. I said that Up deserved those Oscars. I didn't rely on them as a source, like you try to say I did. I enjoyed Inside Out, but it is simply not superior to Up.

Inside Out just seems like Pixar's apology if you look at it. They took a common motif, mixed in features of their own work, plus some from Disney, and made a decent film. After Cars 2 and Brave, Inside Out does seem like the first decent Pixar movie in a while. But if we're seeing which is the best one in their filmography, it has to be Up. Not because in won the Oscars, but because it does everything better than the rest. The emotions it makes us feel, not only in the ten minutes, but with the campfire scene between Carl and Russell, when Carl meets his childhood hero, and when Carl leaves Ellie and the house by the waterfall. The connection it's able to create between the audience and the characters, and to do it so quickly. The grandiose music that uplifts our spirits. The creative, appealing animation that took tons of effort. The theme that inspires many. And it is actually memorable and just a better film.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by maddy1234540 2 years ago
how about both of you are wrong.
Shrek is love
Shrek is life
for he is our lord and savior
I know its not Pixar
but it r best
Posted by robertacollier 2 years ago
$hit by any other name still stinks.
Posted by ChristopherCaldwell 2 years ago
I'll take this debate. I'll choose Up.
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