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What is the best religion?. Islam?

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Started: 6/2/2015 Category: Technology
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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What is the best religion? I think it's Islam


No,i in my point of view i think buddhism is the best religion.I don't islam is the best religion because in islamic countries there is many religion conflict,wars,and people are there being treated badly.Homosexual people have no right.In islamic countries homosexual get death penalty just because they believe that homosexual is sinful .Also women don't have equal right.Men have more right than women.Also islamic countries is one of the most violent countries in the world.In afghanistan and irak ,people die everyday due to terrorist attack.
Debate Round No. 1


so are you saying that they act like that because of the religion ?
i think many muslims would disagree to what you have just said.
It's not the religion that's making them doing those terrorist attacks its only the radical once the have the idea to...
bc if you say that it's like this you'd be saying that every muslim is a terrorist.


Yes not all muslims become terrorist.But the islamic countries is one of the most violent country.There is many conflict and wars.Also terrorist practise their attacks with koran book.
Debate Round No. 2


So just because they practice terrorism with the koran book you would say it's the religions fault ?
I would say that the terrorist only use the koran book as an excuse to say that what they are doing is for religion.
Even if they do it for thier own benefits.
Because the koran doesnt say you should kill people if they disagree with you.
Or make people from other religions your enemy.
So don't take terrorism as an excuse to say why the islamic religion is bad Stephannoi.


An what about homosexual excecution, Women rights,capital punishment ? In christian countries homosexual have more right than in islamic countries.Homosexual even get death penalty .Women has less right than men.And in islamic countries is one of the most violent capital punishment around the world.In european countries gays even have right to marriage.While in islamic countries they don't provide these oppurnity.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ChrisKay 3 years ago
you say "But I admire the way muslims handel their problems. Imagine how much order and discipline there would be when everything gets controlled like that."

the aspects you mention are NOT related to religion. But more on the lack of democracy and/or the presence of a dictatorship

Have you heard of Hitler? or Stalin?

They were not Muslim. And there was a lot of order and discipline in the countries they controlled. And also they solved their problems by invading neighboring countries.

As another person commented below, EDUCATION is the key for a healthy society where people are smart enough to make their own decision and live in peace and harmony. There are quite a few examples that this is possible in different continents and different religions.
Posted by thewiseguy1 3 years ago
If we are to believe religion in the 1st instance we can move onto the 2nd.


We were created and given mind in the begining
We were taught only goodness
We were all positive harmony and flourishing with joy and happiness, we did not know anything other than this...but!!!
We were created and given choice on our mind
We disobeyed our creator and chose wrongfully

We now have nagative processes in our minds
This created evil
This was spread
This created wars fammine and all the negative in the world today

Educate yourself to understand

Education in the beginning is the stemcell to perfect utopia, and is not possible no matter what changes you make now it is too late. You can only sin for we are all sinners in someway...
Posted by Ra1pH_Na8oR 3 years ago
I would like to note the logic error in your question. First you ask what is the best religion, then you lead in with your own answer. You might as well just asked, is Islam the best? To which question I might ask, why are you favoring Islam? If the vague version (non-specific to any religion) is asked, I'd say that can only be answered with a vague response. Personally, I believe religion is subjective. Most people are a specific religion because they were raised in a family of a specific religion, others choose a religion because it's what they might relate to.
Posted by Roasted.Chicken 3 years ago
And buddhism is only depressing if you have a bad life my friend.
Posted by Roasted.Chicken 3 years ago
I dont believe in any religion my friend. I'm just here to debate.
But I admire the way muslims handel their problems. Imagine how much order and discipline there would be when everything gets controlled like that. Somebody breaks the rule? good execute him
and show the other what the consequences are.
Cruelty needs to be there...or people will never learn.
Posted by ginger_boy 3 years ago
all of you can kneel before me your new god "Gionger Boy"
Posted by Kryptic 3 years ago
it's all trash
Posted by Forthelulz 3 years ago
Neither. Roman Catholicism is the best. Now the arguments given. Islam is a religion whose holy book that every member absolutely has to adhere to flat-out says to conduct expansionary policies, commit war crimes, and treat women as second-class citizens, all the while while praying to a twisted effigy of the Abrahamic God, while Buddhism is outright depressing. I mean, die and come back to do it over, bereft of your memories? That's just cruel.
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