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What is the best (video) game in History?

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Started: 1/27/2015 Category: Games
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Whoooo, my first debate in a while. Let's go. Acceptance in round 1, and arguments in 2-3, with 4 as a conclusion. Pick a video game and debate. Pictures to support your case is allowed.

Accepting all, but if you accept, then troll, all 7-points go to con. Let's go!


I accept this debate and will be arguing pro. The video game I choose will be Pokemon Red/Blue for the original game boy. I will post my main contentions with explanations in the next round.
Debate Round No. 1


The game I propose is Mojang's Minecraft. I support it with these first three reasons.

1) Multiplayer. It was not the first one to use multiplayer, but for consoles and PC, this game kicked off with a bang. Many people were drawn in with its simple looks yet complex gameplay. People, with Minecraft's multiplayer mode, could build expanse castles, play games such as the Hunger Games, Divergent, The Walls( A game in which you have 15 minutes to gather resoures before the four main walls fall down, letting the other players come and attack you.) All of these things were done with simple gameplay mechanics.
2) It's diverse Mod(Modifications to the game) base. On the PC, people could create their own mods for the game. Minecraft could be more than one game! Many mods were quickly introduced into the game, including Pixelmon, a pokemon readaptation for the game.
3) Other games have Easter Eggs about it. ( Easter Egg (n.) A reference or cameo to a certain thing often in video games) Many popular games have Minecraft Easter Eggs, showing how popular it is in the video gaming industry. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has an Easter egg called 'Notched Pick Axe' a reference to Mojang's creator, Notch, and the Pick Axe refrence is to Notch's game....Minecraft. Borderlands 2, a game by 2K industries, features a whole cavern of references to Minecraft. Both of these have acheived Game Of The Year by several illustrious websites.

Your Move, Con.


I will start by first responding to the 3 reasons that Con has brought up and then creating my own major points as to why I believe Pokemon Red/Blue are the best games ever made.

1. Multiplayer. Multiplayer is a very important part of many games. Video games such as call of duty have grown to succeed based almost exclusively on the multiplayer features of the franchise. You bring about Minecraft which of course sparked whole communities dedicated to interacting with one another about the game. But what game actually requires multiplayer in order to complete it? Pokemon. It is impossible in every version of Pokemon to complete the mission of getting all the pokemon in the world without interacting with friends. Of the 151 original pokemon (150 technically since Mew is but a glitch)- many such as Kadabra and Haunter require trading in order to evolve. Both versions of the game have version exclusives which means that certain pokemon appear only in certain versions.

The game takes on a unique approach to gaming. It gets rid of the notion that gaming is for the shut-in anti-social. Rather, Pokemon encourages friendship and group collaboration in order to complete the game. Minecraft can be completed by a sole person without aid of friends. Pokemon promotes friendship by making multiplayer a requirement within the game series.

2. Modifications- Granted Pokemon does not have any modifications added to it. However, there is a unique adventure that is had each time you play the pokemon game. You have a choice of 3 starters and 150 pokemon (in the original games of course) to add to your team! Each experience is a new one and battling the elite four with unique teams makes each experience worth-wile. The highest selling point of Pokemon is the fact that it has a desire to be replayed again and again. Minecraft might have mods- but Pokemon doesn't need mods in order to create a unique experience each time you play the game.

3. Easter Eggs- Pokemon is quite possibly one of the most popular video games of all time. It paved the way for generations of pokemon to come and it is still successful to this day. There are plenty of references regarding Pokemon in many areas. For example- The anime Anohana features an episode in which the protagonist and his friends play pokemon in order to catch the rarest one (you can even see them trading in the anime- back to point 1). Here is the link to a pokemon scene in the anime:

But lets get away from Tv shows/anime/movies. Pokemon appears in way more popular forms of those media including southpark. Lets go to videogames. In the legend of zelda there is a mask that looks extremely familiar to a pokemon. In elder scrolls there is a weepingbell hall. Actually, there are so many pokemon related easter eggs, you can read about all of them on this page:

Now to my 3 main arguments. Since I feel that my opponent's 3 points actually strengthened my own- I will try to be short and concise.

1. Cultural Impact.

There is no mistaken that pokemon has left a huge imprint on both Japanese, American, and many other cultures. Kids from all countries have grown up to love the series and kids even now are still experiencing pokemon for the first time. You can see the cultural impact by the link I posted above showing how much pokemon appears in other forms of media. In addition, here are some of the awards pokemon won from the Guinness World Book of Records in 2008: "Most Successful RPG Series of All Time" and "Game Series With the Most Spin-Off Movies". You may recall in 2009 a popular trend went about which was the facebook Pokemon profile picture month. As an event on facebook nearly 250,000 people "Attended" and at least that amount changed their facebook profile picture to a pokemon for the month. Pokemon balloons constantly appear in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and most recently- Twitch Plays Pokemon became an internet sensation. What's more to say? Oh yeah... its also on the list of best selling video game franchises seen here:

(Excuse my wikipedia but the numbers are correct- I use it because it shows its sales in comparison to other video game series).

2. International Success In Every Aspect:

Pokemon Red and Blue sparked a franchise that received success in the fields of movies, anime, manga, video games, and merchandise. Without red and blue, the franchise wouldn't have become nearly as successful. To keep things short: It is the 11th highest-grossing animated franchises and film series . Minecraft may be successful as a PC game- Pokemon is a successful video game, anime, manga, and franchise in general.

I feel that I do not need a third point because I have been clear with my 2 main points as well as my rebuttal to my opponent. I will await his response.
Debate Round No. 2


LeastCommonDenominator forfeited this round.


Unfortunately my opponent forfeited the round to a debate I was really looking forward to finishing. Vote pro I guess!
Debate Round No. 3


LeastCommonDenominator forfeited this round.


Vote Pro!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by LeastCommonDenominator 3 years ago
i apologize as I cannot finish this argument due to unforeseen circumstances. Sorry to pro.
Posted by Idiosyncratic 3 years ago
Just Cause 2. Explosions, bullets, vehicles, commies, freedom in large doses. It has it all.
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