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What is the best weapon combination in a zombie apocalypse?

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Started: 4/19/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The weapons must fall into a certain category. You may only have 3 weapons. The three categories are:
1. Melee
2. Side Arm
3. Main

My choices are:

1. Common Fire Ax
2. 9 mm Silenced Pistol
3. 30-06 Springfield Rifle

Rounds go as seen.
1. Acceptance
2. Main Arguments (No Rebuttal)
3. Rebuttal
4. Final Focus

I thank masterjared ahead of time for accepting this debate.


I accept this debate and I will choose these three weapons.

Main- Compound Bow
Sidearm- 9mm Colt Pistol
Melee- Katana
Debate Round No. 1


My weapons are clearly more superior for a number of reasons. My first weapon is the Common Fire Axe.

The Fire Ax can come in handy at many points in a zombie apocalypse.
1. Combat
2. Survival
3. Accessibility

The fire ax can be used in a combat situation to chop the undead head off an opponent. One mighty swing will render you foe useless on the ground. A good hit with he ax can take away limbs. A legless zombie can not chase you, or an armless zombie can not grab you. Simply a slice with an axe would almost always leave you successful.

Survival is essential in an end of the world situation. Food and shelter are some of main things you need for life. A fire ax can come in handy for both of these things. You can use the ax to hunt slow moving prey and provide food. A cow standing in a field is easy prey. It may even be used in a trap where your ax falls like a guillotine when a wire is tripped. The ax can come in handy for building a make do shelter. Chop your way into an abandoned house and spend the night with a warm fire made out of the wood you cut. The ax is very useful for a survival situation.

Last for the fire ax is accessibility. The average office building has a fire station somewhere in the building. This means an axe is usually within reach. A quick jog to the next room and you have a weapon that will flatten your attacker.With so many in reach a fire ax is definitely a good choice.

My second weapon for a apocalyptic situation would be the 9mm Silenced Pistol. The pistol is ideal for you because of many reasons.
1. Access
2. Silence
3. Reload Time

A 9mm pistol can be easily acquired at your local gun shop, pawn shop, or Wal-Mart. The ammo is extremely easy to aquire and it is in high supply. By silencing the weapon you effectively keep other zombies within the area unaware of your presence. An unaware enemy is easier to take care of compared to a moving, attacking enemy. With the silenced gun you can potentially take out a group of idiotic undead foes without one of them even raising alarm. The reload time on your average 9mm, as long as you have an extra clip, is just 3 seconds. It takes less than a minute to prepare multiple clips. Take care of your enemies, stop and reload, go to the next hoard. The 9mm is quite obviously a great weapon.

We have talked about the close range fire ax which flattens the undead in a sigle blow and the 9mm silenced pistol which silently eliminates the walking dead. Then there is the case when you need to enter a small town. Using convenient binoculars you see that many undead are in your way. To take care of them and leave yourself unharmed, you shall need a weapon of long range. The perfect weapon for this is the Scoped .30-06 Springfield Rifle.

This weapon is a sleek design and can fit almost anywhere. Simply strap it to your back or put it in the back seat of your car. When you come into longe range conflict, the Springfield is the best weapon.

Thank you. I now will let my opponent present his case.


Below you will read why my weapon combination is superior to all others.
During a zombie apocalypse you are going to want to have the most lightweight and fast weapons available and they obviously need to be effective. My weapons are superior because of the reasons below.

The first weapon I will tell you about is the compound bow. The compound bow is a modern bow with high power. It is a silent weapon that can do a lot of damage. With natural skill and fast reactions the compound bow can become one of the most useful weapons in an apocalypse. It can shoot up to 80 yards accurately allowing you to take down targets from a distance. You can poison the arrow tips so you can take down human targets to when the situation arises. When you fire a bow it is silent so it will not attract zombies to your position. The ammo is fairly easy to make. You probably couldn"t make metal arrows but you could definably make wooden ones. The bow does not need to be oiled or cleaned in any way do to how it is made of metal. The only time you would need to clean it is if you don"t want it to squeak. The repairs on the bow would be fairly easy. If it the wire broke then you can easily replace that due to how it is everywhere. If the bow itself breaks you can melt the pieces back together. I personally have done this. Any one can do it. The compound bow can shoot through a car door at full draw back. A wood fence would not be a problem. This means that it can go through a lot of different types of obstacles. It is these reasons why the compound bow would be good during a zombie apocalypse.

The second weapon I will tell you about is the 9mm Colt Pistol. It is not the strongest pistol but the ammo is very common and can once again be repaired easily. Its range is all the way up to 100 yards. That is
300 feet. That is very impressive in my opinion. Its design is meant for concealment and lightweight travel. That means it will not weigh you down when you are scavenging. Also because of the low recoil when you are fighting zombies you can dispatch a group of them quickly. The gun is also highly customizable if you want to become known in the ruins. The bullets for the Colt are also easy to make. The gun is made up of seven main parts. So it is easy to replace the parts.

The last weapon I will tell you about is the Katana. The Katana is the most Superior weapon mainly due to its strength and power. The shape of the blade makes it have little air resistance and gives it a lot of striking power. The way the Katana is made balances out the weight allowing the user to swing multiple times with out getting tired. The weight of the katana can allow it to slice through bone if swung with the proper strength. I personally know how to use a Katana and I could do a lot of damage to a group of Zombies. It is a very lightweight weapon meaning it would not slow you down much. In a zombie apocalypse the goal is to be able to find a place where you will not die. So you will need to collect a bunch of food so you can survive. It is theses reasons that I hope you vote for my weapon combination.
Debate Round No. 2


There are multiple reasons my MasterJared's weapon combination is not a good one. Lets take a look at each individual weapon and point out the flaws in each.

His first weapon is the compound bow. He mentions that with skill and speed, the compound bow may be good. My only problem with this statement is the fact that it takes months of training to master the compound bow to the point of lethal use. You need to be able to load that bow fast enough to defend you in a close situation. You also need to train to hit a small target with even a little accuracy. The kill spot on the average human (i am using a human to simulate a zombie) is no larger that a watermelon. To hit this spot from over 50 yards is extremely hard. This makes the weapon impractical for your average apocalypse survivor.

He also begins to say that repair and ammo are easy to use and make. Upon research you need many things to build an arrow or bow. The compound bow requires arrows with special characteristics. For one, it needs a notch and feathers. The arrows need special feathers and notches to keep it on balance while in flight. If these are not used, then the arrow will not fly straight, rendering the bow useless. The bow string for a compound bow is usually made of an aluminum or magnesium alloy. This metal is stretched to a poundage of about 100 pounds. To install such a string on your average bow would take special tools and equipment. Unless you carry such tools with you, then the bow is impractical. Lastly, he says that if the actual bow stalk breaks then you can melt or weld it back together. This is simply absurd. Upon a bad melting or welding procedure the bow will become weaker. This makes it more prone to break. With more repairs of this style the bow will become weaker and weaker until it is useless.

This weapon is definitely a bad choice in an apocalypse compared to the Springfield .30-06 Scoped Rifle. MasterJared states that his weapon can go through a car door and a wooden fence. I can say with the utmost certainty that my rifle would easily go through 2 car doors at 100 yards. It would tear through the wood like paper. The scope allows for easy targeting and almost every shot will be a kill. The Springfield is an easy weapon to clean in your free time. The average cleaning utensils can fit into something the size of a fanny pack. Easy storage and toting renders his argument regarding cleaning null.

He soon begins talking about his side arm, the 9mm Colt Pistol. Being so similar to my own it is hard to disprove his weapon. I agree with all of his things regarding the 9mm except for one thing. My pistol includes a silencer. This means my weapon is silent and can take out enemies without attracting attention. He also specifies the fact that his weapons is a colt. The common colt can only handle 6 shots. My pistol would be able to carry one in the camber while having a clip that carries 8 shots. His gun runs out of ammo much faster than mine. This allows me to dispose of more zombies.

My opponents last weapon of choice was the katana, the traditional Japanese melee weapon. This is a weapon usually thought of as a good zombie weapon when in fact it is not. I render my argument to the following site:

If I had a dollar for every time someone declared a katana to be the ultimate zombie weapon, I"d be rich by now. But what actually is a katana, and how much help will it be in staying alive in an undead world?

Contrary to popular belief, the term katana in Japanese was originally applied to any kind of single-edged curved sword, of any origin. Therefore, an old U.S. Civil War battle sword was just as much a katana as anything you find in the Land of the Rising Sun. For our purposes here, we"ll use the more contemporary definition that a katana is the standard size, slightly curved Japanese sword with a blade length of greater than 60 cm.

In a recent interview, modern Samurai Master, Yoshinori Kouno, pointed out that only katanas made in the traditional Japanese way, Tamahagane, are strong enough to withstand real battle. These swords have a specific blend of high and low carbon not found in store-bought replicas, no matter what their advertised quality. However, the imposter weapons can still be sharpened to a fine blade, making them extremely dangerous to the inexperienced user.

"It takes decades to become battle-ready with a katana. Anyone with less experience is likely to cut their own leg or foot off on a deflection or missed attack. You"re better to hope your fake katana breaks on your first hit. It will spare you a major self-inflicted injury."
Kouno closed the interview by stating that there are only a handful of people on the planet who could effectively use a katana in battle. For the rest of us it would be nothing more than a recipe for certain death.

Don"t get me wrong. The notion of fighting zombies with a deadly katana is as appealing to me as the next guy, but it is also equally unrealistic. In my research I"ve found that a real Japanese katana is difficult to master, nearly impossible to find and purchase at a reasonable price, and limited in its real-world application.

Good thing I"ve still got my trusty crow bar, baseball bat, or fire ax.

It is for these reasons that I believe my weapons are superior to his. Thank you. Please vote pro.'s_Manufacturing_Company


There is a numerous reason why thedebatekids weapon set is bad. So lets take a look at his weapons and point out every individual flaw.

First of all lets look at his melee weapon. The most obvious flaw I see is he says that the Fire Axe is an accessible weapon. That is just the problem it is so accessible that it would be the first thing taken in an apocalypse. The odds of getting one would be really low. Not only that but during melee fighting it would be hard to fight with. It weighs up to 12 pounds. I would like to see someone swing that against a zombie hoard while running. You can"t swing it fast and its easy to lose balance. They break really easy. My opponent said earlier that the Fire Axe could be used to chop a zombies head off. Well by doing this over and over the axe would break really fast and including the basic things an axe is meant for it would break really fast. You also have to sharpen it often. The reason it has such thick metal is because it needs to be able to chop down doors and because it has to be sharpened a lot. Another problem to using a fire axe, which can be fatal in an apocalyptic world, is the injuries a fire axe can inflict on you. The repetitive swinging motion in an axe can damage the tendons and the shaking from the axe when you hit something hard can once again hurt you. One such thing is Tendonitis.
Unlike my opponent I will not copy information word for word from another sight but I can change what I see to made it easier to understand. As I said earlier you can"t swing an axe real fast repetitively but unlike the axe with a Katana you can. Even the decorative Katana can do some serious damage. Unfortunately the decorative axe can not. The wood would be weak and the blade would be made out of the cheapest material possible.

Now lets go to the 9mm Silenced Pistol. Now we can all assume that he is talking about the most common type. Dissimilar to the Colt 9mm this weapon has more complex parts and is harder to repair. Once again unlike the Colt you can not modify the average 9mm. They hold only 8 shots so why would you get a weaker weapon, that is harder to repair when you can get a weapon that is simpler, stronger, and more effective. The average 9mm is not as thin as the Colt 9mm and is less accurate. The shorter barrel to the Average 9mm makes it less accurate and therefore less efficient. The fact that you can"t modify the Average 9mm Pistol means that you can"t do much to it. The Colt Pistol on the other hand can be modified to have an extended magazine, SUPPRESSOR, and many other things. The average 9mm might be similar but it is far outdone by the Colt Pistol. Now lets go to his main weapon.

The Springfield Rifle 30-06 according to my business teacher who has hunted with one knows and says that the Springfield Rifle 30-06 would be a terrible weapon in a zombie apocalypse. We both agreed that they would make so much noise that it would attract a huge hoard of zombies. It is also a bolt-action weapon so it would be slow and you would not be able to stop the Zombies sprinting after you after alerting every zombie in the entire town that you are there. It only holds 5 bullets including the one in the chamber. That would not be enough to hold off a bunch of zombies. Also the ammo is really hard to get. You couldn"t just go to the nearest household and find those bullets they are excruciatingly difficult to make but are very powerful. You do not need a powerful rifle to put a bullet in a zombies head. That reminds me that all Springfield Rifles are mostly wood and would rot and break making the gun utterly useless. The gun also needs to be cleaned regularly in order to operate properly. Also unlike arrows you can"t retrieve a bullet that you shot off. It is these reasons and many more that I hope you see my logic and vote for my weapon set.

Debate Round No. 3


thedebatekid forfeited this round.


MasterJared forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by MasterJared 4 years ago
This was a fun debate. I enjoyed thinking of all the factors in a zombie apocalypse.
We might have a rematch later though. We should make a document entirely based on what would happen to a family in the beginning of an apocalypse.
Posted by thedebatekid 4 years ago
Forgive me, access to internet was limited over my long weekend. A possible rematch (if needed) may be in the future.
Posted by LOLZZ 4 years ago
Nothings happening doo someting
Posted by LOLZZ 4 years ago
I think that the fire axe would be extremely helpful in a zombie apocalypse. He did not think the main weapon through though. It is really loud and would get a lot of attention. Also axes are heavy. The Jared guy worked put a lot of detail into the colt pistol. The other guy was not that spicific.
Posted by MasterJared 4 years ago
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