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What is your opinion on pit bulls?

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Started: 12/15/2016 Category: Society
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Do you think pit bulls are only bad because of their owners or because they were bred that way?


I would say it is a combination of both! Pit-bulls are not necessarily bad: they are good at what they do. They are loyal, intelligent, and good fighters.

They have a certain gaminess to them that allows them to defeat larger, more muscular dogs such as Turkish Kangal wolf-killer dogs through a pit bull's superior technique and initiative. Pit bulls do not have 'locking jaws.' No animal does, not even certain types army ant soldiers who's sole job is to sacrificially bite large prey.

Pit Bulls are also tough as nails. My friend had a pit-bull who was the runt of the litter from an impressive bloodline, and the dog routinely pulled him up a hill on a skateboard, while on a choke chain collar! My friend cared deeply for his pet, and was concerned because he would cough sometimes, and took him for expensive vet visits to buy cough medicine for his four legged friend. We suggested he use a harness instead of a choke chain, and the coughing stopped, it was a miracle!

Apparently that is just a normal thing pit-bull owners do, and the pit bulls are so muscular they can handle it: the choke chain is necessary to control them in most cases, even if they are well trained and obedient. That is why the police and military don't use them, but antebellum southern slave owners did. Some pit bull breeds are known for climbing trees and performing other incredible feats of ability without formal training. Pit bulls are used as fighting dogs even though German Shepard Dogs actually bite harder and are more intelligent when it comes to being trained. Pit bulls win due to their temperament and their different kind of intelligence, a more physical intelligence.

When a Pit bull sees another dog, they will generally not even look at them, but if they see a threatening person or pit bull they don't know, they will become quite aggressive if not controlled. They aren't bad dogs, they are highly specialized, and need to be respected. My friends and I hate dog fighting and cruelty to animals. Such a magnificent creature should be treated as such. Tigers and other beasts sometimes eat children, I hate that... but they aren't bad animals, they are good at what they do, and should be treated with due respect.
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Some people say they should be killed. I is 2 of the and they've never hurt ayone. What is your opinion on that?
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